Today’s random food picture of the day is a warning to food bloggers everywhere . . . especially those like me who prefer to shoot their edible subjects in the great outdoors.

If you take your cookie out in the snow . . .

Cookie in the Snow 1 RW

said cookie will get covered in snow.

Cookie in the Snow 2 RW

You can still eat it of course.  And while I LOVE SNOW, snow does make for a slightly soggy cookie.

Let this be your official warning.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  What’s your favorite TV show.


  1. I like how you eat snow when I’m always barking at my kids not to eat it. I like Breaking Bad. We’re on season 4 or something and I’m not allowed to watch it when my husband is away. Same with Downton Abbey and Sons of Anarchy so that only leaves me with The Goodwife that he doesn’t care about. They’re all pretty good! But I can only watch one. Grrr

  2. lol! Poor soggy cookie. Hmmmm. It’s hard to pick a favorite tv show. Right now I am addicted to the Olympics, after saying I wasn’t going to watch it at all. Oh well!

  3. SNOWCOOKIE … om nom nom nom.

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