I’m rethinking this “random food picture of the day” thing.  First off, it really needs to be more than food.  So “random picture of the day” it now is!  Also I was putting numbers in the post title which means:

1)  I have to remember the last number I used.  Fat chance.

2)  I can’t schedule them in advance.  With a new baby coming in March I kinda need to do that so you all won’t be bored until I get back to blogging.  I will NOT be one of those bloggers updating from the hospital.  

So here’s today’s random picture of the day because the last week has been too busy to allow for much else.

Be Golly By Jolly RW

Be Jolly.  By GOLLY!

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  How are you?  I mean really?  Are you jolly this holiday season or stressed?


  1. I’m really good. Not really stressed at all. Looking forward to a couple of weeks kid free to just hang with Paul, get caught up on things and visit some friends. Should be good times indeed!

  2. Not stressed, yet! Ask me after my flights to and fro. 😉

  3. I am slightly stressed looking for holiday Barbie for my niece. Here’s me to my sister-in-law: “Oh don’t worry, I’d love to get it for her.” SIL: “U sure? I can get it.” Me: “Nah, all good.” I had seen them all over so didn’t think it would be an issue. Now, it’s an issue. Now, here’s me to my SIL: “How much does she want one? Does the dress have to be white?” Ugh

    • It is for this very reason I did not ask what the kids wanted for Christmas. I winged it. Wung it? I’ve probably lost my Cool Aunt status for the year but I plan on making up for it with chocolate.