This post was inspired by two people.

First, my friend Nikki who was super excited to find out I was pregnant and super excited about what pregnancy stuff I would share on my blog.  Sorry, Nikki, I haven’t shared much here have I?  To be honest, unless I have become good friends with the blogger, I tend to skip over those posts that detail every excruciating instance of pregnancy.  Weight gain, cravings, movement, if they have swelling or stretch marks or if their belly button has “popped” yet.  The list goes on and on.  And on. Quite frankly, a lot of times I just don’t care.  Sorry I’m not sorry.

In case you do care, my weight gain is none of your business, we’ll get to my cravings in a minute, this baby moves non freaking stop, I have no swelling or stretch marks and my belly button is just fine thankyouverymuch (or as The Husband likes to say “the turkey isn’t done yet.”)

Second, my friend Ann who has recently posted such gems to her blog as I ate Rudolph for Christmas and Christmas trees aren’t good eating.

Between these two ladies, this post was born.  So without further hemming and hawing I’d like to share with you pretty much my one and only pregnancy craving . . . SNOW.

DSC_0604 RW

That’s right.  SNOW.

DSC_0606 RW

The white fluffy stuff that falls from the sky in winter and makes everybody go so nuts the day before the storm that I have to travel to two different grocery stores just to snag the last measly bag of spinach.  That’s right, I said bag.  Who eats just a bag of spinach???  It’s tubs over here.  I blame people like my sister who snagged TWO tubs because of the impending white doom.  Granted my sister doesn’t live in the same town or even in the same state as me, but she’s tough and can handle the guilt of my spinach deficiency.

It’s not going out and playing in the snow I’m craving either.  It’s the snow itself.  For eating.  Our first snow storm in December of last year I snagged a fresh bowl and stashed it in the deep freeze.

First Snow RW

For snacking on.  Which is exactly what I’ve been doing.  Before you all make jokes like my friend Slim did, let me assure you it was pure new snow, freshly collected and skimmed off the hot tub cover but not touching the actual hot tub cover.  And no, it wasn’t yellow.  So no chemicals and no, well, pee.  If you really want to read about drinking pee check out ‘Sota is Sexy’s post on this topic.  And no, I’m not making up that link . . . she actually drank pee.  Accidentally of course.  That girl makes me laaaaaaaaugh.

Anyway back to the snow.

While not quite as good as gnoshing on the stuff outside and newly fallen, my frozen bowl of snow curbs the cravings and tames the wild snow beast.  There really is a short window for eating the stuff fresh outside because once the wind starts blowing and the trees start shedding whatever it is they shed on top of the hot tub and things start to melt a little, the snow’s just not quite as pure white as it once was.  So I’ve been subsiding off my frozen bowl of snow contently.

A week ago we had a fresh snow fall!  That meant a whole new crop of snow to harvest.  I went with bag form this time so as to avoid freezer burn (I don’t know if snow can actually get freezer burn since it’s already in ice crystal form but it seemed like a wise move to be on the safe side.)

Snow Bag 1 RW

I now have FOUR bags of freshly fallen snow to keep me going.

Snow Bag 2 RW

Four bags.  Plus the bowl I’m still working on of course.  This baby is due late March so I’m thinking I should be good to go.  And if there is any left over, it’ll be loads of fun making snow balls and pelting The Husband with them as he comes home from work in the middle of summer.

– Joanna

Question of the Day: What would you rush out to buy at the grocery right now if you knew Snowmageddon was headed your way?  I use Snowmageddon loosely here since I’ve never met a snowstorm my Jeep couldn’t truck though like the little tank she is.  Snowmageddon.  Ha!  


  1. It always amuses me when people are like OMG snow and buy 10 loaves of bread and 6 gallons of milk. One, I have no room for all of that and two, how on earth do you eat it all before it goes bad?

    This post has made me crave snow and I’m not pregnant. Well done.

    • Thanks for your lovely comment, it really made me smile. The guy in line in front of me was stocking up on beer and chicken wings and the lady behind me was stocking up on hair dye (seriously) and Mountain Dew. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

  2. That is one cool craving. Literally (bwahhh haha). I craved bubble tea when I was pregnant. Delicious. I had a friend who ate Irish Spring soap. She also had to have boxes of it stashed everywhere so she could sniff it. I should blog recipes for that next. BTW I am currently sitting on the runway. 1 hour and counting…

    • What is bubble tea? Is it a dangerous food? It sounds kinda dangerous. Okay, eating soap is weird although I can relate to liking smells more when pregnant.

      • I’m not even sure bubble tea counts as dangerous because it’s reasonably common! (If you live near a community of Chinese people that is). We even have it in most malls, kind of in lieu of an ice cream place. It starts with a tea base, then they add water or milk (I like milk) then a kool-aid-ish flavouring, and then the “bubbles” – little squishy tapioca balls that fall to the bottom. You get a fat straw to drink it with and if you’re pregnant the milk and the sugar and the candy is fab! If you find some, go for green apple or mango.

  3. My problem was the snow would usually come the day after I had a planned grocery trip, which meant I was in with all of the crazies right before the storm. 🙁

  4. OMG.. I Seriously thought I was the only person in the world that craved eating snow!! Lol! I’m 31 weeks prego & I swear, I can’t get enough if it!! Eating some as we speak!

    • Well, if your weather is anything like ours has been, you have lots of snow to keep you stocked up! Which reminds me, my current bag of snow I keep in the kitchen is almost gone and I need to grab a fresh one from the deep freeze in the garage. My toddler has started asking for a bite now when he sees me pull the bag from the freezer. That’s my boy 😉

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