Since this week’s Throwback Thursday post was all about our destroyer, Sadie, it’s only fair that today’s Random Picture of the Day post be all about The Snoops.

There’s a reason The Snoops loves my husband so much.  Mike had just gotten Sadie when we first met and I often brought The Snoops with me on our dates.  While we were dining or going to the movies, the pooches would chill out together at Mike’s apartment.  What I didn’t realize back then was that every time I stepped away to use the restroom, Mike would sneak the poodle a snack.  Mike quickly became one of her favorite people!  The way to a girl’s heart is through her dog, right?  It sure turned out that way.  The Snoops hasn’t always liked my gentleman friends so I took it as an excellent sign she was so infatuated with Mike.  Heh.  Little did I know.

Our neighbor across the way has adopted a similar attitude and is the local favorite for pretty much all the dogs.  He’s less covert about it though, and everybody knows when they see him he will have a pocket full of treats.

Here’s Don bribing The Snoops for her affection.

Snoops Gets a Snack RW

Works every time.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  What would you do for a Klondike Bar?


  1. Not a huge fan of klondike bars…but I find the story of your husband trying to win over your dog really sweet. 🙂