Valentine’s Day was last Friday and despite the fact I’ve never really celebrated it, I did my best to make it special for my two boys without breaking the bank.

On Thursday Sweetey Petey and I spent some time visiting with friends and I brought over a craft for the older kids.  I’m not sure when 2 and 3 became “old” but somehow it did.  I found this craft on one of my regular blog reads Writing Chapter Three and it seemed right up our ally . . . Salt Dough!  Please check out Ashley’s post for adorable pictures and a full tutorial.

Craft 3 RW

Salt Dough combines two things Sweetey Petey loves to do . . . cook and paint.  In fact, when dada asked him what he did that day his response was exactly that.  Cook!  Paint!

The ingredients and process are quite simple.  Two parts flour to one part salt to one part water.  Mix.  Roll out and cut with cookie cutters.  Microwave for 3-ish minutes (3 and a half worked best for me).  Let cool and paint!

Craft 2 RW

Obviously the chicken was for dada.  And the orange star with purple polka dots?  Well, I painted that one.  What?  It looked like fun (it was).

So that was our Valentine’s craft.

Craft 1 RW

It’s great that the dough is edible because kids love to shove things in their mouth!  Although after Petey took a bite of the raw dough he made the WORST face and I had to pry it off the roof of his mouth for him.  Edible, yes.  Tasty, not so much.

On Friday The Pete and I made dada a heart shaped card and I dipped his favorite Oreo cookies into chocolate and added sprinkles to the top.

It started snowing crazily in the afternoon and we were just happy when dada arrived home safe and sound!  It took him twenty minutes to get up the hill near our house (take the Jeep to work next time. okay honey?)

Snow RW

And that was our Midwestern Valentine’s Day.

Happy Monday.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  What was the last craft or art project you did?

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  1. We scrapbook, so that’s the last crafty thing I did. Otherwise, I hope to do more when I have kids. I think it would be fun. 🙂 I like the salt dough you made. I think I might have made something like it when I was little.