23 Paws.


Sometimes on the 23rd (ish) of the month I come at you with a humorous pet post.  So humorous I often find myself laughing so hard I cry.

My Pet’s Pet?  Come on.  A dog with a pet???  This is comedy gold people.  Comedy.  Gold.  Actually more like comedy platinum imbedded with a river of comedy titanium studded with flawless comedy diamonds the size of my fist and wrapped in Oreos.

What?  To The Husband Oreos are like gold.  Or platinum imbedded with titanium studded with diamonds.

All I am trying to say here is I’ve really enjoyed writing the pet posts for you all and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.  And reading them.  I cannot tell a lie, I re-read them and laugh my arse off a lot.

This will be my last “official” 23 Paws post as Cinnamon who has been hosting for a year now has decided to retire 23 Paws and focus on other endeavors.  I can only assume she means to start 24 Paws but that remains to be seen.  What?  23 is an odd number of paws so 24 Paws must be next right?  Six whole pets is way better than five and three quarters pets.

Sad little pet missing its paw.

I promise to still share dog stories with you, but for Cinnamon’s final hurah I’d like to tell you how The Snoops got her name.

Snoops RW

The Snoops was born in a puppy mill so I imagine her first name was probably Puppy #108565658462937604. Stupid puppy mills.

She was rescued by an aspiring model who named her Ping Pong and then promptly dropped her off at her mothers house, a miniature dachshund breeder.

I bought her for fifty bucks from the breeder (I still have the cancelled check to prove it) and named her Mazzy.

Mazzy stuck for about a week before I changed her name to Koi.  Like the fish, but not like the fish.  Koi the fish is pronounced like “coy” while Koi the dog is pronounced like “ko-e.”  Officially The Snoops name is Koi.

My mom nicknamed her Ko Schmo which not only stuck but also was the catalyst for many other “Schmo” nicknames.  Hubby Schmo.  Wifey Schmo.  Should I go on or have I embarrassed myself enough?

About 7 years ago Ko Schmo was retired and replaced with The Snoops.  Why you ask?  Let me tell you.  Better yet, let me show you.

It has everything to do with a Peanuts cartoon I cut from the Sunday paper.  Take a look, scene by scene.

Snoopy 1

Snoopy 2

Snoopy 3

Snoopy 4

Snoopy 5

Snoopy 6

Snoopy 7

Snoopy 8

Snoopy 9

What did you see?  Did you see Snoopy?  Did you see Snoopy doing The Snoopy Dance?  Did you see Snoopy doing The Snoopy Dance for food?

Yup.  You did.  Wanna see a pic of The Snoops doing The Snoopy Dance for food?

Midwestern Snoopy Dance RW

Yup.  There she is.  #108565658462937604, er Ping Pong, er Mazzy, er Koi, er Ko Schmo, er The Snoops doing The Snoopy Dance.

Which can just as quickly be followed by this:

Midwestern Snoopy Sleepy RW

It’s hard work dancing for your supper.

And just so you don’t think I’ve forgotten all about our Labrador, here is a picture of Sadie, er The Destroyer, er Smelly, looking like her normal crazy-arse self.  It’s the eyes.  You can see the crazy in the eyes.

Crazy Sadie RW

With that I end my 23 Paws career.  Hopefully I will see you next month for 24 Paws.

– Joanna

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Question of the Day:  How did you decide on your pets name?  If you don’t have a pet what would you name one if you did?


  1. We have named our cats based on their coat colors. Oreo is our black and white cat. Probably should have named him Double Stuffed Oreo since he is huge (not fat but a big, muscular male cat). Tori has a tortoise shell-dappled coat (various shades of small brown and black splotches). We originally thought about naming her Torti, but that was a mouthful. Tori was easier to say.

  2. Such a great story for the name! We had all P names for our cats. It didn’t become a true thing until the third one. 🙂 The first was Pywacket from Bell, Book, and Candle

  3. Stupid puppy mills! Guinness name used to be Sam. For like a day. Then I noticed how his body was brown and his paws were black…like a black and tan…so then his name became Guinness. Chloe’s name was Lucy before I bought her and promptly changed it to Chloe mostly because it was the hip thing to do.
    Toby has always been Toby. We like to call him Toby Toby though. I think its because he is so dumb that he needs us to say it twice.
    I have appreciated and loved all of your comedy gold pet posts. I go back and read mine from time to time and laugh until I cry. We should do stand up. No really.