Well, it’s five o’clock in the morning in January and I’m sitting in bed writing you all this blog post.  While it’s not unusual for me to be up at five (I like my ME time and early morning is the only time I get it) it is unusual that I’m getting to blog in bed.  You see The Husband was up just before four to leave for a conference (his first extended stay away from Sweetey Petey I might add – let’s give the man some daddy points) and I had promised I would make him breakfast.  I might be a morning person, but The Husband definitely is not.  Making breakfast led to emptying the dishwasher which led to folding last nights laundry which led to a shower which led to me still being wide awake and needing something to do.  Hence the blogging in bed.

Can I just interrupt this exciting play by play to say I am really enjoying blogging in advance.  In a normal situation I would never ever admit The Husband was out of town.  And while I’m not the type of blogger interested in regurgitating my daily schedule for you all, for some reason writing these Throwback Thursday posts in advance like this has somehow felt like journaling.

So here I am, sitting in bed writing you all this blog post.  I chose a picture of Sadie (The Destroyer) for today’s topic since, as I’m sitting in bed writing you all this blog post, I’m listening to her stomach gurgle.  And gurgle.  And gurgle some more.

Sadie Pup PM RW

This pic was taken in the car, probably on the road to visiting the in-laws before Sweetey Petey came along as we board her when we travel these days.  She rode in the back but LOVED poking her head between the seats to see what was going on.  And often times she rested her head on Mike’s shoulder, which even I must admit, was pretty dang cute.

Sadie hasn’t been looking quite this happy these days.  It’s the stomach gurgling.  Over a month ago we went through a bout with her where she was throwing up every morning just before we all woke up (well, as we all woke up because you can’t sleep through that – yikes.)  Her stomach was gurgling and she was emitting bad smells, you know, from the rear end.  Lovely.  Just lovely.

After a few weeks of this she started refusing her food in the mornings.  Not eating is very un-Sadie like.  This dog will eat anything, whether it’s actually food or not.

Early one morning I finally had enough and did some googling.  Dr Veterinarian Google to the rescue.  A pet forum I landed on had an entire thread with dogs having this exact same problem.  According to tons of pet owners, it was very common and easily fixable.  Supposedly it was an acid build up in the stomach issue and a few corrective measures would solve the problem.  One, feed the dog a small snack right before bed so her stomach wouldn’t be empty.  Two, feed the dog a probiotic.  Easy peasy.

Sadie flat out refused the probiotic supplement, but did consent to a bite of food before bedtime.

Problem solved!

For about a week.  Then it all started up again.  I was tired.  The Husband was tired.  The Spot-Bot was tired.

Sadie typically has an iron stomach and calling the vet is not usually our first course of action.  She gets into things and causes trouble and if we called the vet at every stomach gurgle we’d have to take a second mortgage out on the house.

The not eating her food, however, had me concerned.  So I broke down and called the vet and explained the situation.  Her first response was, naturally, you need to bring Sadie in.  I politely and as compassionately as possible explained that we had just replaced our furnace and did not have room for a ginormous vet bill in the budget.

For a frame of reference, the carpet eating incident from years ago cost us close to $900 and was a complete waste of money (and pain for Sadie) because when the vet performed the surgery to remove the carpet strands they claimed to have seen in her intestines on the x-ray, they discovered Sadie had already upchucked it all and there was, in fact, NO CARPET LEFT TO REMOVE.  Fabulous.  So you can see our hesitation is based on years of expensive years with similar outcomes.

Our vet assured me that there would be no costly obligation and there was much she could tell from a simple and cheap office visit.  Fine.  Great.  I convinced Mike to take off work early, drive the half hour back home, pick up the dog and drive the half hour back to the vet which is, ironically, very close to his work.

$350 later we had a diagnosis of “sore tummy.”

Seriously.  “Sore tummy.”

Despite Mike’s protests over doing x-rays on an almost ten year old Labrador, they were done anyway.  He did manage to refuse the suggestion of a costly blood panel because she just had one at her last checkup which wasn’t even two months prior.

We were given (I mean sold of course) a carton of canned food and nausea pills, told to give them to her for three days and to try over the counter Pepcid if this happens again   Fine.  Great.  Gave her the soft food, gave her the nausea meds.  All was well until yesterday (my yesterday, not your yesterday) when Sadie refused her breakfast and started with the stomach gurgling again.  Did I mention she threw up?  She did.  Of course Mike was at work so that was fun for me.  Mike gave her the soft food for dinner last night and a Pepcid.

This morning?  This morning I’m sitting in bed writing you all this blog post and listening to Sadie’s stomach gurgle.

Sigh.  The Husband had better bring me back something good from this conference he’s attending and that’s all I have left to say about that.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  How far would you go for your pets?  Does their age make a difference to you?  I have a crazy wonderful animal loving friend who spent something like ten thousand dollars on medical treatments for her dog’s rare blood condition.  The dog lived another year and change (maybe close to two??) and my friend had to take a second job to pay off her credit card bills.  Was it worth it?  Where is your limit?

I’m still very much participating in Cinnamon at Eat Pray Tri’s Snap To It photography project.


This week’s tutorial is about terminology and acronyms and the assignment is very open ended.  Submit a picture inspired by one of the terms Cinnamon explains.  I’ve decided to go with a snap from a photo shoot I did with the neighbor dog Maggie recently.  She is quite wiggly so the pictures run the gambit from not too shabby to, well, shabby.  Out of focus because she doesn’t stand still for two seconds shabby.

Our neighbor is a retired gentleman who has complained to me before that he has few pictures of Maggie so I’ve made it my personal mission to get him some.

Here’s how this is going to work.  I’ll list the acronyms Cinnamon describes and match a picture of Maggie to each.  Some of these might be a bit of a stretch.  Like AI-Servo.  What the what?  Anyway.  You all then get to comment on which picture you like best and whichever one gets more votes I will submit as my official entry.  As for the title, my plan is to make the acronym stand for something other than what it’s supposed to.  Something funny of course.  Like B&W for Black and White might become Black and Wiggly.  Because Maggie is a Black Lab.  And Wiggly.

I’ll make it funnier than that I promise.

Here we go:

1. SOOC– pronounced “sook” Straight out of Camera

I chose this picture for SOOC because I also use it later where I edited the heck out of it.  So you can see the difference.

DSC_0894 RW

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The Snap To It photography challenge this week proved harder than I thought,  Not because I don’t understand the subject matter.  I understand Bokeh just fine.  It’s Blur by the way.  And not the band.

Woo Hoo.

Please tell me at least a few of you got that.

So anyway, I consider myself a witty person.  Sometimes that wit gets in the way, however.  This is the third week of Snap To It and the third week I have titled my picture before I snapped it.  Yup.

Week One was It’s Element-ary, Dear Cinnamon.

Midwestern Bite Snap To It Week 1 Basic Titled

Week Two was Triangle (Wo)man, Triangle (Wo)man.  This was a tribute to They Might Be Giants.  Please tell me at least a few of you got that.

Midwestern Bite Snap To It Week 2 Triangle 2 Titled

Week Three was Is It “Bokeh” or “Bouquet” ??

Midwestern Bite Joanna Snap To It Week 3 Bokeh RW Titled 2Hilarious right?  I know.  I told you, I’m witty.

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Ahhhhhh the weekend.  So snaptacular.

A not so ugly cupcake.  Sigh.

Midwestern Cupcake RW

A tasty blue cream soda.



Midwestern Moo RW


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This post is a public service announcement.

Midwestern Bite De-Skunk Recipe RW

I find Pinterest mildly annoying, so you’ll know I am serious when I make this request:

Please pin the above picture. Pin it and pin it good.  Pin it hard.  Pin it so it goes viral.  Pin it so all the world can be saved!  Saved from what you ask?  From a dog.  A skunky dog.

Midwestern Skunk Block RW

Ugh.  You heard me.  A skunky dog.

Midwestern Skunked Dog 1 RW

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Do you all know the band They Might Be Giants?  I love them.  I have a bunch of CD’s and have been to several concerts.  I have even strummed John’s guitar during one of those concerts.  If you do know They Might Be Giants, you may be wondering which John.  There are two.  That’s irrelevant to my point here and so I’m going to leave you hanging on that one.

Anyway, TMBG has a song called Minimum Wage.

Here it is in a random YouTube video.

Cool, huh?  And, believe it or not TOTALLY relevant to today’s post about Christmas and Dogs.

You see today is 23 Paws over at Cinnamon’s blog Eat Pray Tri.

Still not getting the connection?

That’s odd.

I guess I’ll explain.

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Ahhhhh Monday.  We meet again.  I used to assume when I became a SAHM days would lose their meaning and a Tuesday would be the same as a Sunday.  Nope.  Mondays are still cringe worthy and Fridays are still much anticipated.  Saturdays are still the absolute best day of the week of course.  Not sure why that is exactly.  It just is.

This past Saturday was, obviously then, absolutely awesome.  We took the Pete to the Zoo for the first time and while he was more interested in his lunch than the elephants, it was a gorgeous day for a nice walk in the faux wild.

As a side note, I thought “faux” was spelled “feux” but to be sure I googled it.  The Urban Dictionary told me that “feux” is the way a dumbass spells “faux”.   Thanks Urban Dictionary.  Thanks a lot.  Moving on.

I’ll share more of our Zoo trip later this week or next, but for now suffice it to say that Saturday was awesome.  Sunday was pretty great too . . . except for one teensy tiny thing.  The Destroyer destroyed again.  Sigh.  No, it wasn’t the carpet or the couch or (gasp) my brand new Spongy Poof from Cinnamon at Eat Pray Tri.  It was this guy.

Well, that’s what’s left of him anyway.  No, it doesn’t look like it was anything in the first place. No, I’m not nuts.  That is, er, was my newest favorite photography prop.  I found this lovely bit of bark in the yard and he was perfect for holding vegetables.  See?

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I know I say this all the time but, I’m not a Mommy Blogger.

And then I go off and blog about my kid.

Apparently I need to make up my mind already.

In the meantime I decided to join Brittany at A Healthy Slice of Life in her weekly Munchkin Meals.

Look, there’s a graphic and everything.

I  like graphics almost as much as the Pete likes cheese.  I’m getting ahead of myself here though.

Munchkin Meals is pretty much just what it sounds like . . . blog posts highlighting the meals our munchkins are munching on.  Being a first time mom, I’ve found these pretty dang helpful.  So if my Munchkin Meals post mirrors another bloggers, well, I may have stole their Munchkin Menu.

Today is supposed to be a whole day of eats, but I only have lunch pictures snapped so I’m kinda doing my own thing here.  I doubt that will surprise any of you.

With all that being said, I’d like to present to you . . . Lunch in the Life of The Pete.

Lunch starts out everyday with a distraction to keep The Pete occupied while the Mama prepares the food.  Things that make loud noises, like pots and pans, are crucial for my mise en place.

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It’s July 23. Of 2012. So what? Oh, you don’t remember, do you? That’s okay, it’s pretty new and I’ve only participated once.

Dun dun duuuuuun.

It’s 23 Paws Time!!!


That means cute pictures of our pets, but better than that, a blog post I don’t have to think too hard about. It’s been awfully serious around these internet parts, what with that one serious post I wrote and all.

No worries, I’m back now in all my whimsy. Thanks Cinnamon for reminding us that blog pets need some virtual attention too, a mouse click behind the ear if you will.

Last month around this time I talked about how our poodle, The Snoops, had some pets. A hamster. A mouse. A complex to go along with them. So this month I’d like to focus on our Chocolate Lab. Her name is Sadie, but we affectionately call her The Destroyer.

Quite simply, I’d like to list the things she has destroyed over the years. I’ll try my best to get them in chronological order for ya. Any psychiatrists out there??? Maybe there’s a progression here.

Please note I am shy on the pictures of Sadie actually destroying things. She started destroying long before I started blogging and it’s particularly hard to photograph things clearly with your fist shaking angrily in the air. To compensate for the amount of nuts her destructive tendencies have driven me over the years, I’d like to intersperse the text with pictures of her as a puppy when she was too cute to yell at.

A face you can’t yell at.

Are ya ready kids . . .

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You should all know by now that I like to poke fun at things. Kale chips. Stacking cookies. My in-laws. The Snoops’ haircuts. Baby hats. Myself. Pinterest. My in-laws again. People that hate the word moist. The phrase “I digress”. I could go on, but you’re all faithful readers so you already know this.

I promise in real life I’m not that judgmental . . . just hilarious. My mom still thinks so anyway.

In honor of how crazy funny I find myself, I’d like to list a few things that currently annoy me.

1) Sadie Fur: You probably know our Chocolate Lab, Sadie, as The Destroyer. Whatever her name is, she sheds. A lot. How many of you out there claim to be a dog lover? Yes, lots? Me too. Now, how many of you claim to be a dog fur lover? Anybody? Anybody? That’s what I thought. Dog fur sucks and it sucks big time. We call Sadie The Destroyer because she destroys things. She destroys things because she is anxious and I swear anxious dogs shed twice as much as non anxious dogs. I brush her every day and vacuum every day and my house is full of the same amount of fur as it was the day before. But it’s not just the house, it’s the yard. When you brush her outside it rolls around and gets stuck in the deck slats, the potted plants, the fence, the vegetable garden. Sometimes we vacuum her just to contain the mess but that’s a two person job and the Pete hasn’t exactly volunteered to help. So, yeah, Sadie fur annoys me. Annoys me so much it’s on my Arch Nemesis List. But, I segue, that’s a post for another day. Dear Sadie: STOP SHEDDING!

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