You heard me right.

I painted a picture . . .

photo (2) RW

. . . and closed down the Ice Cream Shop.

photo (14) RW

Okay that was a crappy bad lighting I-Phone snap, but my salted caramel ice cream with both peanut butter and hot fudge topping was a-freaking-mazing.  Trust me.  I know ice cream and I only spring for the good stuff.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Supermom invited me out to one of those gigs where a group of ladies (and the one brave guy that showed up) all get together in an artist studio and drink wine while an instructor teaches how to paint a pretty pretty picture.

I’m not so much for wine so I skipped that part, but I gotta say it was a really nice evening.  Supermom’s kids and my kid are differing enough in ages that we don’t really run in the same circle so I don’t see her much these days.  It was nice to spend some time chatting with her even if it was so late by the end of the night I was barely coherent.  Did I mention we closed down the ice cream shop?  Yup, we stayed out that late.

What?  The ice cream shop is open late.  I swear. 

So here’s the pic we were being taught to make.  Taken straight from the studio’s webpage.  I totally learned how to take screen shots with my I-Phone the other day and just can’t stop.

sample painting

The interesting thing about art is interpretation.  Though we were all essentially painting the same picture, they all turned out very differently.  I should probably note here that I’m the chick who always had to be a little different.  Just ask Supermom.  I used to do monthly scrapbooking classes with her when she was a Stampin’ Up demonstrator and she knows first hand I ALWAYS had to switch it up.  Yup, I’m that girl.

So you’ve seen the sample painting.  It’s blue.  And you’ve seen my painting.  It’s very much NOT blue.  Here’s Supermom’s painting.  She switched it up quite a bit herself that night too!  Isn’t that yellow lovely????  And look at her signature.  Cool.  Totally not related but my sister’s initials are E to the third which is also pretty cool. 

photo (9) RW

Here is Supermom’s friend Kara’s painting.  She has some fabulous texture and blending of colors don’t ya think?

photo (7) RW

Then there’s this painting.  Two girls at the next table and I accused the artist of either being a ringer or applying for a job there.  Okay, so we didn’t say it to her face but we did say it.  I think this painting may actually be better than the instructor’s.  Ringer I say.  RINGER!

photo (10) RW

This one was my favorite in the group and I did say that to the artist’s face.

photo (6) RW

There was a chick that used a lot of purples (I didn’t snap a pic of that one) and a TON of blue and green variations to the sample pic.  Like I said, art is all about interpretation.

Here’s a room shot for a little behind the scenes action.

photo (5) RW

And some examples of other art that’s been done at this studio.  Technically this is a pic of the girls from the next table blow drying their paintings.  With a hair dryer.  I may have cracked a joke about how this was the first time I’d picked up a hairdryer in a month.  These were the same girls from the ringer comment and I totally should have gotten their phone numbers.  I mean, they laughed at my jokes all night long.  I need more friends like that for sure.

photo (3) RW

Here’s my artist’s palette aka disposable paper plate by the end of the night.  Never did touch that blue paint like I was supposed to.

photo (4) RW

If you are interested in trying your hand at home, you could totally do it with very minimal investment.  Pre-stretched canvases can be bought at craft stores like Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s and Michaels.  All of these places run sales or have 40% off coupons running most of the time.  We only used two brushes, a thick and a thin.  The paints were simple acrylic paints which we mixed with water when we wanted them to spread and blend more easily.

Using the large brush, we started at the top with our watered down blues (oranges for me) and painted a third of the way down.  Then we switched to green and blended the two together where they met.  Added black at the bottom (I skipped that part) and blended it up for some shadowing.  The instructor taught a cross hatching technique, though I chose to go more with a side to side.

Rebel.  Me.

We made sure to paint the sides of the canvas as well so the painting could be hung without a frame.

Then we let it dry.  This is where the hairdryers came in for the impatient folk.

Next we switched to the small brush and painted a small black dot for the center of each of the flowers.  A few inches down from each dot we drew our stems.  Using the large brush again and blotting off some of the paint we dabbed over the small dot in a circular pattern to create, well, a larger dot.  Then we let it dry again.

Using the small brush and white paint we drew U’s or V’s around each center in rows for the dandelion seeds.  We left the top off the middle flower and painted seed’s across the right of the painting as if they’d been blown away.

Still using the small brush we highlighted the flower stems white and the floating seed stems black (gray in my case).  Painted small dots to suggest seeds farther away.  Added a few black (gray) stems coming from the flower’s center out into the seeds.

Pulling out the large brush again we used white (and gray in my case) to create some depth in the center of the flower and slightly around the seeds themselves.  We achieved this by dabbing off a bunch of the paint and pouncing the brush up and down.

I pounced and pounced good.  Awesomesauce.

Signed the sucker.  Marveled at how awesome we all were.  Clearly none of us are Picasso but really, it was a cool new thing to try.

There you have it!  A quick overview of my fabulously fun Friday night and a lesson in how to create your very own Dandelion painting.

Oh and did I mention we went out for ice cream after and totally closed down the ice cream shop?  Yeah, well, we did.

– Joanna

Question of the Day: Are you artistic?  How so?  


  1. LOVE this post!! I am just so incredibly digging all the beautiful colors. I really like your paining, I am so impressed!! i have always wanted to do one of those wine/painting parties but now that I live in smalltownsville there aren’t any =( wahhhh wahhhh. At least I can live vicariously through you. Salted caramel ice cream though? with PB and HF? Ummm yeah I need to experience that myself.

  2. I am not artistic, but I still think this sounds like a fun night out. All of the pictures look so cool. They would look nice on a wall altogether.

  3. Miss Duff, my elementary school art teacher, told me I wasn’t artistic. It was my worst grade, so I decided she was right. Later, I did stained glass, and cool sewing projects, and I thought, “Hey, I can be artistic!” But if paintings need to look like something like your awesome ones do… Miss Duff might have been right. Duff! (Said like “Newman!” by Seinfeld)