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It’s Halloween Week here on Midwestern Bite and I’m here to announce the winner of the Free Chocolate Giveaway.

But first I’d like to illustrate how the winner was chosen.

By the Easter Bunny.

Nah, just kidding.  Sweetey Petey actually chose the winner, but it was out of a toy drum full of Easter Eggs stuffed with all of your names.

Kinda stuffed.  There’s less than 20 of you so your odds of winning free chocolate are high.  I mean, unless you are The Husband who has not only tried to throw his name into the drum anonymously . . .

. . . but has also somehow bribed a few of you to share their winnings.

I want to be clear before the winner is announced . . . THE HUSBAND WILL NOT BE GETTING FREE CHOCOLATE.  Technically, as he is the only one in the family whose job pays in cash rather than smiles, even if he did win he’d still be paying for the chocolate.  So his name is NOT in the drum.  (Sorry baby.  I truly am.  I made you a batch of double chocolate double peanut butter cookies the other day so I think you’ll forgive me.)

Please note that if your name was drawn and your name was in a chicken, I am not calling you a chicken.

Or a hippo.

Even if it is a princess chicken and a princess hippo.

May the boy’s grabby little hand be with you.

I’ve teased you all enough.  Do you want to know who won the chocolate?

Aly of Fudging Ahead!!

Aly, let’s catch up over email and I’ll get your goods out to you!

– Joanna

P.S.  Don’t forget to stop back on Wednesday for Part II of Spooktacular Halloween Parties!


  1. Love how Petey picked the winner!

  2. Wait, why does the boy have Princess chickens and princess hippos???

    Those look like little Warrior Kings to me. Make note of the important adjustment.

  3. I was counting on the chocolate. I feel faint…. please – I’m on a retired fixed chocolate income…. Must….have….chocolate…………(or at least the last box of Twinkies)….

  4. I am shocked. Just shocked. But Aly is pretty cool, so I guess I am OK with it.
    Aly- if it turns out to be TOO much chocolate for you, I will gladly take some off your hands…..

  5. WOOHOO!!!!! I was out all day and distracted so I forgot the reveal was today. Even your tweet didn’t jog my memory at first. 😀 Super excited!!!! You have my email address, right? So awesome! I will have to pay it forward somehow. 🙂

  6. I have no idea how I neglected to hit the correct “post comment” button. BUT, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for being a winner. This never happens for me, so I was actually dancing around singing that I was getting chocolate. (shhh, don’t tell anyone) Thank you thank you!!

    • It wasn’t your fault, you seem to keep getting stuck in spam!! Which makes no sense since you post here all the time. Anyway, The Husband has promised to fix it!! Congrats. Also, Sweetey Petey found your Easter egg quite tasty.

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