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Another top I pieced together eons ago.  It was my third top I believe.  Maybe my fourth.

Tetris on the Pine Logs Top RW

I finished quilting it April-ish I’d say.

Tetris on the Pine Logs RW

To be perfectly honest, this quilt looks WAY better in the pictures than it does in person.

Tetris on the Fence Full RW

I made it for a friend who was due with her fourth baby!  Just the other day she passed my house running with two kids on bikes and pushing two kids in the jogging stroller.  She’s pretty much Supermom.

Tertris on the Fence with Back RW

It’s a tetris pattern pieced with flannel squares.  Some parts look GREAT!

Tetris Close Up Good RW

Other parts?  Not so great.

Tetris Close Up Bad RW

I made this quilt before I knew I had to nest my seams.  Before I realized how stretchy flannel is.  Before I bought a 1/4 inch piecing foot.  My mom says this foot is like training wheels on a bike and I will want to take it off eventually.  No.  You can pry it from my cold dead hands.    

My other mistake?  I made a flannel baby quilt for a late spring baby.  Yup.  It gets hot in the Midwest.  What was I thinking???  Oh well.  90% of the use of baby quilts in the beginning is to lay on the floor for the baby to lounge on TOP of so I think it all worked out okay.

Still.  This quilt holds a special place in my heart and I can’t exactly pin down the reason.

Thanks for stopping by.

– Joanna

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Hi there.  Welcome.

So my three and a half year old son asked for an apron and a chef’s hat the other day.  I’m so happy I’ve found sewing and that I’m now the kind of mom that can just whip up his request in an afternoon.

Fox Apron 1 RW

Okay, okay, I cannot tell a lie . . . two afternoons.  I didn’t make the chef’s hat till the next day.

Chef Hat RW 

My friend Beth told me she shared the pic I sent her with her husband and was incredulous such a thing could be done!  I’ve been there, Beth, I’ve been there.  Less than a year ago, in fact, I was right there with ya.  I still have a lot to learn but I finally know my way around a sewing machine enough to complete this project with ease.

I used this tutorial for the apron, but I shrunk it down a bit.  This is the tutorial for the matching hat.

Fox Apron 2 RW

Yes, it’s a bit wrinkled.

It’s been played in already.

The backing fabric and straps are from JoAnn fabrics.  The foxes are the Fox and The Houndstooth by Andie Hanna for Robert Kaufman.  The woodgrain fabric is a Riley Blake.  The grey pocket is a Kona solid, I have no clue which one.  I used fabrics completely from my stash for this project.

Because it seems wrong not to show you a picture of this ensemble in action, here’s my boy and his new threads.

Fox Apron 3 RW

Yeah, I did put it on his back.  I don’t plaster the internet with pictures of my kids.  I think they’ll appreciate that someday, don’t you?

Don’t answer that.

– Joanna

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That post title is misleading.  Baby Charwee isn’t a baby anymore.  She’s 15 months old.  And when I say bibs, I’m not talking tiny little cutesy baby spit up bibs.  I’m talking big ol’ honking protect her shirt as she shovels food into her mouth at an alarming rate bibs.

Bib 1 RW

I made four bibs out of flannel I had in my stash.  I had found the heart fabric super cheap on JoAnn’s remnant rack.  The hearts are all going different directions as I wanted to use up as much of this piece of fabric as I could.

Bib 3 RW

The dot fabric was another previous find at JoAnn’s, but these were a fat quarter pack.  One fat quarter is the perfect size for a bib!  Each bib is reversible and just as pretty on the back as the front.

Bib 2 RW

I’ve only ever sewn with cheap flannel from Joann’s and I’ve often wondered how the designer flannel differs.  I plan on finding out someday, but bibs that get food smashed into them on a daily basis aren’t going to be the way.  Cheap-o fabric will do just fine here.  It’s probably not going to be too long before Baby Charwee rips off bibs and refuses to wear them anyway.

The reason I made four new bibs is I finally decided it was time to retire some of the old ones.  Not only had they gone though my son who will be four this fall, but quite a few of them were hand-me downs to boot.  And some?  Well, they just weren’t appropriate for a girl.

Bib 4 RW

My husband got a chuckle every time I put this bib on our daughter and insists we are keeping it because it’s funny.  This bib was my nephews, who is going to be seven this month.  Sorry honey, it’s time for it to GO.

I had another fat quarter pack of the flannel dots which I turned into a baby quilt for a friend.  Here’s a sneak peek.

Tetris Close Up Good RW

See ya later alligator!  If I had comments enabled (here’s why I don’t) I would expect all of you to respond with “after while crocodile.”

– Joanna

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I’ve made decent progress on the Rainbow Bed Runner.  Not so decent progress on painting my kitchen though.  Oh well.

First up, I fixed the snag with a little Heat ‘n Bond and a scrap of Moda Grunge fabric.

Snag Repair RW

I roughly trimmed up the top.

Then I laid out the backing fabric.  So pretty.  Cut it down to size.

Backing RW

Cut a piece of batting.

Cutting Down RW

Here’s what I used.

Batting RW

Ironed the top and the back and the batting (yeah, I iron the batting).  This is my least favorite part. I hate ironing.  And it’s the worst in quilting because you aren’t even supposed to iron, you’re supposed to “press” . . . ironing is torture enough, but then you can’t even move the iron side to side to speed things up?  Ugh.  Double ugh.

Iron RW

Basted.  On the carpet.  Then had to take it all apart and baste again on the dining room table.  I know you need a hard surface or you get puckers, but I was lazy.  So I had to do it twice.  Lesson learned, self.  Lesson learned.

I used 505 Spray and Fix and then a few pins.

Basting RW


Quilting RW

Quilted some more.  I used a variegated thread from Superior Threads.  It was a thicker weight than I’m used to.  I’ll try to get a better shot of the thread when it’s all done and I take this puppy out on a proper photo shoot.

Quilting 2 RW

Trimmed everything down to 21 x 78.5 inches.  Towards the ends the top had more of a bow to it than I had originally noticed.  Not terrible for the second top I ever pieced together though.

Bowed RW

Pretty, pretty back.  This fabric was the right choice.  For sure.

Quilting Back RW

The next time you see this bed runner in a post, it’ll be bound and photographed.  Probably up in a tree.

But will my kitchen be painted?  Probably not.

As is my new norm, comments are closed.  Here’s why.  Thanks for understanding.

– Joanna

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It’s interesting to me that in the quilting world a “finish” can mean many things.  I finished cutting up fabric.  I finished piecing the top.  I finished quilting but I still need to bind.  I actually finished the whole quilt and caboodle.

A pieced top is called a flimsy.  So technically today’s share is not only a WIP (work in progress) but also a flimsy finish.  That does present a problem for me as to where to link up this post.  Do I link it up with a work in progress link?  Or a finish link?  Not both, because I am just not that much of a risk taker.  Go ahead and insert laughter here.  Or at least a chuckle.  A harrumpf maybe?

Since I pieced this top a gazillion years ago (okay maybe one and a half . . . two tops) I’m going with work in progress.  Because it has suddenly bugged me that it’s not actually finished.

Bench RW

Also my husband recently commented that for all the fabric I buy, I don’t have much to show for it.  That’s the problem with quilters – one, they tend to give things away and two, they tend to have a bazillion works in progress.  And when you’ve been focused on quilting for a mere six months like me (plus have two small kids in tow) . . . well, you don’t have much around the house to stare at.

So I’m working on this so we have something stare at.  Because it’s a bed runner.  And they really aren’t useful other than to stare at.  Unfortunately I have this bed runner ear marked for the guest room.  A room in which my husband never ever enters.  So really, he still isn’t going to have anything to stare at when I’m done.

This fabric was purchased as a jelly roll strip from JoAnn’s (back before I became a total designer fabric snob.)  My intent simply was to learn to sew in a straight line.  It was the second top I’ve ever sewn together.  I had no clue I was supposed to be sewing a quarter inch seam allowance or that maybe I should have cut the selvage edge off first (meh, I can do that later so no bigs really.)

Back RW

There’s also a snag, which I knew about before sewing, but as this was a precut roll and I had a color pattern in mind I decided to leave it be and deal with it later.  I’ll just iron some sort of stabilizer to the back and it’ll be fine, especially with the amount of use it’ll be getting.

Snag RW

It’s cheap fabric.  And rainbows are a bit overdone in the quilt world.  But I think it’s pretty.  And the lines really are pretty straight.  Well before I discovered the quarter inch seam presser foot too.

In a Tree RW

If you are new here I should warn you I put things in trees to photograph.

Falling Off RW

Then they tend to fall off.

This is less annoying with fabric than cookies though.

But really annoying in the snow.


Rail RW

I’m hoping to work on quilting this soon.  I’ve already picked up the backing fabric – a super cool large scale print called Big City that’s going to be perfect!  I might even like the back better so I may be flipping the bed runner over on occasion to mix things up.

Rebel.  Me.

I’m working on prepping and painting my kitchen and dining room right now, but hopefully I can get this project quilted and bound in the next few weeks.  Then I’d like to focus on a paper pieced block of the month wall hanging that I’m a month and three quarters behind on.  Oh and I have a half square triangle baby quilt to finish up as well and a toddler bed plus quilt and a modern disappearing nine patch.  But what do I mean by finish?  You’ll just have to wait and find out on that one.

Oh, the drama here at Midwestern Bite.

As is my new norm, comments are closed.  Here’s why.  Thanks for understanding.

– Joanna

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