I started this post way before it was due so let’s just begin by giving me a virtual high five okay?

High Five RW

See see?  A five.  And it’s high.  Way high.  Okay not that high, but it’s still pretty funny amiright?

Now that I’m done patting myself on the back I’ll just get right into the good stuff.  If you recall (of course you all recall, you’re all loyal die hard readers after all) Thrift Gift Facelift is a fun little exchange Supermom and I started to get our creative juices flowing, dust off our DIY skills and maybe even make some useful things for around the ol’ homestead.  We gift each other a thrifted, found or even no longer wanted item and then we remake it into something fabulous.  So far I think we’ve both done pretty well.  Pretty darn well.  Actually we both really rock at this.

TGF Button 8

There I go tooting my own horn again.

This month Supermom gifted me a pile of old silverware she was planning on donating to Goodwill.  There were a few other pieces in the mix, mostly knives, but I only photographed the ones I had plans for.

Silverware RW

Three forks and two spoons.

I knew what I wanted to do with them right away.  I didn’t know how I was going to accomplish my plan exactly, but I could see the finished product in my head clear as day.

Sunny Cloudy Day RW

See, see?  Day.

The Husband has been complaining for awhile now that there’s no place to hang his gentleman farmer’s hat when he comes in the back door from his farm chores.  His words, not mine, since of course we don’t live on a farm.

So I immediately knew I wanted to make him a hanging rack with silverware hooks!

Title RW

I googled silverware hooks and came across a few interesting posts . . . as well as some scary posts about the difficulty of drilling holes into stainless steel.  Quite a few sites said it’s a daunting task and at the very least resulted in multiple broken drill bits.  I asked my handy friend Dave his advice and he said it’s no problem as long as you use a small bit and only a gold finish Titanium bit.  I found gold bits in the garage but they didn’t specifically say Titanium.  Huh.

Gold Bits RW

I decided to start on the rack first and worry about the bits later.

My first order of business was bending the silverware into hooks.  A lot of the sites I visited curved the handles into hooks but I decided to go with 90 degree bends instead.  I didn’t want to just copy cat the sites I had visited after all.  And . . . admittedly it seemed easier as well.

I started by pounding the silverware flat with a hammer.

Tip Number One:  Use ear protection because banging silverware with a hammer is loud.

All together now RW

Tip Number Two:  Use a scrap board underneath because silverware dents things when you bang it with a hammer.

Board RW

Next, I bent the silverware using a vise grip.  I positioned each piece twice and used the hammer again to create two 90 degree angles.

Tip Number Three:  Put an old shop rag around the silverware so it doesn’t scratch in the vise grip.

Vise grip RW

I had my silverware hooks!  They had no holes, but again, I’d just worry about that later.

Silverware Bent RW

Now I needed a board to mount them on.  The Husband found me this puppy in a scrap pile outside the shed.

Long Board RW

After letting it sit inside for awhile to ensure it was good and dry, I donned a face mask and gave the board a good sanding as well as a wipe down with a wet cloth.  Let it sit again to dry.

Mike liked the board as is, but I wanted to let the antique finish shine through with more up-to-date touches.  So yeah, rustic with a modern flare.  Isn’t design grand?

For me that meant going dark.  I watered down some acrylic black paint for a muted finish and painted away.

So now I had my hooks and I had my board.  I just needed to attach my hooks to my board.

I splurged three and a half bucks on a pack of two drill bits that actually said titanium and I was ready to drill.  Finally!  I drilled two holes in each of the two spoons with no problems and was feeling a little cocky.  Then I moved on to the forks . . . and promptly broke a drill bit without ever even finishing one hole.  The forks are much thicker than the spoons.

On to Plan B.

I dug in the silverware stash and pulled out the thinnest knives in the bunch.  I drilled one hole in one knife and was feeling a little cocky again.  Moved on to hole number two . . . and promptly broke my second drill bit.  Grrrrrrr.  It wouldn’t have mattered if I’d managed to drill holes in the knives anyway because no matter how much I hammered I couldn’t get the knives to bend into hook shape like the forks and spoons had.  The handles were way too thick and barely budged.

Broken Bits RW

On to Plan C.

I dragged the toddler to the hardware store for the second time in a week and picked up three silver hooks at about $1.50 each to replace the forks.

And . . . TA DA!  One hanging rack with (two) silverware hooks.

Rack RW

It’s not exactly what I originally envisioned and I feel like I copped out since I only used two pieces of silverware, but I think it turned out alright and The Husband is pleased.  I’m considering painting a line of silver around the edges for added flair and visual interest and The Husband still needs to mount it on the wall near the back door . . . but other than that I’m calling this project done!  And thankfully so because if I’d have stuck with my original plan who knows how many drill bits I would have breezed through.

Board RW

Now that you’re done here check out Supermom’s blog to see what she did with a set of metal and glass votive candle holders I gifted to her.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  What do you do when your DIY project takes on a mind of its own?  


  1. I knew yours would be better than mine. You run into problems and persevere. I run into problems and I eat chocolate.

  2. Wow! You. Are. Handy.

  3. Good thing you used that shop rag. You might have scratched my vise!!!

  4. Another neat project from you! I don’t know where you get the time!

    • Funny, I think the same thing about all the recipes you post. Pretty much exactly. Also that I kinda want to live in your kitchen. Pitch me a tent, I won’t take up too much space.

      • Well, I have to eat. I don’t need pretty things, I just want your pretty things. 😀 I’m sure we could pitch you a tent in a bedroom or something cozier than the wood floor of the kitchen. lol