It’s been a while since I’ve done a Snaptacular Weekend post and I have some . . . interesting . . . I-Phone shots from our Labor Day weekend so I thought I’d give the series another go.

Right then.  Let’s start how every day starts.  With breakfast.  I ordered a vegetarian omelet.  I assumed the vegetarian omelet would include things like tomato, onion, cheese, green peppers and mushrooms.  I did not imagine it would be a thin crepe like egg substance stuffed with a frozen bag of veggies that included broccoli, carrots, red peppers, water chestnuts and mushrooms.  I guess at least I got the mushrooms I had been expecting.  Fortunately my side of grits saved breakfast.  Note to self: always ask for clarification on vague menu descriptions. Always.

1213 RW

After breakfast came shopping.

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Nine.  Nine whole Snaptacular Weekend posts now.  Exciting stuff on my “food satire” blog.  I actually do have one photo of food to share today although I’m not actually making fun of the food so maybe it doesn’t count.

Anyway, let’s just get to biz here, I have Star Trek Voyager to watch.  Sunday night after The Pete goes to bed is “date night” after all.

Springy weather, even slightly chilly springy weather, means driveway art.  Inspired by Cake.  The band, not the food.  This is not the food picture.

Midwestern Bite Cake Chalk Lyrics

Checking out some big rigs.

DSC_0351 RW

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Our snaptacular weekend.

The after effects of terrorism often creep up on you.

DSC_0040 enh RW

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither.”

DSC_0041 enh RW

On a lighter note, I finally spied one of those 3-D Printers the world has been yammering on about.

DSC_0079 RW

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I am counting my Not So Snaptacular Weekend as Part Six so technically this is Part Seven.  See, see, I can stick with things.

First up was a book sale!  Kids books for Sweetey Petey (although The Life and Times of the Peanut is actually for me cause I really don’t know how the tasty little suckers have come to be.)

Midwestern Bike Kids Books R

Cookbooks for Mama.

Midwestern Bite Cookbooks R

History and Gardening and Radio stuff for The Husband.  The Design book is mine.  It has a watery fish image I want to turn into a quilt someday made from old jeans.  I still don’t know how to sew, however, so this project is pretty far down on my to do list.

Midwestern Bite Books R

Outside projects.  While The Husband worked on the garden and planted some new trees and bushes he bought, I organized pots we had brought from the old house into a little container garden of sorts.  The paver stones and lava rocks were already there from the previous owners.  I’d like to replace the paver stones with large rocks from the creek someday.  Lugging around rocks and a 30 pound toddler is not sounding all that fun so this project is pretty far down on my to do list as well.

Potted Plant Project RW

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So I haven’t blogged much this week.  I had every good intention of doing my new usual Snaptacular Weekend post, but frankly, I didn’t take many pictures.  At least not many good pictures.

We had family visit on Saturday and I took not even one measly picture.  You all know me well enough by now to realize I probably wouldn’t have posted those pictures here anyway.

Sunday involved a lot of prep work on the hallway I was preparing to paint.

Hallway RW

I painted it alright . . . and immediately hated it.  I hated it about three swipes into it, but The Husband convinced me to keep going and live with it for awhile.

Hallway Color RW

I lived with it till Monday morning at which time I decided it had to go. It’s the same blue as our dining room, but in the artificial light looks more seafoamy than blue.  Friday morning marks the start of Sherwin Williams 40% sale and I have a new color picked out and ready to be purchased.  By this time next week hopefully I won’t hate the hallway anymore.

The Fam and I did take a lovely walk on Sunday.  I had been itching to get the camera out for a stroll along the lane as so many trees and spring plants were blooming.  But the pictures were just okay, not great.  We have a saying in our house that goes a little something like this . . .SniffIt stems from the miniature poodle stopping every two feet on a walk to sniff something.  I blame the fact she is so low to the ground.

So every time I stopped to take a picture The Husband gently reminded me we were on a walk not a sniff.  I was rushed.  Rushed pictures are just okay.

Looks like triny roses RW

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I’m still rocking this Snaptacular Weekend thing but I promise I have some more substantive posts planned for this week as well.  About half of these pics are from my camera phone edited with a fun little high contrast filter.

The weather around here has been awesomepossum so we took a walk down the lane to visit with Joey and Moon.  That’s Joey on the left and Moon on the right.  Moon was taking a cat nap.  Maybe it’s a colt nap.  In any case, he was snoozing.

IMAG3303-1 enh RW

The walk was great, but I’m not 100% sure who was walking who.  I think I was walking The Pete and The Pete was walking The Snoops.

DSC_0603 RW

Picked up some raw buckwheat to make this flat bread recipe from Ashley at Edible Perspective.  Hoping to get to that in the next few days, but I also have a brownie idea to implement as well as some Coconut Flour Lemon Muffins (spruced up with my maple macerated blueberries) from Faith at Gracefulfitness to make.

IMAG3307-1-2 RW

It turns out it is finally spring around here.

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Blog Reader Jen says she likes my Snaptacular Weekend posts so I’ve been motivated to keep them up.   So if you like them too, thank Jen!!

This post is a few days late due to my latest Foodie Pen Pals post I’ve left up as long as possible because, well, it was awesome.  Yes, I am tooting my own horn.  Toot toot. 

But it’s time to move on to other things.  Like eggs.

Egg Carton RW

Pretty pretty eggs.

Egg in Clover RW

We dyed brown eggs this year because that’s what the egg lady Marsha brings us.  I think they turned out beautifully!

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Ahhhhhh the weekend.  So snaptacular.

A not so ugly cupcake.  Sigh.

Midwestern Cupcake RW

A tasty blue cream soda.



Midwestern Moo RW


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I’m liking this series, although it has made me lazy in blogging the rest of the week.  I’ll work on that.

Snaps.  From our weekend.  Enjoy.

Seed Growing 3 RW

Midwestern Bite Puts the Screws to It RW

A Midwestern Leaf RW

Midwestern Dirty Boots RW

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I say Part One in case I decide to do this again next Monday. Not sure. We’ll see how she plays out.

Please enjoy some snaps from the weekend.

DSC_0543 enh RW

DSC_0544 enh RW

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