We have a tradition in my house.  A market day tradition.  Not the farmer’s market mind you, but the specialty market.  It’s a pricier, fancier grocery store that in addition to Campbell’s Soup also sells hard to find cheeses, local organic meats and, when seasonally appropriate, local produce.  They make the best desserts too.  I kinda love the place.  While you might go broke buying the Campbell’s Soup, it’s well worth a visit for perishable goods.  My staple purchases include organic milk and butter rolls, yogurt, cheese, cheese spreads, my favorite gluten free breads and baked goods, sweet rice flour, The Husband’s favorite peanut butter and chocolate cereal, organic chicken, ham at the holidays, salad greens, mushrooms, peaches, chocolate bars, pretzel bread, ten dollar a pint ice cream (and worth every penny), cornbread, Naples-Style freshly made pizza, fruits and veggies and of course pretty much anything from the bakery.

The kids and I hit the market up almost once a week.  It’s the only place I will buy salad greens anymore so I try to make it often enough to keep the fridge stocked for lunch.

I started a tradition there this summer allowing Sweetey Petey to pick one item from the bakery each visit.  His top pick so far has been a black and white cookie the size of my hand, but he has branched out into brownies and cupcakes and more. Size has been irrelevant since he knows he has to share.  That’s my lead-in to no, I did NOT allow my almost three year old to eat that ENTIRE cookie.

Here’s this week’s pick.  The chocolate chip crazy cookie.

DSC_0327 RW

Thick frosting sandwiched between two homemade chocolate chip cookies, rolled in sprinkles, edible sugar glitter, and miniature chocolate chips, and drizzled with both white and dark chocolate.

DSC_0328 RW

We shared it after dinner and The Husband asked me if I had bought two.  Bwahahahaha.  Ummmm no.  That cookie was huge.  He did suggest we divvy it up based on body weight though.  This actually made sense to me (Sweetey Petey by no means needed to eat a third of that cookie) and proved to be the only time in the past four months I almost regretted the 20 pounds I’ve lost since I was cleared for exercise after Baby Charwee was born.

DSC_0335 RW

Sweetey Petey chose wisely this week.

DSC_0338 RW

Have a Wacky Wednesday all!

– Joanna

Question of the Day:   Would you pick a cookie, a brownie or a cupcake from the bakery?  Or a cream horn.  I’m always crossing my fingers for the cream horn!

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  1. Is it the Jeni brand of ice cream? I’ve heard those are pricey, but they don’t sell it near me. What do you use sweet rice flour for? I think you’ve told me before, but I can’t remember.

    It would depend on the place for what I would pick, and my mood. I love brownies, but sometimes am in a cookie mood. Or, if they have an interesting cupcake flavor I like.