Of the various ways we can share every excruciatingly small detail of our lives with the world, Pinterest is pretty new to the social media scene. If you are still living in 2010 (this is for you Father-In-Law) Pinterest is a collection of image based boards that you add to by “pinning” a picture and adding your own caption. You can follow others and have followers just like Twitter (Father-In-Law is actually on Twitter so no explanation needed there). Aside from the legal issues that have been batted around regarding copyrighted content, I have a few issues with Pinterest.

Initially, I had no desire to join Pinterest. I did it on a whim after my friend, let’s just call her Supermom, sent me a few requests. Someone has to invite you after all. Pinterest became my candle party: I was invited so it was only polite to go, and while sure, I could find a use for a smelly candle, did I want to waste precious resources, aka money? Lots and lots of money. Have you ever been to a candle party?? Those things are expensive!! So, while the candle takes cash, Pinterest takes time. Let’s face it, Pinterest is an attention whore.

So, to be frank, I have a love/hate/wince relationship with Pinterest.

Love: I love love LOVE my food board.

I have a bookmarked folder on my laptop just for recipe links, yummy looking edibles that I just have to try out someday. The concept of looking at a picture to reference the recipe is exponentially more convenient than just glancing at a link and trying to recall what the recipe was and why I had saved it. Beer marshmallows for example. Now I can easily pin them and note what it was I was thinking. The phrase “Why the hell not?” comes to mind. So, in this respect, Pinterest hasn’t zapped any more of my time, just replaced my recipe folder with a recipe board. I am cool with that. Most of my food pins are from blogs I read on a regular basis and my pin helps to support them. I pin the marshmallows. Someone else re-pins the marshmallows and so on. Ideally, this brings in more readers to my favorite blogs. More readers means more clicks. More clicks usually means more cash. More cash means in essence I am buying my favorite blogger a candle. Are you still with me or did the candle tangent lose most of you?

No more candle talk. Gotcha.

Hate: I hate Pinterest. I read a blogger refer to Pinterest as “pinning pipe dreams.” How many of you have boards designing your dream home? Craft projects it would take a zillion years to get to? Tutorials on making everything from scratch including the computer you use to pin the computer-making tutorial? I worry we are so concerned with pinning others’ projects, we don’t take the creative energy to develop our own. Where is our individuality? Are we just borrowing from someone else?

Wince: I’m just gonna say this one time . . . IF YOU AREN’T ENGAGED, DON’T HAVE A WEDDING BOARD! The Husband confirmed it. It would freak him out if he started dating a girl with her (their) entire wedding publicly planned out. Exceptions can be made to couples who aren’t engaged but know they will become so. Oh, and twelve year old girls. May I suggest that if you choose to plan your perfect wedding before you find the guy, at least use a pseudonym.

On a related note, feel free to follow me on Pinterest.

Or not.

– Joanna

P.S.  Supermom is exempt from the Pinterest tirade because believe it or not she actually makes a lot of her pins.  I should know, I have received a few as gifts.  You should totally check out her blog and then marvel at how she fits it all in.  I do.  Daily.

Question of the Day: How many Pinterest loving readers do you think I lost from this post? How many Pinterest loving readers do you think I had before this post?


  1. I couldn’t agree more, i think it is creepy when girls my age have a wedding board and no boyfriend.

    • Yay!! I thought for sure I’d tick everybody off with this post. What happened to good old fashioned day dreaming anyway?

  2. Don’t know if I’ve ever told you this (so I’m glad we can do it via your blog and avoid the awkward real life interaction), but I kind of wish there was a dude’s version of Pinterest. Having a picture reference would be an easy way to keep track of great motorcycle ride reports, DIY mechanic tutorials… cool explosions, beer, that kind of stuff.

    I guess I could also use it to keep track of ordering my favorite Felicity episodes and her sweater choices. I’ll just tell people you hacked my account.

    • I’m fairly certain that you could have a Pinterest account with just those manly things in it. You don’t HAVE to pin everyone else’s stuff…you can create pins for things that interest you… 😀

  3. This is an awesome summary of Pinterest! The analogy to a candle party is outstanding. As someone who has yet to set up an account, I know virtually nothing about it but I feel confident that your post is all I need to know to stay away for now. Also, it’s nice to know that your husband likes Felicity! 🙂

    • Best. Show. Ever.

      Hopefully all the time I spend around motorcycles and firearms helps to balance out my love of Felicity. That doe-eyed curly-haired goddess and I went off to college together, so we have quite the connection.

  4. I watched Felicity just for the incredible dialogue. I can remember one of my
    favorite scenes: “Hey Ben. Hey Felicity. Here comes Noel. Hey Noel. Hey
    Felicity, hey Ben.” Oh how I miss that show. Hey?

  5. Two questions.
    One, did you like it when she cut her hair off?
    Two, was she better suited to be with Ben or Noel?

    • Kelly, Dad, and I are quite happy with the direction this Pinterest post has taken us. Thanks Jo.


      1a) To answer as my shallower 19 year old self in 1999 when she did it — Nope. Way hotter with the full mane of hair.

      1b) To answer as my slightly less shallower 32 year old in in 2012 who’s re-watched the show many times — Nope. Way hotter with the full mane of hair. And her haircut was just a knee-jerk reaction to the emotional turmoil resultant from her poor choices. Perhaps she would have matured more as a person saving future heartache if she had confronted her problems in a more constructive manner than chopping off that luscious head of hair… which I bet smells amazing BTW.

      2) Definitely Noel. I basically am Noel. Except for the later depression and death by fire thing. Of course, that was just in one timeline, so maybe I really am Noel in another time line not filmed by JJ Abrams.

      Alright Kelly, favorite episode?

  6. My apologies to Jo for hijacking this post but this is good stuff!
    I just died laughing about your answers…and I might be wrong but I seem to remember something about the show losing ratings when she cut her hair off? I hated her haircut myself.
    F-I-L’s summation of the dialogue is very true to life as well.
    So…it’s been a while since I watched the show (I can now stream it through amazon prime which I am excited about) but I really liked the episodes that featured Meghan and Sean…an unlikely couple but they were really, really funny.

    • Nah, I don’t mind. We aim to humor – whether that is through Pinterest or Felicity. We really should talk the Husband into blogging more – he’s HILARIOUS!

  7. It’s on Netflix as well, which means for the moment I don’t have to use the DVDs I burned from a co-worker’s wife that replaced my VHS tapes I dubbed live, pausing so I wouldn’t record commercials.

    Season 1, Episode 10 has to be the pinnacle for entertainment perfection. Nothing like awkward virginity leading to a Christmas tree fire. That’s just good TV.

  8. Father-in-law

    “Hey Mike. Hey Kelly.”

  9. Awww…..thanks for the love. And for the exclusion from your tirade.

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