For the Love of Blog

There are so many amazing bloggers out there and I now get TO SHARE THEM WITH YOU!  In the blog world we call that Blog Love.  Or Blog Like if you have commitment issues.  Once you get hooked on some fabulous bloggers though, you’ll have no trouble committing and you’ll be in Love just like I am.

Check out a few of my favorites below.  Leave me a comment if you think you have my next Blog Crush.  Do not leave me a comment if you are Spam.

My Blog Love Posts

Blog Love

Blog Love Part 2

Blog Love Part 3

Blog Love Part 4

Blog Love Part 4.5

Blog Love Part 5


Food and Photography


edible perspective

(never home)maker

Oh She Glows

Cannelle et Vanille



Spoon Fork Bacon


Food and or Family (family doesn’t always mean babies)

What Does She Do All Day?

Daily Garnish

This Runner’s Trials

A Healthy Slice of Life

Writing Chapter Three

Nikki Cooks Kale (I like her even though I do not like kale)

One Funny Motha

Fudging Ahead (pretty sure The Husband thinks her food looks better than mine)

Happy Healthy Mama


Food and Calories (lots of calories)



Best-Friends for Frosting

The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle


Food and or Fitness

Peanut Butter Fingers

The Lean Green Bean


Dangerous Food

Cooking Dangerously (just click, you’ll understand)


For Laughs

Abby Has Issues (beware of squirrels)

‘Sota is Sexy (beware of peeing your pants while laughing)

Honest Toddler (beware of bad behavior . . . but whose? the mama or the toddler?)

Cake Wrecks (beware of bad spelling)


Because They’re Spunky

Life + Running (yes, Calee gets her own category)


Because Cinnamon Asked for Her Own Category Too

Eat PRAY Tri (Cinnamon is mostly writing from her other blog now but I’m leaving the link here for reference)

Cinnamon Like the Spice

Cinnamon Wolfe Photography


Sustainable Homestead & Garden

Little Country House

Temperate Climate Permaculture

Northwest Edible Life

Brink of Freedom

The Prairie Homestead

Common Sense Homestead

Right To Thrive

Middle of the Trail

From a Country Cottage

Behind Cohutt’s Fence

The Chicken Vet



Young House Love

A Beautiful Mess



Blog Awards I’m Honored to Have Received

(even if I think they’re probably just Pyramid Schemes)


  1. Thanks for listing me! Oh, and as for my food looking good….I discovered that I have someone who pinned my hazelnut ice cream but captioned it “not so pretty…”. My husband said I should get fancier with my finished product shots, but I just can’t be bothered! I want to eat the food. 😀

  2. OH MAN. I get my own category? I love this.

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