I have to do a recap (I hate that word) of my niece’s eighth birthday because in one of the Throwback Thursday posts I scheduled for July I mention her party.  And I claimed I would add a link to the recap (I still hate that word) I hadn’t actually written yet.  So here I am, keeping my word.  I’m nothing if not true to my word.

Since I am now pregnant with a little girl, I paid more attention to the finer nuances of little girls at the party.  I realized two very important things.

One.  Little Girls Like Pink.

I think this fact might be universal, but I’m not 100% sure.

The cake was pink.

DSC_0070 enh RW

Even on the inside.

DSC_0176 enh RW

Her dress was pink.  At least on the bottom.

DSC_0138 enh RW

Her room is pink.  Her reading glasses are pink.  There were pink M&M’s to eat.  All the plasticware and plates and tablecloths were pink.  Pink.  As far as the eye could see.  Pink.

It occurred to me that I’m going to have to learn to become a pink person.  I read once that wearing bright colors makes you more approachable (I wore black to the party) so perhaps it’s time I find my inner, er outer, pink.

Fortunately my niece seems to prefer a darker pink which in my book, er wardrobe, is preferable to pastel pink.  I don’t do pastel pink, no matter how many girls I pop out.  I’m only popping out the one for the official record.

Two.  Little Girls Like Stuff.

Lots and lots of stuff.

I hope my sister doesn’t wring my neck for posting this, but here’s a snapshot of the top of my niece’s dresser.

DSC_0097 enh RW

As far as I can tell, she has a paper umbrella, change, a pink glass case, rainbow loom bracelets, a clock, deodorant, stickers, a jewelry box, a pink piggy bank (she collects cash in case you were wondering), a stuffed bear (reindeer?), an owl, birthday cards, a pink origami swan, something with Barbie’s face on it, her soccer participation trophy, another pink piggy bank, the American flag, a gift bag stuffed with I have no idea what, popsicle sticks, a paper plate, hair bows, a crystal pendant (I may have given her that) and some unknown plastic things.  Did I miss anything?  Probably.

I think I made my point when I said little girls like stuff but let me take it a bit farther.

Little girls also like American Girl Dolls . . . and apparently lots of them.  Here’s my niece with her doll that ironically she named after herself.

DSC_0156 enh RW

I have to give the child props because she earned the money to pay for this doll . . . no easy feat for a doll with over a $100 price tag.  She wanted a custom doll so that tacked on a few extra bucks.  My niece sold her art to come up with the cash to pay for this doll.  She even took commissions (my uncle ordered a crane, Mike ordered a motorcycle and I ordered an Orca.  For some reason the Orca cost more.) Honestly, we were all really proud of her.

Except now she has decided she wants another American Girl doll.  I’m hoping she doesn’t name this one after herself too because that could get confusing.

Apparently this year’s specialty doll is a dancer and comes dressed in a dance outfit.  I suggested to my sister that she just buy a dance outfit for the American Girl doll my niece already has.  She promptly informed me she already tried that that and was told no . . . in German.  My eight year old niece shot down the idea . . . IN GERMAN!

In German, people.  Wow.  So now she is saving her birthday money and collecting cash and starting up the art biz again to buy herself the doll.  Again, I have to give her props for paying for it on her own, but still.  How many American Girl dolls does an eight year old need????  Apparently lots.  I’m secretly hoping she outgrows them by the time my little bun grows into them and they end up in the hand me down bag.  Or that my girl turns out to be an artist as well so she can buy her own someday.  Either or.

Now that I’ve gotten the lesson out of the way, how about a few pics of the party?  Here’s the cousins eating lunch together.  Or rather their feet eating together.  You all know I don’t post kid pics on this blog of mine.DSC_0092 enh RW

I’d love to satire the food since I claim to be a food satire blogger, but I can’t.  It was all good.

Chips.  You can’t go wrong with chips.

DSC_0078 enh RW

Snap peas.  You can’t go wrong with snap peas.

DSC_0074 enh RW

Chicken salad wraps made with a touch of citrus zest.  Citrus zest people . . . GENIUS!

DSC_0075 enh RW

There were also cheese cubes, fruit salad and roasted broccoli.  Plus the aforementioned pink M&M’s and cake and ice cream.

I would like to point out that my niece asked for sushi to be served at her birthday.  California rolls specifically.  My German speaking eight year old niece with her own art business.  I’m not 100% sure she’s actually 8.  She might be 18 and just small for her age.  DSC_0128 enh RW

Happy eighth (???) birthday!!!

DSC_0168 enh RW

Oh and dear sweet niece . . . if you are still taking commissions, I’d like a peacock please.

– Joanna

Question of the Day – What’s your favorite color?


  1. Good news!!! I may have talked her out of the additional American Girl dolls.

  2. blue, green, purple, grey. All of the above. And citrus zest sounds legit.

  3. Happy Birthday niece!

    My daughter’s dresser looks very similar. Her whole room does, actually. I kind of worry about girls whose rooms look like a Pottery Barn display window. Something ain’t quite right there.

    My husband swore he wasn’t going to have a girl that was into pink, but it seeps its way in gradually. She was the baby in yellow and teal and other cool colours, and then fast forward 6 years and suddenly my husband is fighting for a pink ski helmet with no prompting, and when we can’t even pass it down to our little guy. It’s cute to watch daddy embrace the pink.

    My favourite colour is red. I used to have to do a load of whites, a load of colours, and a load of reds. I’ve tamed it down in the last few years, but I still like it.

    • Oh, I guarantee my niece’s room can rival your daughters room! I just didn’t include all the pics in case my sister didn’t want me to air her daughter’s (literal) dirty laundry.

  4. I don’t think you need to go pink crazy. I think it would be nice to encourage a girl to go for any color/toy/etc. Whatever is appealing. I liked green a bunch as a kid, but I have a different favorite color now. I won’t share…I’ll let you guess. 😀

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