The first Friday of the month around these parts is my new favorite blog series . . .

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I can’t thank Supermom enough for playing along with me.  I’ve been loving the challenge and the opportunity to get my hands into some creative DIY.  So here’s the haps.  Supermom and I scour thrift shops and garage sales for a fun or unusual item to gift to the other.  We then DIY the heck out of it and create something grrrrrreat.  Check out my Thrift Gift Facelift page for my other reveals.

Today I’m here to share a Cinderella story.

From Candlesticks to Cupcake Platters.

DSC_1108 enh RW Title

Supermom gifted three wooden candlesticks to me.  I pulled off the tags a while ago but I wanna say it cost her around two bucks total.  Not bad.

DSC_1093 enh RW

Not bad.

DSC_1100 enh RW

Not bad at all.

DSC_1096 enh RW

The first thing I (okay okay, The Husband) did was to spray paint the candlesticks white.  The wood tones didn’t match so I had to give them a nice crisp matching finish.

photo (6) RW

After they were painted I noticed something.  A lean.  The Leaning Tower of Candlestick.

photo (7) RW

My hope was to completely give these candlesticks a new identity  . . . as in no more candles, but a CAKE PLATTER!  Okay, a cupcake platter.  I mean I love me some superglue but I just don’t know that I trust an entire cake to a plate on a teensy tiny candlestick.  A lean definitely wouldn’t do here.  I decided the best way to deal with the lean was to chop it off.  So after repeated text messages to The Husband inquiring where the jigsaw was, my impatient self grabbed a hacksaw instead and started sawing away.

photo (2) RW

I sanded the rough edge flat.  I then dug around the garage for a scrap piece of wood (after failing to convince The Husband to chainsaw me a piece of an old downed Ash tree in the yard).  Out came my trusty superglue.  And I glued those candlesticks down.  I glued ’em.  I glued ’em good.  See?  #proof

photo (4) RW

Don’t ask why I didn’t just wait to spray paint the candlesticks with the base.  My brain didn’t work that way this month.

photo (3) RW

Gave the whole thing another coat of glossy white.  Wearing a face mask of course.  ‘Cause that’s how I roll.  Err, spray.

photo (5) RW

There is a rather rough edge on this wood board which I may pretty up with some ribbon later on.  I haven’t decided yet.

DSC_1110 enh RW

Now comes the fun part.

DSC_1111 enh RW

White plates on sale from the grocery.  Just a buck or two apiece.

DSC_1114 enh RW

From Candlesticks.

DSC_1102 enh RW

To Cupcake Platters.

DSC_1108 enh RW

Okay, technically I don’t plan to put cupcakes on these but it was a catchy title so I’m keeping it.  My plan for this trio of candlesticks turned platters is for little Sweetey Petey’s big 2.0 birthday bash later this year.  Currently it’s going to be Curious George themed so there might be a stuffed monkey on these platters or a banana or a yellow hat.  Who knows.

I do know that you’ll see it again.

That’s my Thrift Gift Facelift for the month.  Stop on over to What Does She Do All Do? to see what Supermom did with a pair of striped metal sconces I picked up on super clearance at the consignment store.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  How much weight do you think superglue can hold????





  1. I love it! And I can’t wait to see it on display at P’s birthday party! I’m having fun, too! And I have your item for next month ready for you.

  2. Not liking.

    Not done.

    No cupcakes.

  3. Ooo! This looks like something you could buy at Crate and Barrel, or the like. Very nice facelift. 🙂

  4. seriously need to get in on this! 🙂 I just did something too.

    • You should! This type of thing is pretty much tailor made for a creative chick like you. Send us some pics and a link if you post about it and Supermom and I would be thrilled to put something up on our blogs too! I’d love to see what you did.