I think this one is pretty self explanatory.  Don’t kiss mirrors in public restrooms.

Mirror Kiss RW

Don’t.  Just don’t.  Okay?  You don’t know where that mirror has been.

As a side note, Amstel light was my beer of choice in college.  That or Beck, although I preferred Beck Oktoberfest to straight up Beck.

– Joanna

Question of the Day: If you drink the occasional beer, what’s your beer of choice?   


  1. Does Amstel Light even have alcohol in it? I like Mill Street Organic or Keith’s. Point of interest – Apparently the hipster kids drink any beer that they’ve never heard of before. I apply the same strategy to food, of course, so although hipsters are kind of annoying, I respect their take on beer.

    • No, not much. I’ve never been much of a drinker so it works for me. Mike drinks the cheapest beer he can find half the time. It may be the one aspect of him I can honestly say I’m ashamed of. Sorry, baby. DRINK BETTER BEER MMMMMMM K?

  2. It’s funny–in college I remember holding my nose while I drank Boddington’s to get drunk. Now I really like beer, the darker and hoppier the better. A local brewing company, Avery, makes a really good beer called Ellie’s Brown Ale. You should try it–it’s got a picture of a brown lab on the front. (And it’s tasty.)

  3. ewwwww thats so grody!!! The only beer I seem to like is Corona. And maybe Mac n Jacks. And maybe the one where you put orange in it? Paul always orders one of those and I seem to like them. Hmmm maybe I like more beers than I think I do?

  4. I used to drink Guinness. Now I don’t drink any alcohol since it all tastes bleh to me. I try some sips of what the husband gets, but in general don’t care for it. I am in the mood for mimosas sometimes, though.