It’s Saint Patrick’s Day which means I am obliged to show you something green.  So this is my favorite cookie.

St Pattys Day Cookie 2 RW

I wish I had a recipe for you, but I don’t.  Our local specialty grocery store sells them and as far as I know that’s the only place to get them.

St Pattys Day Cookie 1 RW

Sweetey Petey wants to say Happy Saint Patrick’s Day by showing you the fun craft he made at the library.  And by he, he means me, because he mostly likes to take the lid on and off the glue stick while I make the craft.

St Pattys Day Craft 1 RW

Though he does enjoy de-nosing things.  So does The Snoops.  Those two get more and more alike every day.

St Pattys Day Craft 2 RW

Have a great day all!

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  Are you mad at me for teasing you with the cookie?  Mavis shouldn’t be too mad because she has a decent competitor in her town.  Everybody else should probably be pissed.


  1. I think Sweetey did make that craft at the library. We all know that he’s a boy genius and you’re just being too humble. (Or upset that it may come from his dad’s side of the family?)

  2. Me not so much…I don’t like sugar cookies, or, um, frosting on cookies. Still friends? (I know, I’m really pushing it here.)

    • Awwww, you are one of two people who read this post today. Thanks dear!

      We’re still friends. If the no maple syrup on pancakes didn’t shake it, the cookie thing definitely won’t. How do you feel about brownies?

      • Heh. I actually don’t like brownies that much either. But, cake! O Freaking MG I looooove cake. And breads, and muffins, and since we went to Paris, croissants!
        I’m so impressed that you take Sweetey P to craft time at the library. That seems like a good mom thing to do.

  3. I used to like getting the pink frosted sugar cookies at my local store. It was great the day after a holiday–super cheap, and still fresh!

  4. Ha! I thought you prettied up a Busken cookie at first! Mmmm…Busken’s.