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Sooooo . . . the riding mower died.  Like cranking, clanking, smoke billowing, oil bellowing dead.  What we thought was a simple $300 fix has turned, most likely, into a whole new engine instead.  We’re still waiting to hear back from the mower repair guy.  The second mower repair guy.  The first mower repair guy gave up completely after three weeks.

The moral of this story is we really need a new riding mower, a brand spanking new one with a big ol’ fat warranty.  So . . . no more fabric shopping.  I can probably squeeze in ten bucks twice a month at the LQS but anything more is strictly forbidden by the budget.  The budget has put its foot down people.  To help cover the cost of the new mower, I’m also selling my 20 year old Jeep.  To those who know me, this news will probably come as quite a shock.  I was pretty sure I’d have to be buried with that car.  But it is what it is and we all make sacrifices for our family.  It does feel good to be able to contribute some way financially.  As a SAHM I don’t often have that opportunity.

The point I’m actually trying to make here is that my gluttonous online fabric order of 20 different prints and 4 Cotton & Steel charm packs squeaked in juuuuuuust before the bad news on the mower officially broke. Wahoo!!!  That’s not what The Husband said by the way.  What he said was “Is there still time to cancel the orders?”

It also means I need to drag out Sunday Stash reports as long as possible amiright?  I’m right.  There’s like 20 new fabrics to showcase and I like to do things right so it’ll take me a few weeks to get things photographed.  Today I’m highlighting just one yard of one fabric because the pictures are just too perfect to get lost amid a sea of Cotton & Steel basics (which was the reason for the online order in the first place.)

Is it just me, or is this post ridiculously long for sharing about one measly yard of fabric?

Without further whining . . . meet the newest addition to my stash . . . BIOLOGY by Sarah Watson.

Biology and the Berry 1 RW

Oh hey.

What’s that?  There, on that super cool fabric panel?

Yes, people, that is in fact biology at work (or rather Botany I suppose) . . . on my new Biology.

That is one crazy looking strawberry people.

Biology and the Berry 2 RW

I texted that picture to a few people and they all thought it was a clump of berries all together.

Biology and the Berry 4 RW

Nope.  There’s one normal strawberry hiding there at the top, but all the rest on this plant are weird alien looking berries.

Biology and the Berry 5 RW

Biology and the Berry 3 RW

Here’s the full panel.  I love it.  I think it’ll be either a quilt with a simple border around the outside or maybe a skirt for my daughter.  It’s so pretty.  I wish I had a bolt of it.  Darn you mower!

Biology Tall RW

Biology by HT

source: Hawthorne Threads

Here’s one more of the weird berry by itself.  For funsies.

Biology Berry RW

Thanks to Mollie Sparkles for hosting Sunday Stash so I have a reason to share these super awesome pictures.

– Joanna

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I added to my stash in a big way this week.  One trip to the LQS and orders from three separate on-line stores.  Yeah.  I was bad.  In my defense I only meant to order from one on-line store, but I had to go to three to get everything I wanted.  I’m defending myself a lot these days aren’t I?  I ran across a blogger recently who proudly insisted “never apologize for your stash”  . . . so perhaps I’ll only apologize to the bank account (and The Husband) and not to you all.

Today I’m only going to share pictures of the LQS purchase.  It’s meager compared to the on-line ones, but it’s what I had time to photograph this week.  Also, I need to find my bag of clothespins before I can photograph the online order how I’d like.  The online order is mostly Cotton & Steel with two clearance impulse buys, an Anna Maria Horner (my first), a Sarah Watson and a Tula Pink.

Here’s why I actually went to the LQS in the first place.

Botanics with the Virginia Creeper RW

I picked up a few quarter yards of Botanics by Carolyn Friedlander for my paper piecing block of the month project.  I needed the green for sure and went ahead and grabbed the gold and white in the same pattern as well.  I normally don’t prefer gold, but it looks great with the grey and white fabrics in this line.  It’s a good thing I splurged too because the newest block uses bigger pieces than I have in the 10″ layer cake I purchased.

This little guy hopped into my bag while I was there.

Bunnies in the Clover 1 RW

I couldn’t help bringing him home.  I.  Freaking.  Love.  Bunnies.  And we have plenty of clover in the yard for him to nibble on.

Bunnies in the Clover 2 RW

Mollie Sparkles is probably rolling his eyes at the gooey mushy turn this post has taken.

It’s a fat quarter of Michael Miller fabrics and that’s all the selvage tells me.

Bunnies in the Clover 3 RW

I’m thinking some fussy cutting for a paper pieced polaroid picture block.  I saw this done over at the Stash Bee blog and was intrigued.

As is my new norm, comments are closed.  Here’s why.  Thanks for understanding.

– Joanna

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Thanks to a $600 car repair and a $300 riding mower repair I’m not actually supposed to be buying fabric right now.  So here’s hoping The Husband doesn’t read this.  In my defense I used my cash stash.  In my other defense I didn’t just buy fabrics on a whim with no purpose other than to fold them up all pretty and stare at them.  Which is what I normally do.

I’m hoping, amid some house painting projects, to start working through my WIP pile (that’s Work In Progress for all you layfolk out there) so I feel justified in this weeks purchase.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Anyway, this week’s stash addition is a whopping 2.5 yards!  In the same print!  I’ve bought more than 2.5 yards at a time before but really, for some reason, it’s way more satisfying when it’s all in a row.  And not a solid.  Because solids are boring.

I picked up this fun Alexander Henry print called Big City.

big city in mint

Screen shot borrowed from Hawthorne Threads.

My plan for this print is the back of a bed runner I started many moons ago.  Back when I was still sewing on a borrowed 30 year old machine from my mother.  Back when my 14 month old daughter was still in my belly (or maybe before that even.)  Back when I still got excited to shop at JoAnn’s (gah – I’m a total fabric snob these days.)  Back when I had no idea a quarter inch seam allowance wasn’t actually a quarter inch.

The bed runner was made from chopping the pieces of a jelly roll (that’s 2.5 inch by 44 inch fabric strips in a collection for you layfolk out there) in half and sewing them together.  So it’s long.  And skinny.  The best part of Big City (besides the awesome large scale repeating pattern) is the mint green top and the magenta bottom.

Big City 2 RW

Big City 1 RW

Yes, these pictures are meant to be dark.

It was an artistic choice.

Plus it was 6:00 in the morning when I took them.  So…… yeah.

I made this text magenta.  To match.  Does that count for something?

I’m hoping to squeak out enough material for the binding from the mint and magenta.  So really I’ve saved The Husband money since I was planning on buying another 3/4 yards of a binding fabric.  And now I don’t have to.

You’re welcome honey.

Stop back in later for pictures of the WIP bed runner top.

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– Joanna