WHY am I still calling my Grandpa “Gramps” on this blog of mine?  I have no idea.  So for my Throwback Thursday post this week, I shared an old picture of my Grandpa and a few facts about him, including tales of an old rusty desk he worked at in the basement.

I managed to find some pictures of that desk!  These were taken when my Grandma entered a care facility and we cleaned out her house.  Grandpa had passed away quite a few years before that but his desk remained largely untouched.

Here’s his desk, rust and peeling laminate and all.

Gramps Desk 5 RW

And a few close ups of the shelf contents.

Gramps Desk 1 RW

Gramps Desk 3 RW

Gramps Desk 2 RW

Gramps Desk 4 RW

The husband was proud Grandpa loved himself some Pabst, even if it was the non-alcoholic kind.  Personally, I only remember Grandpa drinking O’douls beer.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  Do you have sentimental items you’ve kept from loved ones that have passed away?


  1. I have my grandmother’s hairbrush/mirror/comb set. It’s silver and definitely antiqued. I asked her if I could have it when she passed away because it made me think of her. She ended up gifting it to me before she passed away.