I’ve drug this on far too long.  It was a half a day at the aquarium after all not a week long vacation in the Caribbean scuba diving with actual aquatic wildlife.  This is also way too much posting for me in a week.  The new babe doesn’t sleep well enough for this yet.  Big thanks to Aly of Fudging Ahead for keeping me virtual company in the wee hours of the morning though.  My best parenting advice is to find a friend in a different time zone so they are up when you are up 😉

If you missed my previous posts on this riveting adventure, Part One can be found here and Part Two can be found here.  Part Two has the best pictures.

After the fam and I went through the first time, Phase One, we walked around town a bit.

To the river.

DSC_0885 enh RW

 Back up from the river (the boy loves steps by the way – perhaps a stair master for his birthday?)

DSC_0895 RW

River view.

DSC_0907 enh RW

I managed to find some fish even outside the aquarium.  This fellow in front of a restaurant.

DSC_0919 enh RW

And this fellow . . . I forget where.  Light post?  Garden bed?  It escapes me.  He’s an ominous, threatening fellow.  As if silently warning me there were no fish sticks at the aquarium.

Hi I’m Joanna and I apparently beat dead horses fish.

DSC_0933 enh RW

Balls.  Big ones.  Heh.

DSC_0954 enh RW

Walked up and down more stairs.

DSC_0932 enh RW

Looked at stuff.  Waiting for my sister and her family.

DSC_0951 enh RW

Phase Two!!!

They finally arrived and we supped on fancy schmancy grilled cheese sandwiches!

Donut 1 RW

I went for dessert grilled cheese, trying a grilled cheese donut.  It had fresh strawberries, candied lemon peel and mascarpone cheese.   My sister had to cut it up for me so I could eat while holding the babe.  Thanks Em!  And yes, that is my DSLR in the background while I snapped these photos with my I-Phone.  Again, only one hand people, only one hand.

Donut 2 RW

I saved The Husband and The Pete one bite each.  I’m nice that way.  It was fab by the way.  Totally worth the time it took to jog it back off later.

Donut 3 RW

After lunch The Husband and I switched kids!  He Ergo-ed up the baby and I wrangled the wild, wiggly, over tired toddler. Maybe that’s actually how I worked off the donut??  Still, it was nice to get a different perspective the second time through. Before, I had the luxury of snapping pictures.  Not super easy with a baby strapped to me, but since she was sleeping it was way easier than taking pictures while also running after Petey.  No amount of shutter speed can compensate for that action.  This time though I was able to enjoy Petey enjoying the aquarium.  And enjoy it he did . . . at breakneck, run around in circles speed.

I don’t have too many pictures I can share from Phase Two actually.  You all know I don’t go super crazy posting pictures of the kids on my blog.  So while I did pull out my Nikon for round two in Turtle Canyon and snapped some great pics of the kids you’ll have to find me personally on Facebook to see them.

Here’s a nice one of my niece from behind though.  Don’t you just want her hair???  I do.

DSC_0012 RW


And my nephew . . . also running around like a mad banshee.  We’ve all decided he and Sweetey Petey will never be allowed in the same room alone together as they would most certainly get into trouble.

DSC_0983 RW

That’s all I’ve got for this trip.  Have a great weekend everybody!

– Joanna

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Question of the Day:  What are your weekend plans?  Anything exciting on tap?


Doughnuts I made from Edible Ash’s new doughnut cookbook.



– Joanna

Question of the Day:  What’s your favorite kind of doughnut?  I’m a fan of chocolate glazed boston cream filled.

So where did we leave off on Monday? Oh right . . . a muffin recipe or the Husband eating Lamb’s Quarters aka a weed growing in the back yard. Well, since no one weighed in I am picking the muffins. Don’t fret my pets, the Husband will still tell you all about his foraging adventure. I just don’t know when that will be. Feel free to bug him about it as I’ve already edited, resized and watermarked the pictures.

As much as I loved the donuts that tasted like muffins, I actually prefer muffins that taste like muffins.

Here’s the reasons:

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Thanks to all those who voted last week in The Midwestern Bite Choose Your Own Adventure.

The results are in and it was a close one. Not really, the donuts won by a donutslide.

No matter how hard I try to fight donuts, they always win. I mean, I was kinda looking forward to reliving a nice vacation. And those bird pictures always make me smile. And I wanted to share the Key Lime Study because I think the pictures came out pretty great. Of course there was no recipe because low sugar, Paleo friendly Key Lime recipes are awful so you all saw through me there.

So here we are at the donuts. The donuts that always win.

I’m going to tell you a little story. A story which I’d like to preface by saying that I truly love all characters involved. These are some of my favorite memories and I wouldn’t have things any other way.

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Let’s list the things we now know about me:

I mow the yard.

I am a sucker for poodles with bad hairdo’s.

I am the worst food blogger ever (ok, just that one time).

I am ungrateful (again, just that one time).

I’m a Foodie Pen Pal. Twice.

I like bunnies.

I like goats.

I don’t like kale.

I like to tease the in-laws (don’t make me link to this, there’s just too many).

I like Cake and Johhny Cash and Jim Croce.

Wow. That’s some deep stuff.

Did you know I like to read? As a kid I read alllll theeeee timeeeee. My favorite wasn’t Nancy Drew. It wasn’t The Hardy Boys.

It was The Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Super Mysteries!!

I also kinda liked those choose your own adventure books. You know the ones. You have a few options on where you’d like the book to go next. In that same spirit, I’d like to present The Midwestern Bite Choose Your Own Adventure!!

 You get to pick what you want to see here on the ol’ blog next week:

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