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I’m having a hard time concentrating on this post as I just found out a close friend’s daughter was admitted to the hospital for trouble breathing.  So before I go any further, if we could all think some good thoughts and send them Supermom’s way that would be great.

Good thoughts.

Good thoughts.

Good thoughts.

My dining room suddenly feels very trivial, but I promised to finish up so finish up I will.  Then I will go about my silent worrying for little Superchild.

I called my dining room “Grandma” yesterday, mostly because there’s a lot of stuff of our Grandmothers in there.

This hutch was my Grandma’s.

I have a matching table that is currently in our breakfast nook in the kitchen.  Neither piece is in the best condition and I wouldn’t necessarily have picked them out if I were decorating from scratch.  Honestly, I have them because my Grandmother was entering a care facility and I was already paying a mover to bring me a bedroom dresser and it wasn’t any extra to bring these too.  And I needed a hutch.  The hutch houses lots of old and interesting kitchen gadgets from both our grandmothers that I am planning on using as photography props.

The glass jar collection on top belonged to Mike’s grandmother who passed a year ago.

Tossed in with the table I’ve had since my college apartment are two chairs that also came from my grandmothers house. I like the antique paint job, but eventually I will recover the seats.

My favorite piece in this room is an old display shelf that used to hang in my grandma’s living room.  She had fancy little knick knacks, but I’ve filled it with more old kitchen items.  Mike actually decorated this.  That was just before he decided no shoes were allowed in the Man Cave.

The addition of the oil can was all me though.

The rest of the room is filled with original and food related watercolor paintings, mostly by the same artist, Tina Campbell.

A YouTube video of some of her other works can be found here.  (FYI, Mike says he has a plan for that empty frame.)

Not the pepper though . . . the pepper was a different chick.  A much less troubled chick.  Tina has since passed on.

The last touches we added to the room were a new floor register as well as all new outlet wall plates and light switch covers.

Our new home cannot decide what metal family it wants to be in.  Finishes range from gold to oil rubbed bronze, to antique bronze to pewter to silver so I was thrilled to find these light switch plates in a combo of silver and oil rubbed bronze.  They were on clearance so I (and the Father-in-Law) had to scour four different Lowe’s to find enough for the main living areas and bathrooms.  You’ll definitely be seeing more of them.

If there’s one thing I always do in a home, it’s swap out the plastic wall plates.

This whole makeover with two gallons of paint, two curtain panels, one curtain rod, one register, one switch cover and four outlet covers ran me under $200.

Toss in a little holiday decorating . . .

with Grandma’s old Christmas ornaments . . .

and I do mean a little decorating . . .

and I’d call this room done.  At least done for now till I iron the curtains, maybe add some sheers, recover the chairs and buy a new table and chairs.  We’ll call it done-ish.  And so am I.  Have a lovely weekend!


Question of the Day: What color is your dining room?  What’s your favorite thing in it? 


  1. Nice job Joanna! We can’t wait to see it in person as we come down for a visit soon. Your house looks so inviting we may never want to leave………:)

  2. Thanks for all the good thoughts. Hopefully we’ll know more about why this happened this afternoon.

    Can’t wait to see the dining room in person…………you know, when I’m not dealing with sick kids.

  3. Won’t the curtains just kind of smooth out on their own? you know from the weight? That is what I would tell myself if I were you. Ironing curtains sounds all kinds of awful to me. 😉

    • My M-I-L says to hang knives in the bottom and the weight will straighten them. Pretty sure that is not safe with the little one toddling about though :/ I think I will just avoid the whole subject completely. While I don’t normally believe in the phrase “Ignorance is Bliss” it seems highly appropriate here.

  4. I was super excited about picking out wall outlets when I painted, too! I haven’t changed any otherwise…maybe I should? Our dining room is just part of the living room (they are all about “open concept” out here), so it’s just white, mostly. Although I do like the silvery chandelier we have (basic, but pretty). Did your chandelier come with the house?

    • Welllll, if you don’t plan on staying there for a while I might leave it be. I can’t believe I just typed that. Who am I? You could change out the switch plates and leave the outlets. That would be way cheaper while still making a large impact. Open concept areas can be hard to decorate. How do you transition? Where do you transition? I wish our kitchen was more open. Originally I thought maybe we would someday knock out some cabinets and open a hole into the next room, but I am currently attempting to appreciate it as is. The chandelier did come with the house. There are five really neat silvery light fixtures here. Old timey, but classic at the same time.

      • Open concept areas are hard to decorate, which is why we really haven’t done much. 🙂 We use the sofa as a bit of a divider, and the kitchen has a bar top part which helps divide that area, too. I can’t wait for a different layout and more room.