This page needs a serious updating.  I’ll make a few changes in red for the time being or maybe for all being.  I dunno.  We’ll see how it goes.

That’s me up there.  Although nowadays I look more like this.  Pretty much everything I do, I do with a baby strapped to me.

Portrait for Blog

Have you ever sat down (recently – no? me either) to write an “about me” page? It’s not so easy. My name is Joanna and welcome to my little bite of the world. As you may have guessed, I live in the Midwest; it’s a large piece of land (did I really type that?  yikes) and I have spent my life in the thick of it. I’m not a city girl, nor a country girl, but something in between. I have a Husband, a son, a daughter, a dog, another dog, a scooter (insert sad face here because I sold it), seven chickens, a fish named Gil and a handful of colorful relatives (this is mostly just my Father-in-Law but man oh man is he colorful) that stop by periodically. My site is just a little bit of Midwestern life, and just a little bit of me.

I’m not an author, but I write. I’m not a chef, but I cook. I’m not a runner, but I jog. Sometimes. I’m healthy living lite, with a twist.  A food satire and shenanigans twist.  Yes, I consider myself a food satire blogger.  Sooooo you probably won’t find me at the Foodbuzz festival or at a blend retreat.  You may find me snarking at you from behind my laptop with a hungry new baby strapped to me though.

What you’ll find here are stories of our travels, culinary adventures from a different point of view, a little wit, a little sarcasm and a little insight. What you won’t find are fitness tips, nutrition stats freshly pilfered from Wikipedia, pictures of my feet, or incessant ramblings on oatmeal. I am fascinated by the culture blogging has created and while I am excited to join the online family, I also poke some fun at it.

This is The Husband. He writes here too. He loves permaculture, his chickens (maybe a little too much if you ask me), American history, camping, computers, poodles (yeah, I said it) and all things motorcycle. Oh, and he’s currently going was Paleo for awhile there and wants to get back to it. You won’t get any tempeh recipes from my caveman.  This part is still true.  Tempeh stinks.


Here we have Sweetey Petey, the newest a kinda now old member of the Midwesterners. He’s sweet. He’s Pete. He’s put a damper on our motorcycling, but we love him to bites.  He doesn’t look like this anymore.

More like this.


Or this.

DSC_0950 RW

Our new newest addition, baby girl Charwee.  She’s super new so you’ll get to know her right along with us.

Charwee RW

The Snoops. She loves to give kisses and snuggle apparently now hates to snuggle up under a blanket. She is my first born and the best dog ever (except for when she throws up which is all the time anymore . . . delicate tummy). Don’t tell her she is a dog though, it would crush her.

 Will perform tricks for snacks.

Snoops Gets a Snack RW

This is our Labrador. Let’s just call her The Destroyer, shall we. Or Smelly.  Her favorite hobbies include eating things (edible and non), drooling and shedding. She doesn’t have a mean fur on her body or on my floor.  But there are a lot of furs of my floor.  Sigh.

 Here she is again.  She’s is crazier than crazy.

DSC_0343 enh RW

The Chickens.  There are seven of them.    

DSC_0768 enh NAME RW

DSC_0733 enh NAME RW

DSC_0576 enh NAME RW

DSC_0863 enh NAME RW

DSC_0873 enh NAME RW

DSC_0595 enh NAME RW

DSC_0829 enh NAME RW

Annnnd Gil.

Midwestern Bite Fish 3 RW

Oh and here’s a picture of a fire hydrant just because I like it.

DSC_0700 enh RW

This blog will be snippets of life in the Midwest, past travels, current travels. Food and recipes – mine and others, trials and errors. Goats. I have lots of pictures of goats. Commentary on blogs and blogging, links – I give credit where credit is due. Photography – the good, the bad, the edited and unedited. Maybe Definitely some vegetable gardening. Motorcycles. Family. Poodles. Ugly Cupcakes.  Our way of looking at life.

I photograph my Midwestern life and I’m here to share it with you if you’d like to ride come along. Sob.  I miss my scooter.

Oh and I’ve stopped cartoonizing all my family pictures.   In the interest of privacy, now I just show the backs of our heads instead.  You’re welcome.

Sunglasses RW– Joanna


  1. I know everything is just a work in progress, but if your posts are as entertaining as your about me page, I’m looking forward to reading your stuff! Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

  3. I am so excited to have stumbled upon your blog! I’m also from the midwest and am excited to browse more of your blog!!!

  4. I’m glad you found my blog. Your site is super cute! It’s my dream to have a garden one day so I will just live through you 🙂 I like the “man cave”. That’s cool.

    • I hope the garden does well and I remember to water it. I actually have LESS time this year than last so we’ll see. I planted sweet potatoes!! Hopefully something happens, I have no clue about growing potatoes!!

  5. Shoot, no nutrition facts pilfered from wikipedia? Damn. I can get past the lack of oatmeal rambling though. Looking forward to reading your blog 😉

  6. The destroyer looks like my lad… 😉 Ours is lovingly called Cadbury although the Destroyer would be an appropriate name for him too.

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