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I hate to call this a recipe.  It’s more like a way of life.

While we strive to eat mostly fresh foods, processed foods creep in.  I have a toddler whose favorite hobby is holding onto Mama’s legs and squealing while I’m trying to make dinner.  Processed foods are inevitable.  Cereal.  Crackers.  Have you tried Blue Diamond Nut Thins?  I’m addicted to the Smokehouse flavor.  Wholly Guacamole.  This isn’t super processed but it’s still prepackaged so let’s throw it onto the list.  Mac ‘n Cheese.

Ahhhh Mac ‘n Cheese.

The stuff of toddler dreams.

I usually buy Annie’s Natural Mac ‘n Cheese.  Mostly because the ingredients list isn’t bad at all and it goes on sale for a buck a box pretty often.  But even though I buy it from the organic aisle I still scoff a little at the sodium content.

We’re supposed to be decreasing our sodium intake people.  It’s a thing.  We’re all just supposed to do it.

How do I get around this in a box of processed food then?  Simple.

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Last month around this time I was pining away for a Foodie Pen Pals box that hadn’t shown up yet.  Hoping to do what I do best which is create a recipe from a random box of goodies.  Well, my friends, it showed up.  Two weeks later, more than three weeks after it was sent, completely open and looking like (according to the postal worker) it had been around the block a few times.

Like I said last month, people are such variables.  In this case it was the post office who had no reasonable explanation for the box’s condition and tardiness.

It is what it is.  I haven’t done anything with that box yet (other than munch on some fruit snacks and test out a tasty seasoning mix) so I’m actually not here to talk about it.

Technically I’m not even here today to talk about Foodie Pen Pals.  At least not the official Foodie Pen Pals hosted by the ever fabulous Lean Green Bean.  I plan on hopping back on that bandwagon next month, but this month an opportunity presented itself that I just couldn’t turn down.  The opportunity to pick my own Foodie Pen Pal.

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