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Welcome to Thrift Gift Facelift!

My friend Heather (affectionately known as Supermom) and I started the Thrift Gift Facelift project as a way to not only reuse old or thrifted items, but to broaden our creativity and enhance our homes with truly personalized works of art.

You may be wondering how it works.  It’s simple.  You find a friend who likes DIY as much as you do.  You each acquire an inexpensive thrifted item (found at garage sales, thrift stores, even in old basement corners) and trade with each other.  You each then have to craft that item into something wonderful for your home!

Here are my Thrift Gift Facelifts. Be sure to check out Heather’s Facelifts as well linked in my pages.

Don’t have a pal that likes DIY as much as you do?  No problem.  Thrift.  Gift to Yourself.  Then Facelift away!

Heather and I plan on Thrift Gift Facelifting once a month and sharing our stories the first week of each month.   We encourage you to play along as well!  We’ll have a LinkUp tool where you can do just that!  Or simply post on your own blog and send us a link or simply send us pictures of your own Thrift Gift Facelifting and we’ll each post them on our blogs.

I hope you will Thrift Gift Facelift along with us . . . or at least find some inspiration to create your own DIY masterpieces.

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