It’s official.  The final chick tally is five.  We have five baby chicks.

The Husband pulled out the leftover eggs.

DSC_0565 enh RW

Seven unhatched eggs in all.

DSC_0568 enh RW

We sealed the eggs in a ziplock bagggie and gently busted them open.  Our best guess is they were unfertilized.  The Husband checked with the farm we purchased the eggs from (Hi Shady Coop Farm!) and they probably have a few more hens than the rooster can “pay attention to”.  We spent five bucks on the dozen so all in all we ended up spending one dollar per baby chick.  Pretty sweet deal.

Well, one dollar plus whatever The Husband spent on baby chick feed and baby chick water dishes.

This has actually turned out well since our coop is built for a maximum of five more chickens.

Some may of course still be roosters but in the months before we know at least they won’t be overcrowded in there.

More baby chick pictures to come!

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  Let’s try this again.  Out of five chicks, how many do you think we will hens and how many roosters?


  1. 3 hens and 2 chicken dinners.

  2. I was actually wondering how one would know for sure whether an egg was fertilized or not. Your blog has become quite an educational resource! I say 4 roosters and 1 hen. Can’t wait to watch your new business develop – cockfighting.

  3. $1 a piece isn’t awful, considering you’d pay more from a “bulk” hatchery like Murray McMurray or Stromberg’s…plus shipping. Both 4-1 and 3-2 are good guesses! I’m betting on all five roosters. (Sorry.)

  4. Silly question, but are all the roast chickens at the store always roosters? I know nothing of these things. 🙂

    • No. There are birds that are used for eggs (layers) and then there are “meat” birds. Or so The Husband tells me. So it’s more type of chicken than sex of chicken I think.