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Give me a minute before we get to my regularly scheduled blog post to complain a bit.  It’s about fabric so bear with me.  Okay, so after multiple chats with my mom about blender fabric (lower volume, not quite as interesting to look at and matches with more things) I decided I needed to work on adding more blenders to my stash.  I’m fairly new to sewing and a SAHM (read: no more excess cash floating around) which means I need to be extra selective about what I spend my money on.  I decided to go with Cotton & Steel since I l love the vibe of most of their fabric (not Cookie Book though, yikes) and a have quite a lot of their more interesting, high intensity prints.  I have charm squares of all the Basics they carry so I sat down one afternoon to determine which fabrics would be most useful to add to my stash.  I came up with 15.  A few prints I knew I wanted to order full yards of since they would match the most fabrics in my stash, but most would be half yards.  I have two go-to online fabric sources: Hawthorne Threads and Fabric.com.  I tend to start off with Fabric.com simply because they offer free shipping on orders over $35 and if it’s the end of the bolt they send you the extra.  So I started off with Fabric.com.  Here’s what I found when I got there:

Fabric Dot Com

Say what????  Are you kidding me????  Almost $8 for a half yard????  Unless I really love a print or have specific plans for it, I tend to buy half yards.  It works for me and my bank account.  When did Fabric.com start charging extra for half yards?  Hey Fabric.com, I’ll be spending most of my money at Hawthorne Threads from now on.  Which is what I did.  I still had to buy a few things there simply because Hawthorne Threads didn’t have the stock but fortunately it worked out they were the pieces I wanted full yards in.  They still lost out on a decent sized order though and from now on will be my backup only plan and not my go-to.  Just thought I’d share in case any of you shop there and hadn’t noticed the change yet. 

Rant over.

Aaaaaaaand back to regularly scheduled programming:

This little blog of mine has been quite varied over the years.  Food.  Food Satire.  Photography.  Chickens.  Ducks.  DIY.  Sewing.  At my core I march to the beat of my own drum and a simple Sunday Stash report highlighting new fabrics I picked up that week is no different.

My first stash report I hung fabric on an electric fence (it was off – I checked first.)

Next up was Tula Pink on the woodpile (and the grass when the boy dropped the fabric.)

Today?  Today is more Tula Pink hanging off the side of the trailer.

Swarm Full RW

We have five acres here at the ol’ homestead and my goal is never to photograph my stash in the same location.  I think that’s doable.  It’ll make things more interesting for both of us.

Swarm Tall Skinny Enhanced RW

My husband randomly handed my a ten dollar bill and told me to buy some fabric.

Swarm Side to Side Enhanced RW

So I did.  A half yard of Tula Pink’s Swarm in Fern.  Plus a half yard of Lizzy House but I’m saving that for later.

Swarm from Above RW

I’m planning on picking up all four colorways in Swarm over the next month and I already have a plan for a simple yet potentially shocking mini art quilt.

Ok, it’s not that shocking (Mollie Sparkles, now he’s shocking), but I do think it will remind us all to think outside the box.

And one last shot of Swarm . . . and my pooch The Snoops coming over to check it out.  She says it’s yummy.

Swarm and the Dog RW

If you’re new here and want to read a few funny posts about The Snoops (who wouldn’t really) then check these out:

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The Snoops and her really really really bad hair accessory.

Excuse some of the cartoonized pictures.  That was my schtichk back in the day for a while.  Even so, you may guffah once or twice.

 As is my new norm, comments are closed.  Here’s why.  Thanks for understanding.  Really it just gives you more time to read Sunday Stash reports over at Mollie Sparkles.

– Joanna

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