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Oh hey, look at me.  Being a normal, non-snarky, regular ol’ food blogger and posting a recipe for Chocolate Coconut Nests right before Easter.  And not just Chocolate Coconut Nests, but healthier Chocolate Coconut Nests.

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Give a girl a break, she needs to feel like she fits in occasionally.

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So in true to the season fashion, I flew onto the Bird Nest bandwagon and got to cooking in the kitchen.  Cooking as in mixing, because that’s really all there is to this recipe.  Well, there’s a little pureeing as well.

Let’s just get to it before I lose my snark for good.

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Start by assembling your ingredients.

M&M’s Coconut Eggs.

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Chocolate Koala Crisp Cereal.

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Coconut Butter.

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If you aren’t familiar with coconut butter I’ll let you in on a little secret.  It’s magic.  Magic I say!  It has all the flavor of coconut without the pesky coconut texture some of you have complained about.  It can be liquid.  It can be solid.  It’s so easy to make.  Magic.

All you do is take unsweetened flake coconut (the bulk bin is a great place to buy this) and whir away a few cups in your food processor.  After five to ten minutes your solid coconut flakes will become a smooth liquid, completely drizzleable.  It won’t stay that way forever though.  The butterized coconut will begin to set till it eventually hardens back into a solid.  How do you get it back to drizzle stage you ask?  Heat it up.  It’s so simple.  And so magical.

For this recipe you will need the coconut butter in its liquid stage.  You can buy coconut butter and warm it up in the microwave or your stove top, or just make your own right before you make the Nests.

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Where were we?  Ahhhh yes, the ingredients.

M&M’s Coconut Eggs.

Midwestern Candy Eggs 3 RW

Chocolate Koala Crisp Cereal.

Midwestern Crisps 3 RW

Coconut.  Butterized.

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Prepare for your nests by lining a standard muffin pan with twelve liners.

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Open your bag of coconut eggs.

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Eat one.

 Midwestern Candy Eggs 4 RW

Measure out 2 cups of Chocolate Koala Crisps into a bowl.

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Drizzle over ½ cup of coconut butter.  Mix it all up.  Divide the mixture among the muffin pan.  You should have enough to fill all twelve.  Top with three eggs each.

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Let cool.  Refrigerate if you are impatient.  Like me.

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These nests will hold together quite nicely as long as they stay room temperature or below.  So, don’t put them out in the sun on an 80 degree day or the coconut butter will melt.  They’ll still taste good though.  The M&M eggs on top add sweetness so no additional sugar is necessary.  The nests have all the coconut flavor without the coconut texture and without any added chocolate as a binder.   There is plenty of chocolate flavor from the cereal, but for those of you who like as much chocolate as possible, I have a recipe for that too.  I’ll post later this week.  If there are any Nests left to photograph that is.

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All together now.

Chocolate Coconut Nests


2 cups Chocolate Koala Crisp Cereal

½ cup Coconut Butter, in liquid form

36 M&M’s Coconut Eggs

The Haps:

Mix up the Crisps and the Coconut Butter.  Divide among a muffin tin lined with twelve liners.  Top with eggs.  Allow to cool.  EAT!

How’d I do at fitting in?  Make some Nests and then let me know, mmmmm kay?

– Joanna

Question of the Day: What are you making for Easter?  If you celebrate Easter that is.


  1. This looks really yummy, but alas I’m not a coconut fan either. I have had a secret M&M recipe for years that I’m fond of. Go to the store and buy a bag of M&M peanuts. Eat them all on the way home from the store.

  2. YUM! These look amazing, and they are so simple to make! Thanks for the great recipe!

  3. I had no idea I could make the coconut stuff. That’s cool! Do you know if it’s the same as the coconut oil sold at stores? It sounds/looks like it. Cute recipe, too. 🙂

    • No, coconut oil and coconut butter are very different things. It’s be like olive oil versus pureed olives if you can imagine that. I use coconut oil all the time in baking, but coconut butter is great as a topping for things. Or glue. It clearly makes excellent glue but tastes way better.

  4. well that coconut butter sounds like it is right up my ally. I have a jar of coconut oil that I bought at TJ’s a while ago because I felt like every recipe I saw called for it and now I don’t know where any of those recipes are and I have no idea what to do with it. I don’t think it would work for this recipe b/c it might be to thin? But alas, this might actually be something fun I could make for small group or something? hmmmmm

    • Yeah, coconut butter and coconut oil are very different things. You can sub coconut oil in for any other oil in recipes. It’s especially good in baked goods and I always use it when I make pancakes. Good on baked fries and veggies too. I have a white chocolate nest I need to post too if that is more to your liking. Friday maybe? Or I can e-mail you if you can’t wait till then.

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