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Lately I’ve been trolling for some new blogs to read.  Some of my favorite bloggers have backed off blogging recently for one reason or another (babies, lots of babies) and I’m on the hunt for a few good replacements.  I tend to click on a blog comment on one of my regular reads, then another off that blog, then another till someone interests me.  Then I bookmark them on my phone and try them out for a few weeks to see if they can keep my attention.

The latest blog find I’ve been testing out is a blog called Tamara (like) Camera.  Her tag line is Writing, Photography and Discovery.  I can get behind all of those.  Tamara’s most recent blog post is a question and answer V-Day link-up.  I don’t usually opt for the question and answer posts but I’ve been feeling all kinds of nostalgic lately (I blame the baby growing inside me.)  I mean, I’ve prescheduled four months of Throwback Thursday posts starting in April, some with actual pictures of me and everything.  So, yeah, the nostalgia is kicking in hard.

Totally unlike what you’d expect of me, I’m biting into Valentines Day today and answering a boatload of personal questions.  Don’t expect a novel for each, I’m not that vain people.

Aaaaand let’s begin.

How do you typically celebrate Valentine’s Day?

We don’t.  The Husband isn’t into it and I honestly can’t remember ever dating a guy that was.  Sweetey Petey did make his dada a special Valentines Day gift and The Husband has been instructed to bring Sweetey Petey home a heart shaped cookie from my favorite bakery.  And that’s gonna be that.  Oh, and we’re having artichoke meatloaf for dinner.  That says love right?

Do you like to get A) chocolates B) flowers C) a sweet card or D) ALL OF THE ABOVE?

Chocolate.  Is this even a question?   I worked at a funeral home for six years (and loved it – seriously) so The Husband never has to buy me flowers EVER again.  Unless they are the outside plantable kind.  I’ve had my fill of cut flowers for a lifetime.  Mike is happy about this.  So happy.

Would you consider yourself a “cuddler”? If not, would you at least cuddle on Valentine’s Day?

Totally.  Is THIS even a question?  Who doesn’t cuddle??  I feel bad for non cuddlers (if they even exist which they might not.)

What is your favorite movie about love or with a love story?

When Harry Met Sally.

Do you believe in “love at first sight”? Did it happen to you?

Kinda.  When I met Mike I had literally just looked up at the sky and asked for a decent man to come along.  And he walked by thirty seconds later.  That’s as first sight as it gets.

Do you believe love can conquer all things?

No.  Like I said, I worked in a funeral home for six years.  Love cannot conquer all things.

What is ONE of the main things you love about your S.O.(significant other)?

He can always make me laugh even when I’m boiling mad at him.  It’s also the same quality that drives me nuts about him.

If you could have the perfect Valentine date what would you and your loved one do?

These days I would love a motorcycle ride out to dinner where someone else cooks me food.  I don’t care if we grab takeout and sit on a park bench.  If we take two wheels to get there and I don’t have to cook it I’d be THRILLED.  FYI:  There is zero chance of this happening with my giant belly.  Also the snow we’re expecting puts a damper on this plan.  Still, a girl can dream.

Tell me about your first crush!

Oddly enough one of my gradeschool friends just attended our eight grade class reunion and while my first crush wasn’t there I heard some stories from her that he didn’t fare so well in life.  So let’s just be happy I met The Husband, okay?  Also, The Husband has way better hair than first crush did.

Do you have any embarrassing or horror dating stories?

YES!  OMG yes.  I got bitten on the ear once on my second date with a chef.  And I mean bitten HARD.  Never date a chef.  Never ever.  Even if you are a food satire blogger.

Favorite flower?

Snapdragons or Tulips.  It’s a toss up.  I had tulips in my wedding bouquet.

What’s the first type of chocolate you hope for when you reach into a box of chocolates?

Either peanut butter cream or caramel.  But I know what all the shapes and swirls on my favorite local chocolate mean so unlike Forest Gump I know exactly what I’m going to get.

Favorite love song?

Joanna by Cool and The Gang.  Don’t look at me like that.  There aren’t a ton of songs sung about a girl named Joanna.

What is the best breakup song?

I always listened to My Friends by The Red Hot Chili Peppers . . . on repeat . . . till it no longer hurt.

Favorite celebrity couple?

Gah.  No.  Just no.

Overall, are you pro- or anti- Valentine’s Day?

Pro.  Celebrating love is a good thing.  Despite the fact there was a Saint Valentine, if you – like The Husband – think it’s merely a Hallmark holiday, just don’t spend any money celebrating.  You don’t need money to show someone you love them.  Although The Husband had better shell out that two bucks for Sweetey Petey’s heart shaped cookie.

If someone did that “Say Anything” boombox thing outside your window, would you be into it, or call the police?

I had to Google this to make sure I was thinking of the right thing (I was) and I’m cool with it.  Grand gestures are nice on occasion.  If it was every day . . .  then maybe I’d call the police.

First thing you notice about the objects of your affection.

Well, The Husband has a really nice butt but who starts looking at someone by staring at their butt???  Men, don’t answer that question.  He has confident eyes.  How’s that?  More PC than butt?  I think so.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever gotten for Valentine’s Day?

I can’t recall a thing.  Not.  One.  Thing.  Is that sad?  I’m okay with it.  I have lots of other great moments from lots of other great days to recall so it’s cool.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

– Joanna

P.S.  Sweetey Petey made the dog in the above picture and he says Happy Valentines Day too.

P.P.S.  My friends threw me an online virtual baby shower and it was all kinds of awesome.  More about this next week and a proper thank you, but for today please check out Aly’s post and see where it all began.  Thanks ladies!  I couldn’t ask for better friends!!

Question of the Day:  Pick one of the above questions and answer it!



  1. John and I don’t do Valentine’s Day either, but I like to do something for the girls. We had heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and they both got a small gift (from the dollar store). We are going to meet hubby for lunch today, but it’s his birthday lunch.

  2. First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day! I love the dog that little Pete made. He’s very much the talented ar-tiste!
    Second, I’m not a big cuddler. I know, I know…
    Third, talk about snapdragons made me want spring even more that I already do. With 25 inches of snow on the ground, I would take even dead flowers from a funeral home growing out in my yard.

  3. I troll for new bloggers the same way – click on a comment and a comment, etc. In the days of livejournal, I’d read a whole one and then click on the “friends” section. I’m glad I blog myself now, instead of just stalk!
    I would love a heart shaped cookie tonight! We’ve been snowed in for days so Valentine’s Day is a bit of a wash. My husband did make me a heart-shaped pancake today, though!
    And having way better hair is so important. My major high school crush went bald after college.

  4. I had a long term boyfriend through high school and a bit beyond, and he refused to celebrate Valentine’s Day because of commercialization, blah blah. All you really want when you’re a 17 year old girl is a few measly carnations. So now I appreciate that my husband jumps through the holiday hoops. We’re going out for dinner and I had to pull out all the stops to get a sitter. Here’s hoping she has a pulse.

  5. agreed…who DOESN’T cuddle? I love cuddling! And I love your answer to celebrity couple. I was being sarcastic in my post about the celebrity couple baby names and this just validates my sarcasm!! haha!

  6. Some years I do a bit more for Valentine’s, and this year was his turn, I guess. It’s nice to surprise and/or be surprised. We don’t make it a big deal, but it’s fun to have another day to make special besides anniversaries/etc. I was going to cook something, but I felt up for going out, so we went to a local fish restaurant here. I haven’t had sockeye salmon in so long, and it was tasty!

  7. I don’t like to babysit cut flowers, which Mike knows, so I don’t expect them. It’s nice when he brings home some cheap grocery store ones though 🙂 We don’t do much for Valentine’s day…Mike is supposed to pick a place for dinner, tell me how dressy to dress and then surprise me with the location! But we had to celebrate a couple weeks late one year, and the service/food was so much better at the restaurant that I’d rather not celebrate on v-day anymore. This year we got each other little presents…Indian’s stadium mustard for him and a fun hot chocolate kit for me, and will hopefully go to a nice dinner at the end of the month 🙂

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  9. Love your answers! I’m like you…can’t remember pretty much any Valentine’s Day gifts. Or maybe I remember the gifts, but don’t remember that they were on Valentine’s Day? Who knows…it’s just not that big of a deal to me.

  10. I too feel bad for non-cuddlers. They are missing out! 😉

    Thanks for linking up to Old School Blogging, hope you’ll join us again next month!