Yesterday we learned that the Father-in-Law won the right to name our Barred Plymouth Rock Chicken.

DSC_0410 enh RW

And the winning name is . . .

Cluck Norris

Not to be confused with Chuck Norris obviously.

Chuck Norris

Now that the chicken name’s outta the bag, I have two more winners to announce.  These two Reds need names as well so Petey drew an additional two Easter eggs from the drum.


And the winners are . . . Ann and Doc!

Which brings me to the problem with all this chicken naming business.

First off, Cluck Norris looks more like one of the Reds than the Barred Plymouth Rock.  Secondly, Ann wants to name the Barred Plymouth Rock instead of one of the Reds.

Ann Comment

Thirdly Doc wants a video of his chicken before he can name her.

This is all getting very complicated.

So I’d like to reprise this post and reintroduce your Barred Plymouth Rock Chicken.

DSC_0395 enh RW

Please meet . . .

Mistress Billington

I will reintroduce Cluck Norris and the second Red once The Husband figures out how to tell them apart.  I think Cluck Norris needs a bandana.  Or a machete.

And the second Red can’t be named till Doc sees a video.  So hopefully the next post will be from The Husband and it will be a video. Then we have to wait for Doc to make his decision.

Yikes this chicken naming business is rough.

BIG thanks to our new winner Ann for all her help.  By the way Ann’s latest blog post is completely coincidentally about chicken so you really should go check it out here.  I SWEAR it’s not Mistress Billington she cooked up for dinner.  You’re going to want to see the pictures she took.  Unless you’re a vegetarian.  Then don’t.  But everybody else should click on over.  But not till you finish here.  We’re almost done though.  But then you should totally go.  There may be a picture of chickens holding hands, er feet.  It’s feet for sure.  Chickens don’t have hands. 

And to the Father-in-Law.  Father-in-Law, sorry your name got bumped from the Rock to the Red but honestly, you needed a little reality check after asking where your prize money was.   Seriously though, awesome name.

– Joanna

This isn’t a question, but I wanted too share that The Husband would have named the chicken Gregory Peck if his name had been drawn.  Of course since I never put his name in an egg he had no chance.


  1. I kind of wish Cluck Norris was a boy so that he and Mistress Billington could have karate kicking pilgrim babies. I LOVE Mistress Billington, thank you for the honour of naming her. I would now like to take an insurance policy out on her so that she does not wind up like the cluckers in my last post.

    • Congrats Ann, I do think a red Cluck Norris is more fitting. My alternate name was Clucky Cheese but I don’t think they have any cheese colored chickens. It’s a good thing they don’t open up a huge chicken farming business – we’d never get anything done!

      • Sorry Ann, I used the phrase “cheese colored chicken” in my reply. While cleverly alliterative I’m showing my Appalachian roots. Not wanting to create an international incident let me correct that to “cheese coloured chicken”. My bad.

        • Fancy Constitutional Monarchies having all those extra vowels to just throw away…

        • Phew, thank goodness you corrected it! I had no idea what you were talking about without the “u.” Love Cluckie Cheese too. Maybe that could be the title of a future resultant chicken recipe (although not for Mistress Billington, who is now safe under extradition treaties).

  2. I hear when Cluck Norris pecks the ground, they feel it in China.

  3. Foiled again! (I was planning on naming one of the red ones “Chelada”.)

  4. Cluck Norris counted to infinity…twice!

  5. Yay for the winners!! 😀 So much chicken love.

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