Day 3 of the January Blog a Day Challenge hosted by Katrina and Lindsey is “Bucket List.”

There wouldn’t be enough internet space to list out ALL the things I want to do (I’m quite detailed) so I thought I’d break it down into smaller categories and just highlight one subset.  There were only two things on my Bucket List for the Bucket List Challenge.


Check and CHECK!

To catch up on my January Blog a Day posts:

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Tomorrow is Pet Peeves.  I could do that one in my sleep.

– Joanna

Question of the Day: What’s on your Bucket List, I mean in your Bucket List, I mean in your Bucket?



  1. Bethany @ One Girl's Taste on Life

    I was really hoping you’d post some of your bucket list items!

    A few of mine are:
    Get a new job with a better schedule (you’ll benefit from this)
    Travel to Italy
    Take Jake to Disney world
    Take Jake to Hawaii (my adopted home state)
    Become a better photographer

    Your turn!

    • I DID! Find Bucket. Take picture of bucket.

      Okay, I’ll give you one. You want to go to Italy and Hawaii and Disney World . . . I want to go to Pennsylvania. Yup. I really really REALLY want to visit Jim Croce’s grave.

      Have you ever thought about part time? Maybe 3 or 4 days a week? I would assume healthcare is or can be through the hubs right? Maybe an extra day in the week for your little man would make all the difference. Or just not working till Midnight probably would help as well 😉

  2. “Tomorrow is Pet Peeves. I could do that one in my sleep.”

    I’m sure you’ll do that one in my sleep. Loudly. Around 4:00 AM.

    That’s one of my pet peeves.

  3. Aww. No bucket list items from Joanna? Boo! Your fans request more!!!!

    My bucket list…skydiving!

    • Girly girl, I do not believe you claim to be a beige person and want to skydive. Those two things do not go together. Once you skydive I think it’s mandatory you paint at least one wall in your house bright red.

  4. I really really love this idea. i am excited to read these posts coming in january, such good ideas!

  5. All jokes aside, that’s a beautiful bucket!

  6. I have a VERY similar bucket in red. Now if we could find a white one, we could have one heck of a 4th of July party. My bucket (Cinna) list is coming out soon. Even though thats just things I want to do before I leave Ridgecrest, not die, so its not really the same thing, so never mind.

    • Target???? That’s where mine’s from. I kept wood in it at the old house, but since the fireplace is currently busted at the new place it needs a new purpose. Killer party sounds good to me!

      Looking forward to the Cinnalist.

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