Happy Father’s Day!

Around here that means an excuse for chicken art.  Oh who am I kidding, every day is an excuse for chicken art.

It’s no secret that my husband loves his chickens.  It may be a secret that I pinned a crap ton of chicken art projects for kids on one of my secret Pinterest boards.  Secret in case my husband would happen to see them.  Not that he would because he didn’t actually follow me on Pinterest till he left his account up on my laptop and I made him follow me.

But I’ve segued.


Wait, no, it’s supposed to be about Fathers today.

Whatever.  Here’s what the kids and I put together for dada for his day (please ignore the slightly creepy eyes.)

Chickens Border RW MB Ttitle

Here’s the haps if you want to make your own someday and really, who wouldn’t?

The boy watercolored a pretty pretty background for the art which I was almost sad to cover up.  It’s cool, no?

Art FD

Yes, it’s cool.

Then I traced one of each of the kids hand onto a folder piece of construction paper and cut it out, making two “wings” (one of which the toddler pushed into some wet paint so it’s watercolored as well.  I like it.  It’s artsy.)

Cut out two egg shapes.

Glued the wings behind the eggs to make the chickens.

Glued the chickens onto the watercolor art.

Cut out legs and beaks and glued them on too.

A marker dipped in brown paint and a pencil dipped in white made the eyes.

Then I pressed the kids thumbs into paint then onto the paper to make little eggs.

While we’re discussing Father’s Day can I just throw out something that really annoys me about these holidays?  It’s all the PC folk who wish men who want to be fathers Happy Father’s Day and single moms Happy Father’s Day.  I’d like to be an astronaut but nobody wishes me Happy Astronauts Day on Astronaut Day.  And single moms . . . you have Mother’s Day.  We all get how hard you work and nobody is saying you don’t, but you already have a day.  Mother’s Day.

Rant over.

Happy Father’s Day to you all!  Unless you aren’t a father.  Then just Happy Sunday.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  What are you having for dinner tonight?


My mom has a chemistry degree and has worked part time as a lab technician pretty much since I can remember.  The job she worked at for most of my school years had a few family perks we always really enjoyed.

Once a year they rented out some huge venue and threw a giant summer party.  Places like water parks and small theme parks.  When I was older my mom would often just give the tickets to me or my sister and we would grab a few friends and go by ourselves.

Good (and more importantly free) times!

Here’s a fun caricature that was done of me at one of these bashes.

photo (9) PM RW

It’s dated 1988 so I was in grade school.  Apparently I liked to draw back then or at least that’s what I told the artist when he asked me what I liked to do.

And yup, I still have this caricature.  It’s not displayed or anything, but stored safely away in a tupperware bin in the closet.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  Do you have a box of fun and random childhood memorabilia?  

In an effort to keep the blog interesting in the initial months after the new babe is born, I just finished (it’s January 27th right now for me in case you were wondering) prescheduling Throwback Thursday posts from the beginning of April all the way though the end of July.  I’ve decided to take a little break from that and start prescheduling Random Picture of the Day posts.  I’ve dug out and edited a TON of pictures for this series so I have a lot of material to work with here.  I have a folder of single pictures and folders full of groups of pictures so my plan is to start posting the single pictures on Saturdays for a while.  Potentially a long while . . . like I said, I have a lot.  I know that I’m always Jonesing for a blog fix on the weekends (most bloggers these days are fairweather weekday friends it seems) so I think quicky Saturday posts might be a nice change.  Don’t expect too much text on these days, just a pic I found fun or interesting with a sentence or a paragraph or two of explanation.

The longer picture series I will save for weekdays, but I haven’t decided what day I will post those on yet.

I’m leaving Mondays wide open for sure since I hope to be able to at least pop in once a week with fresh content.  I remember Sweetey Petey was a crappy sleeper when he was born, but hopefully the new little one will NOT take after her big brother.  Fingers crossed.

For today’s fun and interesting picture I present to you a collage of ties!  Yes, men’s ties.

Ties RW

At my last job, one of my coworkers had a friend bring him ginormous bags of brand new ties.  I think she was some sort of tie rep, but I don’t recall the specifics.  Naturally, my co-worker shared the wealth.  All the men wore ties at my job so this was a pretty sweet windfall for the boys.  I picked out ties for my friends working at other locations that day or who were off.  I also grabbed some in specific color themes or patterns with lofty goals of sewing projects.  I still have those goals and tons of ideas, I just haven’t implemented any of them yet.  I let my husband pick out what he wanted, and sent a few to Supermom’s husband and a few to my Dad.  I took snapshots of the rest of the ties I brought home and e-mailed them to my Brother-in-Law, who also wears ties quite often.  He picked out what he liked and I saved the rest for projects.

I turned my tie pictures into a collage because I love the color and pattern.  And now I have more ideas swimming around in my head for tie inspired quilts and tie inspired wall art.

– Joanna

Question of the Day – How often does your man wear ties, or if you are a man, how often do you wear ties?  How often do you update your tie collection?

That title is misleading.  This isn’t a post about paint by numbers although it is a post with numbers on paintings.

Way back on that one random picture of the day post I implored you to pick which pair of shoes was mine (I’m riveting these days I know) and even offered “bonus points” to the winner.  Bonus points.  I’m like skee-ball giving you a hundred more tickets and a free rubber bracelet.

Woot.  Woot.

Anyway, Mavis was the first person to correctly pick out my cowboy boots and when I offered her some original Petey artwork as a prize . . . get this . . . she accepted.  Crazy.  This world is crazy that a random internet reader would actually want my kids’ artwork!!!!

Okay not so crazy considering I’ve known Mavis since first grade and she works at the same company as my mom and they chat sometimes.

I decided to use this opportunity to eek out another blog post so I don’t completely neglect the place in my newborn sleep deprived state.  Sleep deprivation is a serious thing people and not to be underestimated.

Petey has painted several masterpieces lately and I thought it would be nice to let Mavis choose which one she wanted.  I mean, it needs to match her decor, whatever that may be.  I don’t even know where she plans on displaying it.  Will she have it professionally framed with masterpiece glass to hang in the formal dining room?  Will it be displayed on the fridge?  Will it line her sock drawer?  In that case she would need to pick a piece that coordinates with her socks.

So here are Mavis’s choices.

A washable Crayola paint masterpiece illustrating that when you mix colors together, no matter which ones, you get brown.  Always brown.

P Paint 1 number

Another Crayloa paint piece . . .  I think it’s a guinea pig with wings eating a snack. Oh and he’s wearing blue shoes on his hind paws.  And he has a pink eye.

P Paint 2 number

Do you see it now?

P Paint 2 title

Here we have Petey’s watercolor phase . . . entitled “Mama Still Hasn’t Found Where That Teal Color Dripped on the Floor.”

P Paint 4 number

And another depicting some lovely color gradients.

P Paint 3 number

In the interest of full disclosure, this last piece wasn’t all painted by Sweetey Petey.  He said “mama paint” and handed me a paint brush.  So I helped.  Here’s the part I did.

P Paint 3 circled

And just in case Mavis has realized she made a grave mistake and really doesn’t want Petey’s artwork, she can also pick one of mine titled “Using Up The Paint So I Don’t Have To Wash It Down The Sink aka Why Does The Toddler Get To Have All The Fun?”.  The Husband thinks it easily looks like a six year old could have painted it.  So there’s that.

Jo Paint 1 number

Sooooooo Mavis . . . which one is it going to be??

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  Which one would you pick?  What’s your favorite?  Tell me you see the guinea pig.

I don’t want to brag, but my kid is an artistic genius.  Genius I say.  G.E.N.I.U.S.


We’ve had lots of snowy, Chilly Willy the Penguin weather in the Midwest and pregnancy has been getting the best of me lately so The Pete has been indoors more than I’d like.  Playing, trashing the house, unfolding the folded laundry, reading lots of books and doing art projects.  I have a plan for an alphabet and gallery wall over his toy area in the family room and some of his art will be framed and hung there.  This piece included.  I love it.  He really is a genius.

I’m currently working on a few blog posts that should be up next week, such as a book review and my niece’s birthday party recap.  I’ve also spent a chunk of time digging through pictures on the external hard drive to keep up these random picture of the day posts.  I’d like to schedule a few weeks here and there of past motorcycle vacations too.  These will be photobomb weeks with a smattering of commentary that, hopefully, The Husband will contribute to as well.  We’ve had some nice trips over the years.

I’m working hard to make sure you all stay entertained, or at least mildly amused, when this baby arrives and starts gobbling up my blogging free time.

Chat at ya soon!

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  If you have kids, how much of their art and crafts do you keep?  I keep it ALL.  Petey is only two so right now a modest plastic bin contains it all.  We’ll see how I feel when he’s ten . . .

I have a fun little project to share with you today!  A straight up, seriously fun and easy art and photography project.  That’s right people . . . no snark.  What is this world coming to?

It’s an inexpensive way to transfer black and white photographs to canvas without the high cost of paying someone to do it for you.  Plus, you get the added bonus of creating something handmade which in my book is always preferable to store bought.


First off you need a few supplies:

8×10 Canvas (I can find a two pack at the craft store for $5 or less but this isn’t too much more
if you don’t want to make the trip)

Liquitex Professional Gloss Heavy Gel (like this one)

A brush

8×10 Laser print or copy of a photograph in black and white

Here’s the haps:

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a Snaptacular Weekend post and I have some . . . interesting . . . I-Phone shots from our Labor Day weekend so I thought I’d give the series another go.

Right then.  Let’s start how every day starts.  With breakfast.  I ordered a vegetarian omelet.  I assumed the vegetarian omelet would include things like tomato, onion, cheese, green peppers and mushrooms.  I did not imagine it would be a thin crepe like egg substance stuffed with a frozen bag of veggies that included broccoli, carrots, red peppers, water chestnuts and mushrooms.  I guess at least I got the mushrooms I had been expecting.  Fortunately my side of grits saved breakfast.  Note to self: always ask for clarification on vague menu descriptions. Always.

1213 RW

After breakfast came shopping.

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You heard me right.

I painted a picture . . .

photo (2) RW

. . . and closed down the Ice Cream Shop.

photo (14) RW

Okay that was a crappy bad lighting I-Phone snap, but my salted caramel ice cream with both peanut butter and hot fudge topping was a-freaking-mazing.  Trust me.  I know ice cream and I only spring for the good stuff.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Supermom invited me out to one of those gigs where a group of ladies (and the one brave guy that showed up) all get together in an artist studio and drink wine while an instructor teaches how to paint a pretty pretty picture.

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Let’s just settle this once and for all.

The Husband and I have been disagreeing for YEARS over this silk painting.

So I ask you . . . are the manatees humping?

Manatees 1

– Joanna

The Husband has been nagging me to hang pictures on our walls for months.  Unfortunately for him I prefer only to hang pictures in finished rooms with freshly painted walls and a plan.  It took me five years to finish the last house so clearly I’m not quite there at this house yet.

If you’re wondering why The Husband doesn’t just hang the pictures himself . . . he’s not allowed.  

I’m a royal pain when it comes to pictures.  They have to be hung just so.  We’re talking perfectly centered and level and hung with the center at exactly 35 inches down from the ceiling.  Unless there is large piece of furniture to consider, like a couch or a bed, this is how it’s done.  I even have a little drawing that illustrates simply how to find the exact place to nail that picture hanger in the wall.

If I’m using Command Adhesive, instead of nails or screws, painters tape is involved to find the perfect spot as well as a little basic math.

So it’s a process.

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