In the words of yesterday’s post, ba domp bom.  Wait, that’s not right.

It should be ba da ba da ba da ba da ba da.  Did that sound like a drum roll or more like a baseball heckler badly enunciating swing batter batter batter?  No matter either way, I’m totally going to knock this post out of the park.

Ba domp bom.

Okay, now that was right.

Today marks the culmination of three feats here on Midwestern Bite.  One, since it’s the last day of January, it’s my final January Blog a Day post.  The last day of the month also always means Foodie Pen Pals and the Chopped Challenge.  That’s number Two.  Three, it’s giant plastic rat day.

Rat 4 RW

I promised you a giant plastic rat and I am a woman of my word.

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Day 30 in the January Blog a Day Challenge is my biggest flaw.  We went over this on Day 1.  It’s hummus sculpting.

Ba domp bom.  But seriously folks.  Clearly my biggest flaw is the crazy wacky in-laws I married into.  I mean, really.

No, not really.  I just need an excuse to post my Father-in-Law’s latest ramblings on this particular day.  May I present to you the comic stylings of The Father-in-Law in:

Midwestern Bite Father In Law Map RW


Today I’m in the mood to share some mildly interesting fun facts as well as tell you about some friends I’ve met along the way.  True, my facts may be more fun than factual and my friends are not remotely politically correct, but I’m not a politician and they aren’t either.

FUN FACT: The chubby little girl dancing in the bumblebee outfit in the background of Blind Melon’s video from 1993 was a prepubescent Rosie O’Donnell.  There now, that wasn’t too painful was it?

DSC_7260 enh 2 RW

I had a friend from high school whose girlfriend was, shall we say, very friendly.  She failed her driving test three times because she couldn’t get used to being in the front seat. That same guy grew up in a bad neighborhood and told me that instead of having drive by shootings, the bad guys would walk up to you and insert the bullets manually.  I really don’t know how I meet these people.

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This is a long winded and wordy post that needs a serious editing.  Consider yourself warned.

Day 29 in the January Blog a Day challenge is Home.  For me, it’s also about perspective.

Perspective.  I think I need some.  I’d like to talk about where I live now for a minute, but before I do I’d like to preface with a little info about where I used to live.  Just so you don’t think I come from mansion-land and uppityville.  Not that people who live in mansions are uppity.  I mean, they might be, but I don’t know any so I can’t make any judgements there.  I’d like to have a friend that lives in a mansion.  Any takers???


As a kid we lived in a one story house with a half basement.

Midwestern Bite House RW

It was small-ish.  Really only a two bedroom home, my bedroom used to be either a dining room or family room and had no door. My folks put up a curtain.  Also, because it wasn’t officially a bedroom, the only way to access the bathroom was to enter from either my room or my sisters as the bathroom had two doors (I couldn’t even get one) and snugged up between our rooms.  As a teenager annoyed with the world, that was lovely let me tell you.

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Day 27 in the January Blog a Day challenge is A Surprise!  Well, SURPRISE, we bought a goldfish yesterday.  Mostly because we were bored.

Here’s Sweetey Petey picking one out.

Midwestern Bite Fish 1 RW

The chosen one.

Midwestern Bite Fish 2 RW

First car ride.

Midwestern Bite Fish 3 RW

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Day 27 in the January Blog a Day challenge is Regrets.

Here’s a little secret for you.  I have hoarded clothes from high school and college that will NEVER fit me again in the hopes I will someday learn to sew and make something interesting out of them.  I want to make quilts.  Not your traditional pinwheels, but funky landscape and artsy ones.  This means I have physical evidence of some youthful crappy fashion choices.  Initially I thought this would make an excellent regrets post.

This gem would be the perfect example of regret.

Black shirt RW

Or how ’bout this sucker?  It’s like a giant blue doily and if you know me I am NOT the doily type. Why did I buy this?  Why did I wear this?

Doily shirt RW

Truthfully, digging into my past youthful wardrobe indiscretions probably belongs more in the embarrassment challenge post than the regrets post.  So I scrapped this idea.

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Day 26 of the January Blog a Day challenge is winter / summer.  Since it’s winter now I’m ignoring the summer part and since it’s Saturday I’m just giving you a photo post.  Please enjoy some pictures of Sweetey Petey playing in the snow.  They are straight up (cartoonified is my usual portrait style) for your viewing pleasure . . . mostly because I wanted to show off my new 35mm lens.  That sucker rocks!

Midwestern Snow 3 RW

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Day 25 in the January Blog a Day challenge Is el oh vee ee or Love.  Originally I was going to cop out and take nature photos that looked like each letter and Photoshop (aka Paint) them all together into the word LOVE.  Our back deck rail would make a lovely E.

But it’s cold here.  Really cold.  And I watched Glee while boxing up old clothes during toddler naptime so no picture taking occurred.

Warm and cozy, I decided instead to share with you how I know The Husband loves me.

Midwestern Love Two RW

Let me begin by stating for the OFFICIAL record that I am NOT a Yankees Fan.  It’s cool if you are, but I’m not.  Never have been, never will be.  This is not negotiable.  Let me also state that The Husband is NOT a Yankees fan either.  Never has been, never will be and you could offer him a million dollars and he still wouldn’t root for the Yankees.

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It’s Day 24 in the January Blog a Day Challenge.  This month will be over before I know it and then we’ll be back to seeing each other only a few times a week.  Unless someone wants to offer to pay me to blog . . . then I’ll be back every dang day till you’re all sick of me.

Silence.  That’s what I figured.

Speaking of silence, today’s topic is teachers and one lesson that has always stuck with me is a saying from my seventh grade teacher about silence.  Mavis, you may remember this one.

It goes a little something like this:

Midwestern Water 1 RW Quote

Basically it means if none of you comment on my blog posts, it means you all agree with me.


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Day 23 in the January Blog a Day challenge is Dessert.

Being the multi-tasker that I am, I’m also combining this with a little thing called Blog Love and the Liebster award.  You can check out my Blog Love page here, but to sum it all up for you: I think blog awards are mostly a pyramid scheme.  I say mostly because I have an ego just like the rest of you that likes to be stroked on occasion.  Whether blog awards are a desperate attempt to bring in more page views or just a well intentioned gimmick I do like getting them and I may walk around the house in my comfy pants and hooded sweatshirt and BIC headband all puffed out for a few days.

So, the Liebster award.

According to Cinnamon who awarded this danged thing to me, the Liebster is a great way for bloggers to interact.  Except I don’t nominate other bloggers like I’m supposed to and I don’t answer the random questions like I’m supposed to.  For my take on this award, I chose instead to share one of my favorite bloggers with you in the hopes you’ll all find a new blog love yourself.  Today it’s Ann of Cooking Dangerously.  I mentioned Ann briefly this month already on Day 14 Food where I posted my submission to her Dangerous Shepherd’s Pie Contest.

The thing I like most about Ann is not only does she do her own thing by cooking with crazy “dangerous” ingredients and not falling prey to the food blog bandwagon, but her posts always show me a different side to food and always leave me with something fresh to think about.

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Day 22 in the January Blog a Day challenge is kids.  You’d think this one would be cut and dry for me as I have exactly one kid.  Sweetey Petey.

Except I don’t have exactly one kid.  I have three kids, two of them just have more legs than Sweetey Petey.

If you’ve ever owned a dog, especially a dog on your own, while living alone, or before having the two legged kid variety, you’d know that a dog can be just about as close to a kid as a kid can get without actually being a kid.

It really is a blurry line.

Take Sweetey Petey and our poodle, The Snoops, for example.  It’s easy to get the two confused.

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