And no, I’m not referring to this blog despite the fact I tweeted a while back that I was giving up blogging.

Only two of you cared by the way.

My official internet besties are Aly and Ann.  Your BFF bracelets will be arriving shortly.  Unless you’d prefer necklaces.

The tragic end is for the bug.  The Bubble Bug.  I posted a pic of him awhile ago but if you don’t want to click over, here it is again.

Bubble RW

He’s cute no?  No.  Not anymore.  I accidentally ran over him with the car.  Whoooooops.

Bug Destruction RW

In memory of the good times we’ve shared . . . Bubble Bug, you will be missed.  (Despite the fact you made a really annoying sound and often got clogged up creating a gigantic bubble butt and got stuck on the paver patio all the freaking time and I had to remove your wings because the bubbles would hit them and pop before they even took off.  Still, we shall miss you.) 

Pete and the Bug RW

Pete and his Bug RW

Bubble Bug Miss You RW

Pete Pushes Bug Button RW

Bug Wand RW

Pete picks up the bug RW

Bubble Bug Bubbles RW

Bug Close Up RW

Bug RW

In other news I’m thinking of upgrading the bug to something even cooler.  Like a Bubble Mower!  (It’s all terrain so the paver patio would be no problem and apparently it has frustration-free packaging.  I don’t know what that is, but it sounds awesome.  Now if only they made frustration-free children . . .)

Bubble Mower R

Get the boy started mowing the lawn early.  The Husband can thank me later.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  What do you think . . . bug or mower?


  1. I never get on Twitter otherwise I would have totally cared if you said you were giving up blogging. And I would go with bubble bug for suresies!!

    • If you aren’t on Twitter how are you keeping up with the haps in the Big Brother house? You are watching Big Brother and stalking the twitter feeds documenting their every moment in the house right? RIGHT????

  2. Awwwww so proud to be an internet bestie! I need to reciprocate your blog post with a blog post but I’m procrastinating creating something new for the Egg Award. I’ll get it done eventually!

    I like the bug. Do you guys know The Trailer Park Boys? It’s a Canadian show with a character named Bubbles. He’s named after his bubble machine. He lives in a shed and his job is to fix and return grocery carts (and he loves kitties). Make sure Sweetey Petey doesn’t follow in his footsteps. Here’s a clip — don’t watch it if you don’t enjoy swear words every 2 seconds.

    • I haven’t watched Trailer Park boys but I’m pretty sure it’s on my Netflix list! I’ll have to bump it up. I mean, a grocery cart repairman? Yes please.

  3. I think that is the same bubble mower my nephew has. He loved it 🙂 So, I would recommend it. And yay internet besties. We can’t have you leaving the blog. I like knowing that I get regular posts from you.