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Day 27 in the January Blog a Day challenge is Regrets.

Here’s a little secret for you.  I have hoarded clothes from high school and college that will NEVER fit me again in the hopes I will someday learn to sew and make something interesting out of them.  I want to make quilts.  Not your traditional pinwheels, but funky landscape and artsy ones.  This means I have physical evidence of some youthful crappy fashion choices.  Initially I thought this would make an excellent regrets post.

This gem would be the perfect example of regret.

Black shirt RW

Or how ’bout this sucker?  It’s like a giant blue doily and if you know me I am NOT the doily type. Why did I buy this?  Why did I wear this?

Doily shirt RW

Truthfully, digging into my past youthful wardrobe indiscretions probably belongs more in the embarrassment challenge post than the regrets post.  So I scrapped this idea.

Then I figured I would somehow tie the regrets post into how annoying it was this past Christmas that all my relatives suddenly started putting stickered tags on gift bags, thus making in impossible to reuse the gift bag unless you put an even larger sticker over the old sticker which would go on forever until the gift bag stopped being a snowman and became one giant sticker instead.  I realize this problem is not akin to solving world peace, but let’s be frank here, ripping open wrapping paper is way more fun than opening a gift bag.  The only endearing quality of a gift bag is it’s ability to be reused.  I am morally opposed to spending money on gift bags so if I get one and it’s in good shape this makes me happy.  Let’s not further cloud the issue by mentioning the guilt I feel by giving someone a gift in a bag stripping them of the joy of paper ripping and the guilt I now feel complaining about gifts so generously given just because of how they were wrapped.  That snowman bag on the left contained sewing supplies to help my art quilt dreams come true after all.

Bag 1

Clearly this idea had to be scrapped.  Besides, this would be more of the pet peeves post than the regrets post anyway.

Then I thought how I would write you an inspiring post about how all your potentially regretful choices have turned you into the person you are today so you should not regret any of your decisions.  But that’s boring and I like to make jokes instead of inspire unless making jokes does inspire then it’s cool.

Basically I have come to the realization that I regret not putting more effort into this post.  I’m not even going to proofread the dang thing.

Have a lovely day.

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– Joanna

Question of the Day:  If you had a pet turtle, what would you name him?