That title is misleading.  This isn’t a post about paint by numbers although it is a post with numbers on paintings.

Way back on that one random picture of the day post I implored you to pick which pair of shoes was mine (I’m riveting these days I know) and even offered “bonus points” to the winner.  Bonus points.  I’m like skee-ball giving you a hundred more tickets and a free rubber bracelet.

Woot.  Woot.

Anyway, Mavis was the first person to correctly pick out my cowboy boots and when I offered her some original Petey artwork as a prize . . . get this . . . she accepted.  Crazy.  This world is crazy that a random internet reader would actually want my kids’ artwork!!!!

Okay not so crazy considering I’ve known Mavis since first grade and she works at the same company as my mom and they chat sometimes.

I decided to use this opportunity to eek out another blog post so I don’t completely neglect the place in my newborn sleep deprived state.  Sleep deprivation is a serious thing people and not to be underestimated.

Petey has painted several masterpieces lately and I thought it would be nice to let Mavis choose which one she wanted.  I mean, it needs to match her decor, whatever that may be.  I don’t even know where she plans on displaying it.  Will she have it professionally framed with masterpiece glass to hang in the formal dining room?  Will it be displayed on the fridge?  Will it line her sock drawer?  In that case she would need to pick a piece that coordinates with her socks.

So here are Mavis’s choices.

A washable Crayola paint masterpiece illustrating that when you mix colors together, no matter which ones, you get brown.  Always brown.

P Paint 1 number

Another Crayloa paint piece . . .  I think it’s a guinea pig with wings eating a snack. Oh and he’s wearing blue shoes on his hind paws.  And he has a pink eye.

P Paint 2 number

Do you see it now?

P Paint 2 title

Here we have Petey’s watercolor phase . . . entitled “Mama Still Hasn’t Found Where That Teal Color Dripped on the Floor.”

P Paint 4 number

And another depicting some lovely color gradients.

P Paint 3 number

In the interest of full disclosure, this last piece wasn’t all painted by Sweetey Petey.  He said “mama paint” and handed me a paint brush.  So I helped.  Here’s the part I did.

P Paint 3 circled

And just in case Mavis has realized she made a grave mistake and really doesn’t want Petey’s artwork, she can also pick one of mine titled “Using Up The Paint So I Don’t Have To Wash It Down The Sink aka Why Does The Toddler Get To Have All The Fun?”.  The Husband thinks it easily looks like a six year old could have painted it.  So there’s that.

Jo Paint 1 number

Sooooooo Mavis . . . which one is it going to be??

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  Which one would you pick?  What’s your favorite?  Tell me you see the guinea pig.

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I’m sure you’ve all been on pins and needles waiting to hear who won the book giveaway.

At least four of you are.

Yes, there were only four entries.

Giveaway 2 RW

This tells me either my readership is down or the rest of you just don’t know good literature when you read a book review about it.

Or it could mean folks are tired of giveaways.  That’s a post for another day though.

While normally Sweetey Petey chooses the winner from a toy drum full of Easter eggs, I went a different route this time.  I’d like to credit my sudden change with the number of entries but really it had more to do with the fact the Easter eggs are in a bin . . . in the attic . . . of the detached garage . . . with a crap ton of snow and ice between me and them.

So I went with balls instead.

Giveaway 1 RW

Big BallsShameless plug for one of my all-time favorite blog posts.

Giveaway 3 RW

Sweetey Petey still drew the winner for me though.

Giveaway 4 RW

And apparently he has a thing for Aly because she won my chocolate giveaway as well.

Giveaway 5 RW

Don’t blame me for Aly’s good luck, blame the toddler.  Aly, I will get your book ordered this week!  Happy reading.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  What did you accomplish this weekend?  I’ll admit I didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped 🙁  I have four pieces of art to hang in the nursery still and a half a wall to prep and paint.  Yup, just a half a wall.  The Husband is not pleased about the “half” part.  He seems to think we should paint the whole wall.  Immensely pregnant me is just not up to moving a bookshelf and a TV stand though.  So half a wall it is!

Yesterday we learned that the Father-in-Law won the right to name our Barred Plymouth Rock Chicken.

DSC_0410 enh RW

And the winning name is . . .

Cluck Norris

Not to be confused with Chuck Norris obviously.

Chuck Norris

Now that the chicken name’s outta the bag, I have two more winners to announce.  These two Reds need names as well so Petey drew an additional two Easter eggs from the drum.

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Winner winner this chicken’s not for dinner!


Not yet anyway.

When I was in college I had a friend in art school whose parents owned a farm.  He used to put pictures of the cow in the freezer on the front of the fridge.  He had a grill out.  I ate “Satan”.  Yeah, I did.  Apparently that cow was mean, hence the name.  Anyway.  I’ll try not to let that happen to our chickens.

That’s right, our chickens.

Now that you guys are naming one, I feel that co-ownership is really the only option.

I’ll send you a bill for her feed, mmmm K?

So I know you’re all wondering . . . who won the great chicken naming contest of 2013?

Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuun.  Check out the video below.  If for some reason it doesn’t publish for you, you can see it directly on YouTube Here.



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It’s here.

It’s finally here.

Title 1 RW

A giveaway like you’ve never seen before.

A giveaway like no other.

A great giveaway.

The great giveaway.

The Great Chicken Giveaway of 2013.

That’s right, we’re giving away a chicken.

Right here on Midwestern Bite.

Well, sorta.

We’re sorta giving away a chicken.

Okay so it’s not exactly a chicken, per se.

It’s more like the essence of a chicken.

Okay, it’s a chicken name.

We’re giving away a chicken name.

Well, that’s not exactly it either.

We’re giving away the chance to name one of our chickens.

Title 3 RW

That’s right.

We want you to name our chicken.


Please name our chicken.

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It’s Halloween Week here on Midwestern Bite and I’m here to announce the winner of the Free Chocolate Giveaway.

But first I’d like to illustrate how the winner was chosen.

By the Easter Bunny.

Nah, just kidding.  Sweetey Petey actually chose the winner, but it was out of a toy drum full of Easter Eggs stuffed with all of your names.

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I’d like to talk about free chocolate today and how you can get some.

But first I’d like to talk about giveaways.  Because that’s really what’s going on here.

I’m giving you something.  But why?

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