Occasionally I come across a cooking tip that’s too awesome not to share.

Garlic Chicken RW

Roasting a small bird for dinner?

Don’t want to pull out the big roasting pan and rack?

Love roasted garlic?

Love roasted garlic so much you could eat it by the spoonful?

Then this tip is for you!

Instead of propping your bird up on a fancy schmancy rack that you’d just have to wash later anyway, prop your bird up on a few heads of garlic with the tops chopped off.  It’ll get your bird up off the bottom of the pan for more even cooking, provide aromatics to help flavor your bird and BONUS you’ll have heads of roasted garlic for dinner or just for snacking.  It’s genius.  Pure genius.

For this bird I used four heads of garlic.  I stuffed the cavity with fresh basil from the garden plus a cut orange (I was out of lemons).  I brushed the bird with melted butter and sprinkled with salt and pepper.  Roasted for an hour at 375 degrees, then flipped the bird over and doused with more butter and seasoning.  Baked for another hour.

So simple and so tasty. From this one quick and easy recipe I got ALL of the following:

1) A four pound chicken to eat for dinner

2) The most delicious butter sauce for drizzling or making into gravy

3) Roasted garlic

4) A chicken carcass for stock made in the crockpot

So go forth and roast some chicken and garlic my internet friends, roast away.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  What are your favorite roasted chicken seasonings?

First off, let me just say HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Unless you’re in Canada where Thanksgiving was well over a month ago.


Since I consider myself a Food Satire Blogger I’d like to do things a little differently around here today.  Most food bloggers will be showing you beautifully staged photos of what they ate or will be eating (ok I did that but just that one time and it wasn’t staged very well so it barely counts) or giving you a link to their Thanksgiving Day Pinterest board or will tell you all the things they are thankful for or will have spent the last month detailing recipe after recipe for you to duplicate on the big day.

I’d like instead to share how we already did the big day.  Yes, we already had Thanksgiving.  It was last Saturday because my Brother-in-Law has to work Thursday night.  It seems Black Friday has become Black Thanksgiving and no that doesn’t just mean a burned turkey.

Stop shopping for DVD players on Thanksgiving day people.  Just stop. I would be very thankful for that.

So here’s how we did Thanksgiving.  And by “did” I mean really did as in past tense as in the food has been eaten already.  Here we go.

We had turkey.  It was apparently from Trader Joe’s of which my mother seemed immensely proud.  She was less proud of the fact she accidentally left the baggie of giblets in the cavity of the turkey.  No, no, I take that back, she didn’t seem unproud of that.

DSC_0101 RW

Speaking of turkey here’s what was left in the bottom of the roaster.  We aren’t a make gravy from the drippings kind of family.  We’re a open a jar of gravy kind of family.  Simple but oh so tasty.

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If you are here to find out the results of my last Foodie Pen Pals post LIKE I PROMISED, I stink and it’s not here.  The Father-in-Law sent me a surprise post yesterday and I decided it was too good not to publish right away.  I will share the results of my nutty spiced chicken with chocolate BBQ sauce over coconuty pineapply rice this week yet . . . probably after you have all stopped caring.  This post is better anyway.  You’re welcome.  So, please enjoy a guest post by the Father-in-Law entitled “The Way We Were” . . .  the story is all him, but the pictures and snippets underneath are all me of course.

– Joanna

Here I am again dear readers, my third attempt at a post worthy of Joanna’s blog.  Since this is a foodie blog, my first post kinda sorta was on topic.  My second caught me in a senior moment mood, lamenting how the general public could improve things if they were only more normal – like me?

Yes, this picture is “normal” for the Father-in-Law.  I’ll have to explain later.

Since this one is entitled “The Way We Were”, you’re probably hoping that I don’t have an audio clip included harmonizing with Barbara Streisand singing her famous song of the same name.  Fear not, I’m now in a nostalgic mood wishing for a simpler, less corporate time, with a bit of reminiscing about a local eatery that’s no longer in business.

See, it’s skirting the food theme again!

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