Meet Skunky.

DSC_0443 enh RW

Not to be confused with a skunk.

Skunky we like.

DSC_0437 enh RW

Skunks we do not like.

Clearly Curly had her adopted babies.  Or at least some of them.  Sunday night we saw five baby chicks!  The Husband says some of the other eggs could still hatch.  And honestly, there could have been more babes hidden under Curly.  She wasn’t exactly overjoyed to introduce them to us.  So we wait.

Some of us more patiently than others.

DSC_0435 enh RW

That’s right, The Husband is beyond excited for his new babies!

Husband Happy RW

But you don’t want to see pictures of him (sorry Honey.)

DSC_0522 enh RW

Or his fabulous chicken boots.

DSC_0423 enh enh RW

You want to see pictures of the chicks!  Or at least the one chick we managed to get decent photographs of before Curly told us off.

DSC_0463 enh RW

So once again, let’s meet Skunky.

DSC_0443 enh RW

Yes, I used that picture twice in the same post.  It’s just so dang cute.

But the rest are pretty dang cute too so I’m gonna throw ’em at ya all at once.

DSC_0450 enh RW

DSC_0458 enh RW

DSC_0457 enh RW

DSC_0455 enh RW

DSC_0471 enh RW

There you have her ladies and gentleman farmers, our first baby chick, Skunky!

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  Can you believe that fluffy thing came out of a tiny little egg?  Crazy.  Anyway, the question of the day is HOW MANY BABY CHICKS DO YOU WANT???  I want a billion.  



  1. That chick is pretty stinking cute. Do Mike’s babies keep him up all night? Want to be fed every 3 hours? Are they very particular about their swaddle?

  2. Cute! But what happens to Skunky if it turns out to be a he? Cute little Skunky for dinner? 🙂

  3. Such a cutie!! And good lens choice! =)

  4. Didn’t know those boots could look any better.. until I saw them paired with shorts.

  5. I love Skunky. I love Skunky almost as much as your husband’s comment above.

  6. These are some seriously cute pictures!!! Now everyone will want baby chicks at their house. 🙂

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