Today’s topic in the January Blog a Day challenge is Made with Love.

I promised you I wouldn’t talk about Sweetey Petey and I’m going to stick with that.  There’s been enough embarrassment this month already and I still have confession, recovery and things that rhyme coming up.  I’m 98% certain I can’t write a rhyming post without embarrassing myself.

Today is also Kids’ Reads over at Supermom’s blog What Does She Do All Day?

That’s right, I’m doing double duty and linking this post in two places.  I’m either really awesome or begging for blog hits.  If any of you use the term “linky party” I will quit blogging this instant.  Or moderate your comment.  One of the two.

My distaste of the aforementioned phrase not to be spoken here again is another post though.

Today it’s about kids.  Kids made with love.  Dang, I said I wasn’t going there.  This is harder than I thought.

On a normal Kids’ Reads day I might talk about Sandra Boynton books

and how not only are they the perfect length for a new toddler to actually get through, but how singing and hopping and marching around to Let’s Dance, Little Pookie is often the only thing that cheers up a cranky toddler.

I’m guessing.  It might be embarrassing if I did that and, Iike I said, I’ve embarrassed myself enough already this month.

So I’m just guessing that’s what this book is good for.  I wouldn’t know.  But you should buy it if you have kids or know someone who has kids or think you may ever run into a kid.

But since this isn’t a normal Kids’ Reads day and I need to make it fit into a Made with Love day I’d like to talk about a different kind of book.  A handmade book.  See what I did there?  Ten paragraphs in and I finally nailed it.

That’s what she said.

Sigh.  Much harder than I thought.

Anyway, Sweetey Petey was given a book for Christmas last year that is quite possibly one of the most thoughtful gifts he’s received yet.

Hand made.  Hand stitched.  A page for each letter of Petey’s name.

This book teaches more than just the alphabet, it also teaches about friendship and love.  After all, if it has a heart on the back it must be made with love.

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Tomorrow is . . . what is tomorrow anyway?  Ahh yes, a memory.  I’d like to share my favorite pre Sweetey Petey memory from the old house.  I have to get the Husband’s approval first before I post it.  You’ll see why.  Well, you won’t “see” why cause I can’t show you a picture.  This isn’t that type of blog.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  What’s the best handmade item you’ve ever received?  Or given?


  1. I like what you did there. 2 birds, one stone. Efficient. You know I never got around to finishing, or really starting, Corinne’s book. I suppose I should get a move on since I have two to make now.

  2. I love the Shimmying Pig 🙂

  3. ummm thank you thank you thank you. SLINKY PARTY???? Seriously? Who came up with that. I’ve seen it around and in silent dissent agreed with myself to never join one that uses that phrase.
    That book is ridiculously thoughtful. I would never have the patience to be that crafty.

    • I had to edit your comment. I decided you meant “slinky party” instead. Pretty sure that could actually be the truth.

      I don’t have the patience for hand stitchy things either. I tried cross stitch once and almost lost my mind.

      • LOL. I deserved that. I should know by now…Joanna means business! And I agree slinky party does actually work!

        • I kinda want to have a slinky party now . . . perhaps if I had won a slinky. BTW, The Husband wanted me to win that giveaway the most. Turns out he really wants a slinky. Ah well, he has a birthday coming up soon!

  4. I love the sound of that book and am looking forward to kids’ books when it’s time! Handmade item…I made a scrapbook for K for his birthday of our first 6 months. It’s probably the best since we’ve continued through multiple books since then, one per year. 🙂

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