It’s been a while since I’ve done a Snaptacular Weekend post and I have some . . . interesting . . . I-Phone shots from our Labor Day weekend so I thought I’d give the series another go.

Right then.  Let’s start how every day starts.  With breakfast.  I ordered a vegetarian omelet.  I assumed the vegetarian omelet would include things like tomato, onion, cheese, green peppers and mushrooms.  I did not imagine it would be a thin crepe like egg substance stuffed with a frozen bag of veggies that included broccoli, carrots, red peppers, water chestnuts and mushrooms.  I guess at least I got the mushrooms I had been expecting.  Fortunately my side of grits saved breakfast.  Note to self: always ask for clarification on vague menu descriptions. Always.

1213 RW

After breakfast came shopping.

I bought Sweetey Petey a coloring book and me some new Blue Diamond Nut Thin Flavors.  But what didn’t I buy?

A dog lamp.

1223 RW

An old post office box turned bank.  I REALLY wanted one of these but at $89.95 each I passed.  Still.  They were unique and flipping awesome.

1227 RW

Also unique?  This funky doll.  I really did not want one of these.  And I do mean really.

1239 RW

Buttons turned rings.  Definitely unique as well.  Mike’s grandmother just gave me her button collection so I’m going to ponder . . .

1230 RW

Bacon gifts!!  Bacon toothpaste, bacon frosting, bendable bacon figurines, bacon beans, bacon bandaids, bacon soap, bacon board game.  Bacon soap, people.  Bacon soap.

1228 RW

A recipe box that pops a mouse out when opened.  Ummmm . . . yeah.  No.  No thank you.

1231 RW

Tissue box covers.  While an odd item in the first place, what was even odder was the fact some moron put the Steelers tissue box cover right smack next to the Browns tissue box cover.  Again I say.  No.

1232 RW

My name on a keychain!!!  I never find my name!!!

1235 RW

Pickled cured Pork Hocks and Turkey Gizzards packed in vinegar brine.  I passed on these too.  I’m guessing Ann at Cooking Dangerously would not have.  I’m totally cool leaving the weird foods to her.

1236 RW

A motorcycle riding gnome.  I considered this one, but The Husband didn’t want anything else he had to weed wack around.  So again, passed on by.

1240 RW

Pretty purple colored flowers.  I don’t think these were on sale, just decorating the shop.  I’m not a mum fan, but the color redeemed them.

1242 RW

A canvas print.  I couldn’t decide if it was creepy or cool.  I’m leaning towards creepy.  I like the green and gray color combo though.

1243 RW

Not creepy, but aggravating to a hungry food satire blogger was the store full of fake food.  Did I mention we stopped there right before lunch?  Fake food.  Right before lunch.  AGAIN I say.  No.

1244 RW

1245 RW

1246 RW

That’s it for the interesting shopping trip.

We did attend a livestock auction, but I’m saving that story for The Father-in-Law.  He’s promised to write up a post for the blog soon.  I doubt most of us have ever been to a livestock auction before so I think at the least you’ll all find it a learning experience.  I did.  And then we had roast beef for dinner :/

1259 RW

The other thing I learned?  In The Husband’s hometown they all call the slide at the playground a “sliding board.”

1281 RW

I have since decided to call the swings, “swinging boards.”

1279 RW

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend and see ya all later!

1278 RW

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  How was your holiday?  What did you do?  


  1. In this case, I think I agree that it was best to bypass the purchase of that gnome. He’s a bit creepy, but more importantly, he’s not wearing a helmet. Safety first!

    My holiday weekend was totally low-key. I hung around the house, did a lot of reading and watched a lot of baseball. Perfect in my book!

  2. Umm that doll is way scary. No kid would ever want to play with that!
    I bet they didn’t have my name on a keychain! =( They NEVER have my name. EVER. LOL.
    Steelers next to the Browns. that made me LOL.
    The green house is totes creepy.
    What a good shopping trip!

  3. That omelet was very undangerous, I feel for you, but the cooked pickled turkey gizzards made up for it.

    You should write a kids’ book starring that doll!!

  4. Since I received a shout out in this post I feel compelled to leave a comment. It was a great four day visit with the Midwestern Bite family. (Kinda weird though because Joanna calls sliding boards “slides”, and she calls supper “dinner”.) I’m sure she’ll eventually get with the program as she learns the correct terminology for things.

  5. I saw a Ravens one hanging in the back there! Yay! 🙂 There are a surprising number of Steelers fans out here. I don’t get it.

    Over the weekend we went furniture shopping…a new kitchen table in a month!

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