I was all set to write up a blog post entitled Playing It Safe when an incident I witnessed over a month ago that has been nagging at me finally clawed its way to the surface and demanded attention.  An incident involving eggs.

Midwestern Bite Eggs

Before I go further I’d like to ask, no beg, all of my readers to comment on this post with their thoughts.  Google Analytics will tell me how many of you there are so I’ll know if some of you are holding out on me.  I won’t know who you are, but I imagine your guilt will consume you as punishment if you don’t comment.  I must know the truth about the egg incident before not knowing drives me batty.

While I wouldn’t consider myself “naive” there are some things I know zilch about.  Namely the seedier side of life.  I’m happy to report that other than a few crappy apartments, I’ve lived a fairly sheltered life.  If it wasn’t a crime featured on CSI (up until two years ago that is because I’m boycotting the addition of Ted Danson) I probably know nothing about it.

Let’s set the stage, shall we?

It’s a Saturday, early afternoon, and toddler nap time.  I leave the napping Sweetey Petey in the capable hands of dada, who is also napping, to sneak in a quick trip to the grocery alone.  Alone people.  Savor the moment.  I decided to venture out to a larger super grocery about ten minutes further down the road in search of canned coconut milk that was sold out at the local branch.

At 1:00 on a Saturday afternoon the place is packed but I pull in at the exact right moment and manage to snag a prime parking spot near the front door.  I’m not in my usual car so I take an extra moment to make sure I’ve got my keys and my wallet and my reusable bags.  What I saw in that extra moment shocked and puzzled me.

A man walks out of the grocery carrying a single plastic shopping bag with a single carton of eggs inside.  Not two feet after exiting, looking straight ahead, he hands his bag of eggs to a woman waiting just past the exit.  They do not exchange words.  They do not make eye contact.

The woman heads back into the grocery with the bag of eggs.

The man walks directly to a silver car parked just a few over from mine, tries the door, finds it locked, walks around the car once, flips his hoodie up and looks around suspiciously.  He stands there next to the car, glancing around.

 Midwestern Egg Scam Title RW
Here’s what’s bugging me.  Why?  Why did he leave the grocery with a bag of eggs, then immediately hand the bag of eggs to a waiting woman who then heads back into the store with said eggs?  Is this some sort of scam that I’m too naive to understand?  If so, why eggs?  Why eggs, people?  WHY EGGS??

Thoughts?  Anyone?  Anyone at all?

– Joanna

Question of the Day: WHY EGGS?  WHAT’S THE SCAM??


  1. I think they were trying to avoid the game warden. They were poaching eggs out of season.

  2. Maybe they did communicate but it was in the store via cell phone. If we allow that that could’ve happened, then perhaps she was: returning a brand of eggs that he wasn’t supposed to buy, returning eggs that he had noticed were broken, or perhaps going inside to get a few things that they hadn’t planned on getting.

  3. Strange town you live in! 🙂 As for the eggs, who knows?

  4. That’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. I was trying to concoct a possible story for you, involving the man plotting to egg houses and the woman (mom?) intervening, but it just didn’t make any sense. So I was going to spare you, but now I guess I’ve told you anyway.

    This will haunt me for days! Why didn’t you confront them?? (jk)

  5. I think the eggs are the decoy. They’re cheap and easy to dump or throw at people for the diversion. I think this sounds a little more like a theft scam. Maybe she was the lookout then he came to play “owner having trouble getting into his car” so he could somehow steal parts under the hood or jimmy the door and steal their change. The egg thing just seems weird. The no eye contact thing seems weird. If the suspicious car thing hadn’t happened I would say he effed up and she was pissed and didn’t want to acknowledge his existence as she now had to actually go INTO the store to once again clean up his mess which she had been avoiding, hence sending him in the first place. Maybe the shady car thing wasn’t shady at all but he couldn’t believe she locked him out and didn’t think to get the keys from her. I don’t know…seems super suspicious all the way around to me…

  6. Kelly @ Runmarun

    I love this story! I have no idea what happened there, but that is totally the kind of thing I would observe and then dwell on for days! It feels sinister though…not an innocent ploy by any means. I must say, I am curious what your hubby thinks happened!

  7. maybe he loves eggs but she is allergic? So sometimes he sneaks to the store to buy them but she follows him . He sees her before he even comes out the door, thus the exchange. Now I am stumped because they would have gone in separate cars and so he wouldn’t be stuck outside his own car. Darn it!!

  8. No idea…that’s really weird!