Just the other day I convinced you all (except Mavis) that chocolate covered pretzels were the perfect potluck food.  This summer we attended a ham radio field day (yes, The Husband is a ham geek but a damn sexy one if you ask me) and I brought my new go-to potluck food. Here’s what was left of them after the first pass.

Plate pretzels RW

Yes, the first pass.  They fared well.  Quite well I think – aside from one guy complaining (joking? it’s hard to tell with ham geek humor sometimes) about mustard pretzels being on the dessert table that is, although I’d like it noted he still took one.  The Husband went back to field day after the kids went to bed for the night and he watched a guy snatch the very last pretzel.  So I guess I was totally right about them being the perfect food to sit out for extended periods of time.

Here’s Sweetey Petey enjoying one in case you need more photographic evidence they were popular.

Plate Pete RW

If you recall I also promised to share the rest of the potluck food. I focused solely on the dessert table for the post.  Yes, yes I did risk looking like a crazy fool in front of a bunch of people who have no idea I have a blog just to snap pictures of half eaten trays of food for you.  Because I love you all.  Or at least like.  I at least like you all.  Or at least most of you.

Anyway, here’s a breakdown of the dessert table.

The generic brownie.  Somebody always brings brownies.  They did okay. Not great, but solidly in the middle.

Plate Brownies RW

Store bought cake.  These did not fare well at all.  Nobody goes to a potluck for store bought cake people, so stay away from bringing these.  They sure were pretty though weren’t they? 

Plate store bought RW

I have no idea what these were.  Some sort of pastry?  It appears to have been pretty popular despite being purchased.

Plate Pastry RW

Apple pie.  Let’s face it, apple pie is always a winner no matter where you go or who you are with. So if you have the time, feel free to make one of these (message me your address if you need a taste tester mmmm K cause I love pie.)

Plate Pie RW

This was some sort of dump cake I think.  It was popular . . .

Plate dump cake RW

. . . so was the chocolate cake with caramel frosting.  Nothing beats a good homemade caramel frosting if you ask me (and apparently all the other folks who devoured this.)

Plate caramel cake RW

Fruit.  I’m tossing this into the dessert category here because it was with the desserts.  I devoured the cherries because cherries are expensive.  Must.  Get.  Money’s.  Worth.  From.  Free.  Potluck.

Plate cherries RW

For the record, the pre-sliced cherries made me look less like I’d been gutting chickens.  I had some blood red fingers after pulling pits out for Sweetey Petey.

Plate fruit salad RW

Watermelon is a classic and somebody always brings it.  It also always gets eaten.

Plate watermelon RW

This used to be cheesecake.  Clearly it was popular.  I bet Paula Deen’s mini cheesecake recipe would be a great option.  You all know that one right?  Quick, easy and already portioned.  I’ll have to keep that in mind . . .

Plate Empty RW

There were chocolate chip cookies too.  I forgot to snap a picture but I tried one.  Despite their claim of being “famous chocolate chip cookies” they were meh if you ask me.

So there you have it.  The potluck dessert table.

– Joanna

P.S.   My mom called me out on my lackluster blogging schedule the other day (over the phone of course since she has no clue how to leave comments.)  So, for the official record here are the reasons I’ve been a bad blogger lately:

1)  I’ve been painting the half finished wall in the Don Draper room (that’s what we call our family/play/TV/bar room.)

2)  I’ve been stripping painted over wallpaper again.  This is actually going faster than the last time I attempted this.  Possibly due to lack of blogging.

3)  I bought a carpet cleaner and have been cleaning the carpets (the Mother-in-Law will be happy about this because she noted the state of my carpets last time they visited.  Yeah, they are bad.  I have two kids and two dogs so they are bad.  Less bad now though thanks to my new Hoover baby.)

4)  I’ve been working on Sweetey Petey’s birthday party.  I am having Chipotle cater it so a lot of the food stress is gone, but I picked a pretty random theme (Giraffe’s Digging) and have not only created my only image for invites, but am also attempting one of those giant plywood cut-outs you stick your face through.  It’ll be of Giraffe’s.  Driving a construction digger.  And it’s gonna be awesome.

5)  I’m 95% sure that 90% of my readers these days are friends or relatives that I’m friends with on Facebook so they know the haps already.

I do still have lots to say and a ton of drafts started and some fun house projects to share eventually.  Very soon I’ll be starting a new series called The Patrick Project as well.  I’ll leave you to ponder on what that might be . . .

Question of the Day:  What do you think The Patrick Project is?? 

Happy Monday to you all.  Those words aren’t often next to one another in a sentence, but I am anticipating it will be a great day and an even better week.  I say this because I am currently typing this post out at 5:30 in the morning sitting on the floor of the walk in closet and I’m pretty sure it can only go up from here.  Feel free to blame The Husband for this one.  WordPress was fritzing last night and while I prefer to blog from the comfort of my own bed with a little Netflix action on the I-Pad, the Husband gets annoyed when I wake him up at odd hours.  I realize laptops are quite portable, however the battery doesn’t last more than ten minutes these days and I prefer not to lug the cord around too far.  So here I sit hunt and pecking away on a turned over laundry basket.

Where am I headed here with all this?  One: apparently I need to start weight lifting because that cord shouldn’t seem that heavy and Two: I REALLY NEED A NEW LAPTOP BATTERY.  Computer maintenance is The Husband’s job around these parts so feel free to leave a comment or send an email or tweet to him.  Over and over and over again.  Til he gets sick of hearing about it.  Together we can get me a new battery.  Solidarity readers.  Ya Ya.

In my recent rant on Chobani yogurt I gave you folks the option of choosing the topic for today.  While there was lots of kind yogurt support (thanks much by the way), there was less interest in influencing this blog post.  I am choosing to believe you all trust me so much you can’t imagine altering the content here in any way.  I can justify anything.  It actually works out well since it became quite clear what I needed to do today.  Old Man Tod asked for Watermelon and Aly asked for anything EXCEPT butterflies.  This was surprising to me.  Old Man Tod has a sense of humor and a half so I figured he’d be all over the “or something else entirely” I threw out there.  Also, who is scared of butterflies??  Everybody hop on over to Fudging Ahead and give Aly some convincing arguments on why butterflies are indeed, not scary.  Go on.  Flutter on over.

So let’s discuss watermelon.

Insert long drawn out pause here.

Now insert another one.

One more just for funsies.

Still there?  Good.

Thing is, I don’t have much to say about watermelon.  I posted Watermelon Wednesday back in July where I explained how you will never get a recipe from me since slice and eat seems like a silly recipe to post.  I did show pictures of my watermelon babies growing in the garden and I did recently pick two of them though.  So while I don’t have much to say, I suppose I do have a few things to show.

Alrighty, here is Baby Number Four.

All grown up.  Or as grown up as he was going to get since the lousy weather around here was not doing the plant any favors.  He did have a slight flat, yellow spot so I think it was time anyway.

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Since alliteration is all the rage in the blogosphere, I declare this Watermelon Wednesday.

That does not mean you are getting a recipe.

Watermelons don’t really require a recipe.  Slice.  Eat.  Do not, I repeat do not add feta cheese.  I know bloggers love to do this, but here’s my theory on that: you’d put feta on a pizza but you wouldn’t put watermelon on a pizza, therefore don’t put feta and watermelon together.  I’m sure this is a flawed theory, but it’s mine and I’m sticking with it.

So perhaps I should clarify . . . I declare today Watermelon Plant Wednesday.

May 22, 2012 my bitty watermelon looked like this:

On June 12, 2012, like this:

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It’s Monday.  Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day,

Did you know my first thought for this blog would be that all post titles be lyrics?

Of course they would by mostly Cake lyrics.  Maybe some Johnny Cash.  Definitely some Jim Croce.  The Mama’s and the Papa’s never crossed my mind though.

Did you know that, in the blog world, there is such a thing as WIAW or What I Ate Wednesday?  A bunch of bloggers chronicle their every bite for an entire day and post it for the voyeur in all of us.  Most of them start with oatmeal.  We’ll discuss that another day.  The problem with WIAW is that it’s misleading.  What I Ate Wednesday is actually What I Ate Tuesday that I’m Posting on Wednesday or WIATTIPOW.  I guess that’s not quite as catchy.

Today I give you snippets of my weekend.  That’s right, Saturday and Sunday.

Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day.


A failed recipe attempt.  I’ve warned you all, I’m not a chef.

Brussels Sprouts growing up.  Yay?

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