Ann of Cooking Dangerously fame and also one of the winners of our first chicken naming contest mailed me some sweet chicken gloves the other day!  She even included some Canada gloves for Sweetey Petey and Baby Number Two.

Chicken Gloves RW

Ann’s from Canada in case you missed that somehow.

Thanks to me Ann is now totally chicken obsessed.  This has clearly paid off since I now own my very own pair of chicken gloves.  And not just any chicken gloves, but the fingerless removable mitten kind!!  How did she know I’ve been wanting a pair for when I photograph outside in the winter??

I don’t know, but she did.

Thanks Ann!

Have a great day all.  See ya tomorrow for Thrift Gift Facelift.

– Joanna

P.S.  So I typed “chicken gloves” as my focus keyword down in my Search Engine Optimization section and ya know what WordPress also suggested?  “Chicken skin gloves.”  Creepy.   Ann, don’t send me any of those, please and thank you.

Question of the Day: Quick, what color are your gloves???? 


  1. When I get my act together I’ll make you some vegetarian lentil or tofu gloves. Gloves that look like animated lentils and/or tofu, that is, not gloves that are made from said tofu or lentils.

    • Hmmmmm . . . tofu gloves. Interesting. Very interesting. Also weird. BTW I miss your blog!! Hope things are well with you and the fam. I have a small gift for the babe I will be dropping in the mail soon.

      • Another present?!! Man, I’m definitely the crappy friend in our friendship. Luckily you’re knocked up though and hopefully by the time your little girly arrives I will be sleeping more and thus more capable of picking out cute gifts to send to out of state friends:-)

  2. Can we buy Mom some chicken skin gloves?

  3. Chicken skin gloves could bring back thumb sucking, just sayin. Glad you liked them!

  4. The other day I went out for a photo shoot and it was FREEZING. I really needed some chicken gloves for that. Poor little girls fingers were turning purple so I think she needed some chicken gloves too! No skin gloves though , thats fo sho.