One thing I stink at when it comes to blogging is getting posts up relative to the moment.

Sweetey Petey’s birthday party?  It was a month ago and I’ve failed to mention it (or send out Thank You cards because the adorable Curious George note cards I bought have disappeared in the abyss of the house somewhere and I’m just about to give up hope of ever finding them and buy new ones.)

Halloween?  Also approaching a month ago and I also have yet to mention it which is a real shame since Petey was The Man With The Yellow Hat, completely adorable and I got so many compliments on his costume.

I started a funny Spam post in April which I have yet to finish.

I have three recipe posts photographed and recipes typed up but no interesting back story added yet.  Crockpot French Onion Soup, Glazed Sour Cream Puffs or Gluten Free Coconut Granola Banana Bread anyone?  I also have four posts photographed for a new Sunday series I’d like to start up soon.

Highlights from a weekend with my niece and nephew OVER TWO MONTHS AGO.

A few DIY house updates including a storage room, wallpaper stripping, and ceiling fans (this one is pretty much done I just need The Husband to actually hang the ceiling fan first before I can post it.)

The Father-in-Law e-mailed a funny guest post that needs to be shared and soon.

A hopefully funny post entitled “I Wish.”

I have some fabulous Sweetey Petey raking leaves photos that I really want to share even though it snowed here last week.

Speaking of snow, since it was only a week ago and the timeliest of the potential blog posts, I think I’ll share those today!

Here’s little Petey in the snow last year.

Snow Plant RW

He mostly did a lot of flopping in his bubble suit.  Cute flopping, but flopping nonetheless.

This year there was way less flopping.

Also way less snow.  Our first snow was only a dusting and not that particularly exciting.  Not for me anyway (I prefer a blizzard and The Husband getting to work from home thank you very much.)  Petey seemed to like it okay though.

DSC_0950 RW

So did the chickens.

DSC_0959 RW

Okay so the chicken pot was cool with the snow, but I’m not so sure about the actual chickens.  Sweetey Petey was his sweet self and checked on them though.

DSC_0944 RW

At some point we blinked and the dusting of snow was gone.

DSC_0940 RW

Wait, no, that’s what it looked like in the first place.

DSC_0937 RWStill, pretty.

DSC_0958 RW

That’s all she wrote and by she I mean me.  That’s all I wrote.  Chat at ya later!

- Joanna

Question of the Day:  Snow . . . love it or loathe it?

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    1. If I HAD to choose one, I would say loathe. I just didn’t grow up around a lot of snow so I’m not totally comfortable in it. I do think its beautiful though.
      Cinnamon @ eatpraytri recently posted…BooksMy Profile

    2. Snow can cause a lot of problems. If no one has to go anywhere, and if it only lasts for a little while…then it’s fine. :)

      And I would love to see any of those posts. The French Onion soup sounds yummy for this time of year!
      Aly recently posted…Tres Leches CakeMy Profile

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