I hear Super Bowl was the other day.

I say hear because I didn’t watch it.

Nope.  I didn’t watch the Super Bowl.  Nor did I throw a fun party or cook any kind of food whatsoever.  The Husband didn’t even have beer to drink while I made him watch The Bowl alone because we were travelling that weekend and the Stop-N-Rob we stopped at on the way home didn’t sell alcohol on Sundays.  Womp womp wooooooomp.

What I ran across at Rural King (which we went to for fun on Sunday because well, Rural King is awesome) erases all the guilt in my not-caring-about-football-one-bit-self.  Okay, it fixes the food part, not the beer part.  But The Husband had a few bottles of his hard apple cider laying around and he has a good imagination so he just pretended it was beer and all was well.

So, what did I run across at Rural King that got me so excited?  No, it wasn’t the toy drill or mini oven I bought for upcoming birthday parties.  It was the answer for lazy non-party throwers everywhere.

It was chips.

Chips that taste like food.

Chips that taste like party food.

Here we go.

Buffalo Wings.  You just CANNOT have a Super Bowl party without Buffalo Wings!

photo (36) RW

Cheese Burgers.  If wings aren’t your thing, there’s always Cheeseburgers.

photo (40) RW

Barbeque Ribs!!!!

photo (42) RW

Even the Baby Back kind of Ribs.

photo (38) RW

For those with a bigger Super Bowl budget, how about Steak!

photo (37) RW

Vegetarian?  We have Fried Dill Pickles.

photo (41) RW

And Potato Salad.  I mean, Tater Salad.

photo (43) RW

There’s even Horseradish and Cheddar cheese dip.  And since it’s already in chip form, there’s no need to dip chips in it.  It’s like one stop Super Bowl party shopping.

photo (39) RW

I think that covers all the bases.  What more food could you possibly need at a non-Super Bowl party??

Besides beer of course.

– Joanna

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P.P.S.  If you are more adventurous, there is ANOTHER book giveaway going on over at Cooking Dangerously.  The Father-in-Law might want to avoid this one.  It’s perhaps not his cup of cow tongue tea.  That’s not what the book is about though.  At least I don’t think so.  Well, it might be.

Question of the Day:  What did you eat while watching The Bowl?  Is it okay I’m calling it The Bowl?  


  1. We ate chili of course! I generally ignore that football exists, however. But if chips are football meals I’m in.

    Earlier this year there was a “new chip flavour,” contest here. Not sure if it ran down there too. My sis would know, she works there. Anyway, here are some good out takes. There is the occasional dirty one, so beware if that bothers you. I know this is a family friendly blog!


  2. Went to Lil’ Sis’s place for a Birthday/Super Bowl party (her birthday was Sunday). The party was actually a well-“conceived” guise to announce that she and her hubby are expecting! My parents were completely floored. I love my Hubby’s nieces and nephews like my own, but it’ll be kind of cool to have a niece or nephew of my own.

  3. I would like to try every single one of these just to see how close they got in taste. Did you get any?

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