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DSC_0748 enh RW


I love it when a funny blog post title comes together.

A-Team references are pretty stellar too.


Ha again!

Wait, no.  That’s a CSI: Crime Scene Investigation reference, not a bird reference.

There have been several posts about our chickens.  You’ve seen their coop being built, toured it when it was done, seen how we grow food for themmet a few and some of you have even named them.  I’m here today to officially present them to you.  A debutante ball, a chicken cotillion if you will.  Yes, I said cotillion not cacciatore.  We aren’t going to eat them.  At least not till they stop laying eggs then The Husband says we have to so they can fulfill their chicken destinies.  He says we can’t rob them of their birthright.  Formally, I am against the eating of pets because that’s what they’ve become.  So if you’re with me and you come over for dinner please count the chickens in the coop before digging in.

Each chicken had their headshot taken (and some their tailshot).

So without further au jus, let’s present the lovely ladies.

Wait, wait, wait.  Au jus.  That’s beef.

Whatever.  Here they are:


Buffy – Buffy is the BEST! The absolute BEST!  She’s my favorite chicken.  Why you ask?  She lays the biggest eggs.  I’ll do an egg comparison post one of these days so you can see what I mean but you can always pick out the Buffy eggs from the bunch.  My love of Buffy has gotten to the point that when I make myself breakfast (dunky eggs are the way to go) I only want Buffy eggs.  The Husband is not allowed to eat the Buffy eggs.  He’s not allowed to give the Buffy eggs to the neighbors.  He’s not allowed to scramble the Buffy eggs or use them for baking.  Buffy eggs are for me and me alone to cook sunny side up and dunk my toast in. Did I mention I love Buffy?  Yeah, well, I do.  Buffy is the BEST!

DSC_0733 enh NAME RW

CURLY – Curly is the second best.  Curly is the only chicken I named so I’m partial to her.  Plus she’s gonna be a mama soon so we have that whole kid thing in common.  The Husband talks all about Curly here and you can read why I named her that!  Also, she lays the prettiest eggs.  Curly eggs are my second choice for breakfast.

DSC_0576 enh NAME RW

MISTRESS BILLINGTON – My pal Ann of Cooking Dangerously won the right to name Mistress Billington so I’m partial to this chicken as well.  I think she is the prettiest chicken by far.  She’s pretty smart too considering both her and Buffy regularly manage to bust through The Husband’s electric fence he erected to keep them in the garden area when they feed.  Unfortunately The Husband thinks she’s been getting picked on by the other chickens lately and he’s pretty sure she’s been laying rogue eggs in the coop instead of in the nest box.  Poor chicken.  Kids can be mean, just let it roll off your chicken back Mistress Billington.  And if they peck at you, you peck back girl.  

DSC_0863 enh NAME RW

FAITH – Meh.  I’ve always been kinda meh about Faith.  She was named for one of the vampire slayers from the awesome TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer and we all know Buffy kicked more vampire ass than Faith did.  So I’m kinda meh about Faith.

DSC_0873 enh NAME RW

GENERAL BURNSIDE – General Burnside is a boy.  I swear.  I know technically he’s a she but dang, she looks like a he.  The Husband included a picture of her namesake and doppelganger in this post so cluck, I mean click, on over there to see what I mean. General Burnside clearly has identity issues.

DSC_0595 enh NAME RW

CHICK WOOLERY –  Ahhhhh, Chick Woolery.  Chick Woolery comes to say Hi almost every time I check for eggs.  She sees me coming over, hears the egg door being opened and climbs the ladder to see what the haps is.  She’s a very curious chicken.  She was named in our chicken naming contest as well.  Doc won the privilege but I failed to post about it.  In my defense Doc wanted a video of his chicken before deciding on a name and by the time The Husband sent it to him my short blogger attention span had moved on to other things.  So a big thanks to Doc for picking such a great name!  Also thanks to Doc for fixing me up so I could walk in the last trimester of my pregnancy.  Doc is a good friend of The Husband and a local chiropractor.  When Mike mentioned to him I was having severe pregnancy induced pain radiating down my leg making it excruciating to even walk down the hallway, he claimed he could help.  And help he did!  I don’t know if I properly thanked him (perhaps a dozen Chick Woolery eggs would do the trick) but I could not have managed without his assistance.  I was on the fence about whether I would go back after Charwee was born as I’ve had no pain since the birth, but Doc also claims he can fix my knees hurting when I jog.  And I’d really like that so I’ll be headed back soon.

DSC_0829 enh NAME RW

CLUCK NORRIS –  It’s Cluck Norris people.  Cluck Norris is badass.  She has to be with a name like that!  Big thanks to the Father-in-Law for naming her.  By the way this is an older picture so she has a waddle now.

Those are our ladies.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  Who is your favorite chicken??


  1. So I’ve been asked to give a free lecture at our local Parks Dept. I’m calling it “Backyard Chickens – Pets with Benefits”.

    I plan to point out as a warning that not only does a backyard chicken keeper completely gag at the sight of an “Eggland’s Best” (I’d hate to see their worst! {rimshot})… not only will they refuse to eat anything but their own backyard eggs, ruining breakfast at restaurants………………….. not only will six of their seven backyard chickens not pass muster…………………………….. they may just get to the point where they only eat BUFFY eggs and nothing else.

  2. Love this post and your ranking of favorites! I don’t remember Faith being in the original cast of all-star chickens? I can’t wait to see how the new chicks adventure turns out 🙂

    • Yeah, so I got impatient with the original five Young’ins and went out and acquired Buffy and Faith who were already laying so we could start seeing some results. 🙂

      In case anyone is wondering, that’s why Buffy’s eggs are much bigger than the pullets.

  3. Obviously Mistress Billington is the best one. And please be sure to let the bully chickens know that if they don’t leave her alone I’m going to go down there and fricassee their asses.

  4. I didn’t realize there was a Buffy theme until now. Who is the big fan? I have watched every episode. 🙂