Back on Wednesday when I was jabbering on about raspberries,

I mentioned I would be back on Monday to talk about Raspberry Chocolate Pecan Almond Flour Thingamajigers.  Right then, so here I am, true to my word.

You may be wondering why  I call them Thingamajigers.  What are they exactly?  A cookie?

A muffin?

Neither?  Both?  I considered going the cutesy route and combining names, like Brangelina or TomKat.  Okay, maybe TomKat’s a bad example because like Tom and Jerry, they just weren’t meant to be together.  The only cookie muffin combination I could come up with, however, was “coffin” and that just doesn’t sound yummy in a baked good.

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What is wrong with the word moist?

Time and time again. Over and over again I read food bloggers complain about the word moist. So I ask you, what is wrong with the word moist?


Let’s review the definition of the word moist:

  • slightly or moderately wet
  • tearful
  • characterized by high humidity


Allrighty then. So I made some muffins the other day and called them moist.

Which they were. They were slightly wet and just a little tearful as I almost cried when they were all gone ’cause I was also out of almond flour and unable to make more. (Note to self: order almond flour.) The high humidity part doesn’t fit, but whatever. Recess can mean a break from class or a hole in the wall, but we all still liked playing four square just the same.

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So where did we leave off on Monday? Oh right . . . a muffin recipe or the Husband eating Lamb’s Quarters aka a weed growing in the back yard. Well, since no one weighed in I am picking the muffins. Don’t fret my pets, the Husband will still tell you all about his foraging adventure. I just don’t know when that will be. Feel free to bug him about it as I’ve already edited, resized and watermarked the pictures.

As much as I loved the donuts that tasted like muffins, I actually prefer muffins that taste like muffins.

Here’s the reasons:

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