Technically a pawpaw is a fruit native to this area (looky I mentioned food already – go me) but for the purpose of this post it’s actually a name.  The name of Sweetey Petey’s grandfather, my Father-in-Law.  In my day nicknames were chosen based on what syllables a kid could pronounce, but nowadays it seems relatives get to pick their own.

Grandpa picked Pawpaw.  I think technically he may have picked “Papa” but when Sweetey Petey says it, it sounds more like Pawpaw so that’s how I’m spelling it.

Grandma picked Nanny and, for the record, if she’s expecting a salary when she comes to visit it isn’t going to happy.  I’m a Stay at Home Mom so there’s really no room in the budget for a nanny.

But I’ve segued.

Sweetey Petey loves his Pawpaw.  He asks for him quite a bit and insists we phone him on a regular basis.

He’s even taken to finding Pawpaw in some of his books and calling him by name.  You’d think this was flattering, but . . .  it’s not always.

Sweetey Petey has picked out four characters that remind him of his Pawpaw.

First up in this fellow from The Pirates Next Door starring The Jolley-Rogers.  Not so flattering.  The hook hand, the teeth . . . yeah, not so flattering.

DSC_0435 enh R

Next up, also from The Pirates Next Door, is this guy.  Also not so flattering, but at least this guy has ice cream and a cool viking hat.  The socks and sandals leave a little something to be desired however.

DSC_0434 enh R

From the Curious George Matching Game, we have Farmer Renkins.  Pawpaw does sometimes wear a hat, but I have yet to see him in suspenders.

DSC_0436 enh R

The most flattering of the bunch is from a book we recently took out from the library on making maple syrup called Maple Syrup Season.  Pawpaw does wear glasses so we might have finally found a match!

DSC_0433 enh R

The interesting thing to note here is that all four of these characters have a beard.

Pawpaw does not have a beard,

See?  No beard.

Pawpaw RW

Perhaps what Sweetey Petey is trying to say is that Pawpaw should grow a beard.  I dunno.  My two cents.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  What do you think?  Should Pawpaw grow a beard?  Which of these characters looks MOST like Pawpaw?


  1. I think the boy might be saying these fine gentleman are Pawpaws. Not necessarily HIS Pawpaw.

  2. No, no beard. Wait, yes, he should grow a beard for my entertainment.

  3. I’ve never tried a pawpaw! Now I want one. The food, not the guy, although I’m sure he’s very nice, beard or no

    • I’m going to plant a ton so in a few short years we’ll send you some. They’re supposed to have a very unique flavor. Some say it’s like a banana custard and I think that’s pretty close.

      They’re kind of a weird tree in that they’re an understory so they tolerate some shade well, but they don’t get pollinated by honey bees or the like due to the pawpaws’ pollen. They typically get pollinated by flies. Therefore, the hardcore pawpawers will usually hang up rancid meat or a pesky raccoon or something to attract flies during the flowering season. See… fun!

  4. Perhaps Petey would have better luck finding me if he put down his Curious George book and picked up a Curious George Clooney book.

  5. Based on the photos, I’d say Sweetey P is very lucky to have his Paw Paw:-)

  6. Lol. I am waiting to see what my nephew calls me because I don’t like the way Aunt sounds with my full name, but most of my family doesn’t call me “Aly” so that wouldn’t quite work either. I figure whatever he says I will love. Paw Paw is a cute name. It actually sounds like what we call K’s grandfather. In Chinese, the dad’s dad gets a different name than the mom’s dad.