Happy May.  Thanks for stopping back in to catch up on the rest of yesterday’s Foodie Pen Pals post.

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In case you missed it, yesterday was technically reveal day.  Normally I would share with you what my Foodie Pen Pal sent me, what I did with it and how.  I always turn the entire box into a foodie creation, Chopped style.  I managed to get the first two knocked out but time escaped me and I signed off before I could share the how.

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I’m leaving behind the snark today to talk seriously about something very important.


More specifically, fudge.

Peppermint Smores Fudge.

And plain fudge.  Plain fudge is pretty awesome too.  As I say all the time, I am not a chef, so I cannot claim any credit for this fudge recipe.  You can thank Aly over at Fudging Ahead for finding inspiration in her Better Homes and Gardens cookbook and sharing.

I found this recipe on accident when I decided I needed to see where Aly’s blog began.

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